Circles X delivers telco-as-a-service in Indonesia with Google Cloud

circles x delivers telco-as-a-service in indonesia with google cloud

Circles, a technology firm in Singapore, has rapidly deployed its Circles X telco-as-a-service solution in Indonesia, guided by Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics.

Circles said in a statement on Thursday that these metrics, including deployment frequency, lead time for changes, change failure rate, and time to restore service, contributed to a more nimble and efficient development process, setting Circles apart in the telecommunications industry.

According to the statement, Circles X was launched in 2019 as a cloud-native SaaS technology platform, targeting traditional telcos and helping them launch and scale digital telco offerings in new markets quickly and efficiently.

It is noted that Circles partnered with one of Indonesia’s leading mobile network operators (MNO) to launch the latter’s digital telco brand in 2020.

Built natively on Google Cloud, Circles’ distributed team from India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Indonesia succeeded in bringing the platform live in less than 60 days, under a third of their six-month target, even amidst the complications of the COVID-19 crisis.

This rapid deployment was made possible with the infrastructure-as-code protocol enabled by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and other key Google Cloud-managed services like CloudSQL, DataProc, Filestore, Cloud CDN, Pub/Sub, and Cloud Storage.

Building the digital telco offering on GKE helped both Circles and the Indonesian MNO to save significantly on costs, eliminate dependencies, and improve developer efficiency and deployment frequency for faster go to market.

As a result, Circles is the first telco-as-a-service solution provider in Indonesia to be delivering an on-demand developer environment for production, with the ability to spin up a GKE environment within minutes, boosting its competitive advantage by increasing developer productivity by 40% and reducing deployment timelines from weeks to days.

Additionally, Circles built a DORA culture throughout its organization, leveraging site reliability (SRE) practices based on Google Cloud training and guidance protocols.

This comprised forming a full-stack SRE team; domain-driven design integration; and extended team structure.

Working closely with the Google Cloud team, Circles said it has established a full-stack SRE team comprising a developer solution architect and leaders in quality assurance, security, SRE DevOps, and digital data storage.

Circles has also adhered to domain driven design, an optimal software design approach, combined with Google Cloud-endorsed SRE best practices for DORA excellence.

This strategic integration provided teams the freedom to independently build services and deliver applications without legacy dependencies.

The organizational structure was also extended beyond teams to isolate services and infrastructure for each domain.

This isolation, based on domain-driven best practices, contributed to the creation of DORA metrics and dashboards for internal developer experience.

According to the statement, Google Cloud’s DORA standards underpinned the performance of the software development team, providing methodologies needed for success to achieve optimal outcomes.

In addition, Circles’ strategic adoption of DORA standards, in collaboration with Google Cloud, enabled the weekly rollout of products and updates—a pace 75 percent faster than traditional telco operators.

“Building on the success of the digital brand in Indonesia, Circles is partnering with Google Cloud to transform our Circles X platform into a robust, flexible solution that enables rapid global launch and expansion for our partner MNOs,” said Kannan Solaiappan, Head of Reliability and Data Engineering, Circles X.

“Moreover, Google Cloud gave us the world-class continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) protocols required for powerful and reliable software development and testing to achieve our mission of launching within six months, from early iterations gradually up to our current version of the digital telco brand,” he added.

Looking ahead, Circles anticipates more accelerated telco-as-a-service solution deployments with partner MNOs in other markets as they deepen their expertise in DORA principles.


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