Bluetooth is one of the oldest features of a smartphone and is heavily used even today. The main feature is that it allows data sharing between 2 phones without the internet.

But it is also crucial for your latest Bluetooth earphones. Whether you need to attend phone calls or enjoy music beats, it serves the right purpose.

But this seamless experience can face interruption if you are dealing with Bluetooth not working on Android issues.

While it does not happen frequently, almost every smartphone user has encountered it.

With this in mind, we have created this checklist for your Bluetooth not working issue. Read more and fix your Bluetooth not working problem in a few minutes for free.


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1 The Quick Checklist

2 The Quick Checklist

2.1 1. Bluetooth is on
2.2 2. Distance between Devices
2.3 3. Device’s Battery
2.4 4. Check Wearable’s requirements
2.5 5. No prior connection
2.6 6. Ensure Discoverable Mode
2.7 7. Try Different Devices

3 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Android

4 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Android

4.1 1. Use Airplane Mode
4.2 2. Restart the Device
4.3 3. Clear Cache and Data
4.4 4. Re-pair the Device
4.5 5. Try Connecting in Safe Mode

4.5.1 Steps to enter Safe mode
4.6 6. Reset Network Settings
4.7 7. Update Bluetooth drivers
4.8 8. Update Android Device
4.9 9. Avoid Interference
4.10 10. Verify the Other Device
4.11 11. Factory Reset your Android Device

4.11.1 Enter Recovery mode
4.11.2 Steps to factory reset your phone.
4.12 12. Check for Hardware Issues

5 Conclusion

6 FAQs

6.1 How Do I Fix My Bluetooth Not Working On My Android?
6.2 Why Won’t My Bluetooth Turn On Android?
6.3 What Can I Do If My Bluetooth Is Not Working?
6.4 How Do You Reset Bluetooth On Android?

The Quick Checklist

    Bluetooth is onDistance between DevicesDevice’s BatteryCheck Wearable’s requirementsNo prior connectionEnsure Discoverable ModeTry Different Devices

The Quick Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist to review and ensure you are not spending your time on a false alarm.

1. Bluetooth is on

Although it may sound uncommon, sometimes you might miss out on turning on the Bluetooth in a hurry.

And then wait for it to get paired with a different Bluetooth device. Even if the chances of this scenario are thin, it is possible to make a mistake like this. Thus, ensure it and move on to the next item on the list.


2. Distance between Devices

With the latest Bluetooth tech in the market, you can stretch its capabilities up to 200 feet.

This also means that the two connected devices must be within this perimeter. Failing this will adversely affect the Bluetooth connection and also the data transfer.

Even with this wide range, it is best to keep the distance between devices to a least and use the link efficiently.


3. Device’s Battery

Another factor that can affect the performance of Bluetooth on your phone is the battery. That is because Bluetooth search and the connection often consume a chunk of battery.

So, the device may turn off Bluetooth to maximize battery usage during battery saver mode.

Additionally, you might have battery optimization settings on your device’s settings.


4. Check Wearable’s requirements

This is a reasonable step if you are trying to connect with a smart wearable device. We know that technology is updating at a pace.

Hence, it is possible that the wearable’s Bluetooth needs do not match what your device offers. It is also possible that the other appliance requires an extra Bluetooth app.


Hence, you should check the requirements of your other device.

5. No prior connection

Utilizing the Bluetooth connection is a 2 step process. First, the two devices need to have compatible Bluetooth versions.

Second, they should be able to pair with each other. If you are trying to connect with a device without pairing it, then it won’t work.

To check this, head to your Bluetooth settings’ paired devices list. Then check if the desired device is being shown in the list or not. If not, pair it right away.


6. Ensure Discoverable Mode

One possible reason Bluetooth is not working on Android is that it facing problems with pairing.

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A common cause for this issue is the discoverable mode. It is an option under the Bluetooth settings. Using this, you can control if other Bluetooth devices can detect your device.

If this is off, any other Bluetooth device will be unable to read it nearby. Ensure to check for it and enable it if it is off.


7. Try Different Devices

You may be trying to connect your Android’s Bluetooth to different accessories. These may include your car, your Tablet, or your laptop.

Or you are facing issues specific to certain features, such as listening to music or taking calls. In either of these cases, continuous failure can make you feel frustrated.

