99starz developing time trial game based on source code of f1 delta time

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99Starz will be building a game using the source code of the popular play-2-earn (P2E) game F1 Delta Time, which was shut down back in March. The “time trial” gameplay pioneered by Animoca Brands in the popular P2E game will be made available under a new name with all in-game NFTs previously purchased retaining utility within the new game. 99Starz will continue game development and provide new updates to the players.

F1 Delta Time, one of the first official NFT and crypto-powered racing games, launched back in 2019. It became one of the most popular and played P2E games, especially within the 99Starz community, with around 2,000 players still owning the game’s NFTs — some of which were bought for over $100,000 each. However, on March 15, Animoca Brands announced that F1 Delta Time was closing down due to lack of license renewal.

Although Animoca Brands announced a series of attractive initiatives for owners of NFTs of F1 Delta Time, the community of hardcore fans no longer had a game in which to play-and-earn using those NFTs. Then, on 13 April 2022, Animoca Brands announced the open sourcing of the Time Trial game mode of F1 Delta Time.

99Starz, a yield gaming guild and NFT yield ecosystem is using the source code of the game to provide players with a new opportunity to enjoy the highly strategic play-2-earn gameplay previously available in F1 Delta Time. While the new game will be built on the original source code of F1 Delta Time, the main in-game currency will no longer be the REVV token, but will instead be STZ, the native 99Starz utility token.

The new game will operate within the 99Starz ecosystem. 99Starz is planning to improve the gaming infrastructure to allow more players to participate in the game and implement a fair and transparent yield payout model, thus providing players with the opportunity to utilize their existing NFTs to earn STZ tokens.

The initial technical roadmap for the new game features various updates allowing the game to support at least twice the player count as well as a custom analytics app estimating the performance of each NFT asset. Later in the development roadmap, 99Starz aims to include additional interoperability by implementing an in-game store for asset renting and buying, as well as support for Guild Wallets, a unique tool designed to make guild operations smoother.

Luca Lamberti, the CEO of 99Starz, has stated:

“This is a huge step for the 99Starz and NFT community. F1 Delta Time has been a loved and cherished game for a large number of players. Now, we’re contributing to the digital rights revolution that NFTs enable, allowing owners to retain their game assets and use them in other environments. I’m excited to continue development of the Time Trial game mode, providing players with the highly strategic P2E experience that they fell in love with originally.”

The new game will see major updates and changes in the near future, including most importantly the transition to becoming a DAO. 99Starz will guide the initial development of the new game, but they believe the game should be governed by the players in the long run.

To support the idea of a P2E game run by a DAO — 99Starz will be allowing STZ token holders to vote on the name the new game in the near future.

About 99Starz

99Starz is bringing the play-to-earn game model to millions of gamers. By creating the largest NFT yield ecosystem through guild formations and NFT renting, the platform is maximizing player rewards through cooperation. 99Starz allows anyone to tap into the gig economy of the metaverse and generate an income from blockchain gaming using the $STZ token.

The 99Starz ecosystem includes a multi-million dollar NFT vault full of assets of the most popular P2E games like Axie Infinity, Sorare, and REVV Racing, which players gain access to through the STZ token. To maximize their in-game earnings players can form guilds and enjoy cooperative rewards. Learn more at www.99starz.io or keep up with the latest news on Twitter & Telegram.

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