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YouTube allows its premium users to store content for offline viewing on their Android or iOS devices.

Now, the ability to download the videos is coming to the desktop version as part of YouTube's experiment that premium subscribers can enable.

YouTube's Offline Ability

To use the service, go to YouTube's "Try experimental new features" page and check out the "Download videos from your browser" page, according to The Verge. 

Choose "Try it out," using Google's video site that informs users that they should only have one experiment turned on at a time. As such, if you are already testing something else, that will get disabled.

Once the new feature is enabled, the videos will have a "Download" button between the "Share" and the "Save" options. You can also start via the overflow menu in thumbnails as you go through the playlist.

You can tap the video to being the process via a progress indicator located in the bottom-left corner. It tells you to keep the window open for the process to continues.

From YouTube's downloads, you can see progress and everything that has been stored for local access. The downloads are also available in the site's navigation drawer.

Using the "Settings" option, users can clear out everything, and they can choose the download quality. Unfortunately, there is no 4K option and 360p option.

Users can go with 1080p which gives full high-definition videos. Users can also choose high definition with 720p, medium definition with 480p, and low definition with 144p.

YouTube stated that the downloads would remain available as long as the device has an active internet connection once every 30 days.

This will encourage users to install the Progressive Web App or PWA, but that is not entirely required to use the feature.

However, the feature requires the computers to have the latest versions of Google Chrome, Opera, or Edge browsers. The feature can't be used in Safari.

According to Android Police, since this is an experiment, it is only available until Oct. 19, but it may launch worldwide if all goes well.

This is one of the latest features that YouTube has launched this year. In June, YouTube launched its Replay Mix feature for its Music service.

YouTube's mobile app was also updated, so it is simpler and easier to operate and navigate.

YouTube TV's Free Access

Aside from the new feature, YouTube also announced that all TV subscribers would have free access to shows and movies from Cinemax and HBO, but it will be for a limited time.

The free access will start on Sept. 23, and YouTube TV customers will be given access to Cinemax and HBO.

Customers will be able to watch the channels live, and they can access on-demand content or record their favorite shows or movies during the free access.

The free access is only good for five days, and it will end on Sept. 27. There are no limits during that period, but after that date, you will lose your access to any recordings until you subscribe to HBO or Cinemax.

You won't have to cancel the service after five days as it will happen automatically.

HBO favorites like "The Sopranos" and "Scenes from a Marriage" will be available for viewing, download, and recording.

For Cinemax, you can check out its famous series like "Strike Back" and classic movies like "Kill Bill." You can check out the full list of shows and movies you can get during this period through YouTube TV.

It is important to note that the free access does not include HBO Max, only the original HBO channel.

Written by Sophie Webster

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