So, it is best to take a break from repeatedly connecting to the same device. Instead, you can try connecting either of the two devices to another one.

This will also help you identify the previous devices causing the problem. Or if these two devices aren’t ready to pair yet.


Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Android

    Use Airplane ModeRestart the DeviceClear Cache and DataRepair the DeviceTry Connecting in Safe ModeReset Network SettingsUpdate Bluetooth driversUpdate Android DeviceAvoid InterferenceVerify the Other DeviceFactory Reset your Android DeviceCheck for Hardware Issues

Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working On Android

If you are here, this means you are through with the checklist.  And still, the Bluetooth is not working on your Andriod smartphone or device. Then let’s head to the different ways to fix it.

1. Use Airplane Mode

One of the easiest ways to fix the connectivity issues on your Android is through airplane mode. Here’s a walkthrough of the steps:

    Go to the notification panel on your device and locate the airplane icon.Tap on it and wait a few seconds for it to become active.Next, wait 30-40 seconds and turn it off.

Now try connecting the Bluetooth device of your choice. If it doesn’t work, check the next one.


2. Restart the Device

Another easy solution to resolve the Bluetooth issue on Android devices is to reboot it.

All you got to do is long-press the power button and tap on the restart button on the screen. It is best to restart all the Android devices you are attempting to test to fix the issue.

You should check the next one if it doesn’t fix the problem.


3. Clear Cache and Data

Similar to web browsers and other apps on your Android OS, Bluetooth also stores cache and data.

The reasons are also identical to providing smooth connectivity and usage. Yet, sometimes cache might not update as expected.

Thus, the solutions discussed till now might not have been effective. In such cases, it is safe to clear the Bluetooth cache on your phone.

Please note that the steps to remove it can vary with Android versions. But here’s the general flow to do it:

    Open the Settings app on your phone and search for apps and notifications.Choose to display all apps on your phone.Once the screen opens, click on Bluetooth to open its specific settings.Under this, you should be able to see the Storage and Cache option. Sometimes, you might have to click on the three dots or lines to open the detailed settings.Once located, confirm your choice to clear the data.


4. Re-pair the Device

If you followed the steps to clear cache and data, your Bluetooth settings should be as good as new.

Yet, if you don’t want to remove data, you can still set it up again. You’ll have to pair all nearby and relevant devices as new requests.

For this, follow the below steps to remove all your paired devices:

    Go to Bluetooth settings on your Android tablet or phone.You should be able to see the list of paired devices.For every device under this list, click on its name or the settings icon in front of it.A new screen will open up with the option to forget the device.Click on it and then confirm your choice.

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Once the devices are removed, you can try to connect and re-pair them with a device of your choice.


5. Try Connecting in Safe Mode

Another way to fix Bluetooth issues is to use Safe mode. As a refresher, rebooting in safe mode allows you to use only the default features.

Under this, you’ll not be able to use any third-party apps or those downloaded from the Google Play store.

Steps to enter Safe mode

    Long press the power button on the device. This will show the reboot options on the screen.Sometimes, you may need to use the volume buttons to move between the options.Select the safe mode option and give it approximately a minute to reboot.

Once you reboot your phone in this mode, you can try to connect it with nearby paired Bluetooth devices. Or, if you don’t have any previous devices paired, you can pair it with a new one and create a new connection.

If the issue persists, move on to the next possible solution.


6. Reset Network Settings

As the name suggests, we’ll attempt to reset your phone’s network settings in this scheme. This includes Bluetooth settings and mobile data settings. It will also reset the Wi-fi preferences.

Follow the step given below to apply these steps:

    Open the phone settings app and navigate to the general management section. And then to network settings.You can also search for Network settings in the search bar of the settings app.Under this, you should be able to locate the dedicated Reset/Reset settings option.Tap to open and confirm your choice.

Note: Sometimes, it may ask you to enter your phone’s pin or password for security reasons.

Once this is done, your settings are as good as new. Now, you should not face any errors while establishing connections.


7. Update Bluetooth drivers

If none of the settings-based updates is helpful, it is time to look up the more evolved options.

The 1st choice is to update the Bluetooth drivers on your Android device. You can use the following steps to update them:

    Head to the settings app on the phone or Android tablet.Go to the System Updates section and locate the Software Update tab.Click and open it to check if you have any pending Bluetooth updates.

