[COMEUP 2023] La French Tech Seoul wraps up its Tech4Good Tour 2023 in Korea with annual Tech4Good Summit & Startup Pitch Contest Awards

[comeup 2023] la french tech seoul wraps up its tech4good tour 2023 in korea with annual tech4good summit & startup pitch contest awards

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La French Tech Seoul, in collaboration with the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), has concluded the Tech4Good Tour 2023 in Seoul on Nov 10, following a week-long exploration of the Korean market with a delegation of innovative startups and SMEs from France.

The transformative journey, spanning Nov 6 to 10, culminated with the highly anticipated annual Tech4Good Summit 2023, marking a significant milestone in fostering collaboration between the startup ecosystems of Korea and France, La French Tech Seoul and FKCCI said in a statement on Monday.

Initiated in 2019, Tech4Good is an annual program that connects two innovative ecosystems by facilitating economic exchanges between France and Korea and supporting solutions with a positive environmental and social impact. The 2023 edition of Tech4Good focused on the themes of Deep Tech and Green Tech.

The launch of the Tech4Good Tour 2023 on Monday (Nov 6) coincided with the 10th Anniversary of La French Tech, the government-backed parent organization of La French Tech Seoul.

Following this, a delegation of over ten French startups and entrepreneurs actively engaged with key stakeholders in the Korean startup ecosystem, connecting with public entities such as the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), Invest Seoul, KISED, and KITA. Immersive visits to strategic locations included the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (GCCEI) in Pangyo, and the Seoul Startup Hub.

These visits were complemented by exclusive seminars conducted by industry experts from leading companies who
shared invaluable business insights. Moreover, influential organizations like the French Korean Chamber of Commerce, La French Tech Seoul, and Afterwork Seoul introduced the delegation to a supportive international business community.

Through a collaboration with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) and the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), the French Tech was invited to participate in Come Up+, symbolizing the growing Franco-Korean tech partnership in the cosmetics industry, and conferences alongside industry experts Cosmetic Valley, Coupang and Emova.

The French Tech’s co-presidents Nicolas Mercier and Etienne Gautheron were also invited to speak at the exclusive Global Startup Night co-hosted by MSS and FKCCI. This not only provided an opportunity to strengthen existing connections and establish new ones but also served as a moment to commemorate the 10th anniversary of French Tech Seoul and highlight its enduring impact on Franco-Korean collaboration.

Tech4Good Summit 2023

Marking the end of the Tech4Good Tour 2023, Friday’s program unfolded at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) with the annual Tech4Good Summit, presented in collaboration with the COMEUP. The long-awaited summit started with opening speeches by representatives of La French Tech Seoul, FKCCI, and the French Embassy, followed by a presentation by Viva Technology, and Business France on the appeal of France as a gateway to the European market.

The Tech4Good Summit opening was succeeded by a special VIP panel featuring industry leaders Thales, Kim & Chang / KEY (Korea Europe & You), and KT Sat.

Subsequent panels delved into Health Tech panels exploring the latest advancements in health technology, and Green Tech panels to discuss shaping a sustainable future through environmentally-conscious solutions for the tech industry. Preceding the day’s final program, a notable achievement was the signing of three MoUs between la French Tech Seoul and PEN Ventures, and Viva Technology and COMEUP to mark the start of their collaboration.

To conclude on a dynamic twist, the Startup Pitch Contest unfolded, featuring 10 French and Korean startups who competed for a customized international support program by pitching their exclusive business concepts. The Pitch Contest Awards, announced by honorable guests— Viva Technology’s Chief Ecosystem Officer Olivia Hervy, Sanofi’s General Manager and President of the Conseiller du Commerce Exterieur (CCE) Pascal Robin, and Mazars Korea’s Managing Partner Julien Herveau—crowned BBalance first place, earning them a grand prize valued at USD 10,000.

Following closely behind were the second and third-place winners, QPerfect and LabSD, respectively.

France and Korea are recognized as markets with great potential in the startup and innovation landscape, which can be testified by Korea’s impressive track record in 2022 of 30,000 startups, 22 unicorns, and 130 VC funds, and France’s 25,000 startups (among which 27 unicorns) and 423 VC investors, making these two nations the most ideal partners to pave the way for future innovation on an international scale.

Established in France in 2013, La Mission French Tech has fostered the startup ecosystem by supporting approximately 245 startups and maintaining a global presence in 115 cities. La French Tech Seoul connects the French and Korean startup scenes to enable partnership opportunities.


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