Rivian & Amazon end Exclusive Deal, Electric Commercial Van Offered to More Companies

Rivian & Amazon end Exclusive Deal, Electric Commercial Van Offered to More Companies, RJ Scaringe, Udit Madan, Amazon, Rivian

Rivian Automotive, Inc. has announced that it will enable companies other than Amazon to purchase its custom-designed Rivian Commercial Van. Amazon initially had an exclusive contract with Rivian.

The Rivian Commercial Van is the platform on which Amazon’s custom electric delivery van is based.

This move provides companies all around the world more opportunity to electrify their delivery fleets, which will help to further reduce CO2 emissions.

The vehicle’s safety features include automatic emergency braking, collision warnings, and 360-degree visibility.

Rivian’s in-house software stack controls nearly every interaction, from unlocking the vehicle and opening the door, to charging and acceleration.

When applied to the commercial space, this enables Rivian to provide easy access to critical fleet information – including real-time data and remote commands, driver and vehicle insights, alerts and analytics.

RJ Scaringe, CEO of Rivian, says: “We’re excited to open sales of our electric commercial van to more businesses. Around a quarter of CO2 emitted in the transportation sector in the US comes from commercial vehicles, so it’s imperative we do all we can as soon as possible to help cut emissions. Amazon is, and will remain, a key partner for us, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Amazon team as we help them to achieve their Climate Pledge goal.”

“Rivian and Amazon share a mission to decarbonize last mile delivery and have been working together since 2019 to make that a reality,” adds Udit Madan, vice president of transportation at Amazon. “This has been part of our plan with Rivian from the beginning – we’ve always said that we want others to benefit from their technology in the long run because having more electric delivery vehicles on the road is good for our communities and our planet.”

Rivian designs, develops, and manufactures category-defining electric vehicles and accessories and sells them directly to customers in the consumer and commercial markets.


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