With the multitude of online radio stations available, sifting through them all to find the right ones for you can be a challenge. Even as the likes of Spotify and Apple Music are growing more dominant in the music space, there is something about the human element of radio that remains pure. You know the familiar radio station jokes, pranks, calls, surprises and all of the random stuff that can happen when you tune in. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful web radio stations for listening to music online.

1. Cinemix

If listening to movie soundtracks is your thing, Cinemix is the best destination on the web. It is totally free to use, though it’s ad-supported. Cinemix plays a wide selection of movie and TV show soundtracks. The large mix likely means not every selection will appeal to you, but with so many different soundtracks available, there is bound to be plenty you love.

New options from popular shows like The Mandalorian, Bridgerton and Wonder Woman 1984 are all present. It’s worth noting that almost all of the musical choices are orchestra-based. Given that, you are unlikely to hear rock or pop music songs that are equally common on more modern soundtracks.


Should you choose to become a VIP member, you will have the ability to see the 20 most recent songs as well as make song requests. 

2. KIIS: Los Angeles


Best known for being the home of TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest, KISS: Los Angeles is one of the most popular pop radio stations in the U.S. The top 40 format has been in place since 1985 and has benefited from pop music’s increased popularity over time. With live hosts online for all but a few hours overnight, there is plenty of opportunity to get your fill of live DJ hijinks as well as local news and traffic. Its music styles include rock, pop, urban music and even country when individual artists or songs go mainstream.

3. GYM Radio

When you’re ready to hit the gym and want to keep your music fres,h, GYM Radio will rescue you. With both a free and paid tier, GYM Radio is a perfect example of a useful web radio station that caters to a specific niche.


The free tier allows you to listen while you are burning calories, while the Pro option adds a few extras, like the option to subscribe to multiple music streams so you have different types of music available to you.

4. WQXR New York


Classical music fans unite, as New York City-based WQXR 105.9FM is one of the oldest classic stations in the world. This titan of FM radio is the home for composers both new and old. Familiar names like Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are just a few of the symphony-based classics you should expect when tuning in. The station does have morning and mid-day hosts for a little break in the music, but rest assured that there is no place better on earth for classical music radio than this New York City staple. 

5. iHeart80s Radio


The name iHeartRadio should be instantly familiar to radio fans, as it’s one of the largest names in radio across the United States. There are dozens of radio options available, but 80’s music lovers should look to iHeart80s Radio. Not only is it commercial free, it’s all 80s, all the time. As one might expect on this channel, there is plenty of Genesis, U2, Michael Jackson and so many more artists that made the 80s an unforgettable time in music history. There’s an equally lovable 90’s version available as well, but start with the 80’s for a pick-me-up that will keep you moving throughout the entire day. 

6. Relax FM


Based out of Russia, Relax FM is a great online radio destination for fans of both English and foreign music. The idea is super simple as you start the music while watching a relaxing background. The mix of both relaxing music and the serenity of the chill background is enough to quickly distract you from the madness of your day.

Otherwise, the site is simple and basic but still allows you to browse through playlists. Head to the “Programs” page to learn about different playlists and the times they will play so you know exactly when to listen. Between the calming music and peaceful wallpaper, Relax FM is a definite must-visit for anyone who needs to slow the pace of their day. 

7. WLTW 106.7 FM


If you don’t have one particular style of music that you like, New York’s 106.7 Lite FM is a variety favorite. With music ranging from modern to the 80s, there is something for everyone. Turn it on in the morning, and you may hear Harry Styles. Later in the evening, it may be Cyndi Lauper. That’s the beauty of this station, as you will not only discover new music, but will get a nice break from the music with the mix of DJs (Delilah!)

Another iHeartMedia station, a subscription will gain you access to creating your own playlist as well as replaying songs that you heard throughout the day. The perks of iHeartMedia aside, 106.7 Lite FM is really a great place to go if you want recognizable music you can sing along with. 

Final Thoughts

The Internet is full of online radio stations that cover every type of music available. There are dozens of stations for underground DJs to make their name, and the same goes for hip hop, R&B, country and so many other musical styles. With the only necessary requirement being a solid Internet connection, it’s easy to find something to listen to during the day without any reliance on services like Spotify or Apple Music. What’s your favorite radio station? 


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