If yes, you should update them as soon as possible.


8. Update Android Device

Following the steps to update Bluetooth drivers, it is possible that you only found a security-based update.

It may come as a surprise to you might that these updates are important. They can help resolve your current Bluetooth connectivity issue.

Although you know the drill, here’s a quick walkthrough:

Settings > System Updates > Software Updates > Install and download, if available.

Give this process some time and check if the issue persists.


9. Avoid Interference

It is a fact that we are surrounded by gadgets these days. Now, you are trying to connect several Bluetooth devices, which can create interference.

This is generally because of the waves emitted by different wireless devices. Although this might not be the primary cause, it is another possibility you should check.

This can include laptops, tablets, and even different phones. For this, you need to minimize the active Bluetooth devices near you. 

You should also turn off the unwanted Bluetooth signals for now. Lastly, keep only those two devices in the pairing mode you are trying to connect.


10. Verify the Other Device

We all know that Bluetooth technology requires at least 2 devices to operate. Let’s name these devices A and B for better understanding.

Now, you might have been using device B every day and want it to connect to device A. But you are facing issues. This makes you perform the above checklist and the proposed solutions on device A.

However, there is a good chance that device B is not up to its optimal behavior today. Thus, while checking for device A, there is no harm in ensuring device B is also working as expected.


11. Factory Reset your Android Device

We have arrived at the need to factory reset your Android phone. With the implementation of this step, your device will be restored to the basic version.

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This means all your data, apps, preferences, and settings will be set to the factory default levels.

So, we suggest you take a backup of your data and your phone. This ensures you will avoid losing important information. With this done, let’s take a look at the prerequisites to reset your Android instrument:

Enter Recovery mode

Recovery mode is a safe boot feature that is available for Android as well. This helps install updates, break the boot loop of the device or remove malware.

In our case, we are resetting the device to as new. Therefore, using the recovery bet is a safer option. It ensures that the removal and installation of OS will happen smoothly.

In general, entering the recovery mode requires the following steps.

    Switch off your phone using the power button.Now, press these buttons together, volume down + volume up + power. Press and hold them for up to 5 seconds. Your phone should enter recovery mode.

Note: These steps may vary with smartphone manufacturers and Android versions. You can check the official websites to confirm the recovery mode steps.

Steps to factory reset your phone.

    Enter the recovery mode of your Android machine. You can use the power buttons to navigate the available options. The power button works to confirm an action.With this, navigate among the options and select Wipe data or factory default or reset option.Now, use the power button to confirm and trigger the process.Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete.

Once it completes, restart your phone in normal mode and set it up.


12. Check for Hardware Issues

If you’ve implemented all the steps mentioned above for both the devices you are trying to pair, you need to check for hardware issues. But, the tricky part is that you might not have the professional tools to test it.

Thus, it is best to resort to professional help. For this, you can connect with the customer care of your smartphone’s manufacturer.

Or you can visit the authorized service centers. They’ll check the issue for you and inform you about the same.

If your phone is under warranty, chances are you won’t have to incur any charges. Note that the professional team will contact you if the warranty is void. They’ll start repairing your device only after your permit them.


While you may face issues with your Android smartphone, there are productive ways to fix them on your own.

Here, we have discussed the various tips around the problem. Its probable causes and respective solutions as well. We hope they have helped resolve your Bluetooth not working on the Android issue.


How Do I Fix My Bluetooth Not Working On My Android?

You can check for standard solutions such as restarting the phone and resetting the Bluetooth settings. You may also try to re-pair the same device again. Further, you can try to reset the network settings and clear the Bluetooth cache.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Turn On Android?

It appears your Bluetooth hardware is not getting in sync with the OS. One of the simplest ways is to restart the device and remove the previous connections, if any.

What Can I Do If My Bluetooth Is Not Working?

There are several ways to fix if Bluetooth is not working. You can start by restarting the Bluetooth and then connecting devices. If required, you can also remove Bluetooth’s cache and data. You can also reset specific settings to create a new connection.

How Do You Reset Bluetooth On Android?

Resetting the Bluetooth indicates clearing the previously stored data and cache. It generally keeps the data related to once paired devices and established connections. You can remove this from the settings menu on your device.


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