The Google Pixel 6a is an excellent mid-range smartphone for those who don’t want to spend top bucks on a flagship. Google’s homegrown Tensor is a capable chipset that arrives with an excellent set of cameras. Also, the Pixel 6a gets a design facelift, which is great since the Pixel phones with ‘a’ series moniker rarely got that attention. However, Google changed that with the Pixel 6a.

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a has a similar design language as the larger and costlier Pixel 6. When you get a phone that looks nice, putting a case on it doesn’t do justice to the original design. That’s where clear cases come into play. A clear case protects your phone and allows you to show off the design and the phone’s color. Here are some of the best clear cases for the Google Pixel 6a to show off your phone.

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1. Osophter Clear Case

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

Osophter Clear Case

The Osophter case for the Pixel 6a is a simple clear case but with extra protection. It looks like a standard clear case but has reinforced corners for better safety.

This is one of the cheapest clear cases that you can get for the Pixel 6a. However, the protection it provides for the phone is solid, making it worth the price. It’s a standard TPU clear case to make the back and sides of the phone easily visible. The specialty of this case is that it has reinforced corners that provide a cushion if you drop the phone.

But, since this is a soft TPU case, it will start turning yellow in a few weeks or months. This is something you’ll have to keep in mind. Since the case is pretty inexpensive, you can always get a replacement once it starts turning yellow.

2. Mucoke Shockproof Case

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

Mucoke Shockproof Case

This is for those who want a clear case that doesn’t attract a ton of fingerprints. Unlike most clear cases, this case from Mucoke doesn’t have a glossy finish. It has a translucent matte back that looks and feels good.

The frosted back will make your phone’s rear look different. While you can still show off the color of your brand new Pixel 6a, the back doesn’t get completely smudged with fingerprints. Another advantage is that since the back is made of polycarbonate, it won’t turn yellow over time.

The sides also won’t turn yellow despite being made of TPU since they’re not clear. The edges of this case are black, which adds a good look to the phone while also making the phone easier to grip. The bumpers are also useful to protect the phone if you drop it.

3. DagoRoo Flower Pattern Case

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

DagoRoo Flower Pattern Case

Most clear cases look the same. They are, after all — clear. But, this case from DagoRoo tries to be different by introducing a floral pattern to the back of the phone. While the design may not be attractive to everyone, it may appeal to the female audience.

If you’re looking for a clear case that’s not completely clear and has some nice patterns or designs on the back, this is the case to get. While the rear of the case is clear for the most part, there are floral designs in certain parts that make it more attractive than your average clear case.

The back is hard plastic, so it will not turn yellow, and the designs will not fade with time. The sides of the case are made from TPU and won’t turn yellow. Besides showing off the design, if protecting Pixel 6a is your priority, consider this unique clear case with patterns. It’s available in Magnolia/White and Ewha/Blue design.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a popular series of cases from Spigen. It gives you a clear back with edges made of TPU, which provides excellent protection for your Pixel 6a.

The main highlight of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is the hybrid nature of materials used in its construction. The sides are made of soft TPU material that is easy to hold and feels nice when used for extended durations. That protects the edges and corners of the phone. You get Spigen’s air cushion technology on the corner for additional protection against drops and shocks.

As far as the back is concerned, it’s a solid polycarbonate transparent window that shows off the color of the Pixel 6a. While the Ultra Hybrid is available in two options — Crystal Clear and Matte Black, we suggest getting the latter since the sides on the Crystal Clear version will turn yellow with time.

5. Poetic Guardian

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

Poetic Guardian

Are you looking for a case that gives you the maximum protection while still having a clear back? Then, this is where your search ends. The Poetic Guardian will protect your Pixel 6a in the best possible way without hiding that shiny back!

Generally, clear cases do not provide a huge deal of protection. Only a few cases come with reinforced corners and thick bumpers. However, the Poetic Guardian case takes it to the next level by being an extremely rugged case with a clear back. The case is 6 feet drop-tested, so you shouldn’t be worried if you drop your phone often.

This case protects the sides and the back of your phone. It also has a built-in screen protector to save the display from scratches. So, your phone is protected in every possible way with this case. However, it does add a good chunk of thickness and weight to your phone, so be ready to deal with all that bulk.

6. UniqueMe 3-in-1 Protection Kit

6 best clear cases for google pixel 6a

UniqueMe 3-in-1 Protection Kit

This is a great combo for those who want to protect their Pixel 6a in all possible ways and don’t want to get all the products individually. This package contains a clear case for the Pixel 6a, two tempered glass screen protectors and two camera lens protectors to round everything off.

If you’re finding it hard to look for a case, a screen protector, and a camera protector individually, this is a good combo to have them together at once. The clear case has TPU sides and polycarbonate back, so won’t turn yellow. You also have the option to choose a black variant of the case where the edges are black, and the back is still clear.

The package includes two tempered glass screen protectors for the display. You can use one and save the other when your existing one breaks. The same applies to the camera protector as well. If protection is high on your priority list, you can surely pick up this combo pack for your Pixel 6a.

Show off That Shiny Back

Get any clear cases for the Google Pixel 6a to protect your phone while showing off that shiny back. If you’ve picked up the Sage colorway of the phone, you surely wouldn’t want to hide it with an opaque case. These clear cases should also add a fair bit of protection for your phone, at least against scratches and scuffs.


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