Thanks to Smart Home Automation apps you can use a smartphone or tablet to manage and monitor numerous systems and smart devices in your house. Ranging from video & electric doorbells to smart security cameras, speakers, lights, thermostats, and others. You can manage everything on the go with these applications.

You can simply turn on and off lights, change the thermostat, check on the security of your house, and more from the comfort of your sofa or while you’re on the move. With these advanced “smart home apps” will help you achieve a higher level of convenience when it comes to interacting with your home environment in a   safe and energy-efficient ways.

In this post, we will introduce you to the top 8 apps for smart home automation for Android and iOS. With that being said let’s get started with the list!

8 Best Smart Home Apps for Android and iOS

These apps provide a wide variety of features such as the capacity to manage several smart home devices and systems, design unique automation processes, and get real-time alerts and notifications. These apps provide a convenient and easy method to control your smart home, whether you’re trying to automate a single device or your entire house.

Our Selection Process

Total apps researched: 14

Top shortlisted apps: 8

Time taken to write this post: It took us 5 hours to compile this list & we tried these apps to manage our video doorbells, smart security cameras & speakers.

So, here is the list of Android and iOS apps for smart home automation –

1.Samsung SmartThings

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It is by far the most ideal smart home app because it provides a high level of compatibility with various brands’ smart devices.  Additionally, it has a very simple and basic app interface to manage these devices in the easiest way possible. You will be able to choose from a plethora of brands and more than 5,000 gadgets already available  in the market thanks to the Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee protocols incorporated.

All Samsung Galaxy smartphones come pre-installed with the SmartThings software,  other Android and Apple users who can download the app via  Play Store and App Store respectively. Above all, it makes your home screen more convenient by allowing you to set up widgets.

Get the Samsung SmartThings app on Android and iOS.

2.Google Home

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This is the best home automation app if you are in the Google ecosystem. Google Home app is among the top apps for home automation systems. The app’s main screen gives you a glimpse of everything linked to Google Home, making it  completely effortless to  manage the smart devices in preferred rooms. It is also incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.

The fact that all of the gadgets you use with Google Assistant  with or without configuration appear in the app is incredibly helpful. You can operate all of the devices from a single screen, eliminating the need to individually add each one to the app manually.

Get the Google Home app on Android and iOS

3.Apple Home

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This is the best home automation app if you are in the Apple ecosystem. Real-time administration of the Home Automation  is made simple and convenient by the Apple Home app. It is optimized for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. The voice recognition feature of Siri reduces the need to actively operate the device. Widgets can be added to the lock screen so that the app can still be used without  launching it every time.

The application displays the smart devices as cards and manages the view mode of your preferred camera feed that can be accessed from the app’s main screen. The fact that an item is labeled as smart doesn’t mean that it will always be compliant with HomeKit since it is only compatible with devices that have been certified to function with it.

Get the Apple Home app on iOS

4.Amazon Alexa

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It is similar to Google’s Home app allows you to manage your devices and organize them into rooms. It also has the advantage of working with a variety of services and products. Amazon Alexa,  makes it simple to modify the settings of the smart devices that are linked to its mobile app. Set the lighting, modify the music, and contact family and friends with the push of a button.

Alexa is a  faultless app for managing smart homes, and using Amazon Alexa, which is the most widely used speech assistant available, provides broad integration. Several Amazon products, including the Fire TV and Echo speakers, have Alexa. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee on Echo fourth generation, Echo Show except for the first generation, and Echo Studio are all compatible.

Get the Amazon Alexa app on Android and iOS

5.Philips Hue

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Philips Hue offers a variety of connected lighting alternatives as well as starter kits that are reasonably priced. For basic control requirements, use this official Philips app. It is swift and simple to use. Additionally, it provides a nice range of functions to manage lights’ color and brightness.. Thanks to Philips Hue’s customization abilities, you can make your lights automatically change to fit your daily routine.

Although the app might not be the greatest for smart homes on Android, it offers a great overall picture of every single light. It includes a fantastic voice control capability that enables you to provide commands verbally. You can utilize the app to see all the details about each smart LED/bulb, including its brightness level, color temperature, and other details.

Get the Philips Hue App on Android and iOS

6.Mi Home

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Mi Home is the native Xiaomi software for managing Xiaomi devices. Through Bluetooth, you can remotely synchronize your smartphones with smart devices. The next step is to choose your home region, give the app permission to manage calls,  give access to files, photographs, and media phone’s location. Finally, you must go through the authorization process by logging into your Facebook or Mi account.

Log in to the app using your email address or phone number. Users can operate a range of Xiaomi devices with the aid of this application. This would include air purifiers, security equipment, various sensors, lighting fixtures, and cameras for surveillance.

Get the Mi Home App on Android and iOS

7.Honeywell Home

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You can manage smart home appliances/gadgets from any location with the help of the app Honeywell Home. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Devices running iOS and Android can use this app. It adjusts to your lifestyle so that you can get early notice of any leaks or control the thermostat using a smartphone.

With certified security devices, Honeywell Home enriches the home and boosts air quality. Through the app and integrated IoT sensors, the user can receive alerts about what is happening on a real-time basis. It enhances the experience, by allowing you to explore, modify, and manage these devices’ settings.

Get the Honeywell Home app on Android and iOS

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If you are highly concerned about your loved ones and want to ensure  family’s and friends are protected as possible, is your go-to smart home automation app. It has experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the current times. You may remotely manage every aspect of your house/building with You may always be aware of what’s going on thanks to intelligent notifications and real-time video feeds.

This app is similar to commercial security systems but considerably simpler and less expensive. You can check on the status of your house or apartment, see who is at the doorstep, and manage household appliances with the touch of a button as well as a swipe of your finger. This smart home automation app provides you with security while you’re away from home by providing around-the-clock access to emergency help.

Get on Android and iOS

To Wrap This Up

In conclusion, utilizing your phone or tablet to control your home’s systems and equipment is a convenient option. This article’s list of the top 8 smart home automation applications for Android and iOS smartphones includes apps that can control various devices and systems, design unique automation workflows, and get alerts and notifications. So give these apps a try and let us know about your favorite one in the comments below.

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