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The mask of anonymity will soon come off for one YouTuber.

Popular Minecraft YouTuber and content creator Dream has recently announced he would do a face reveal after achieving around 30 million subscribers.

Not much is known about Dream aside from him being a Minecraft YouTuber since they joined the platform in February 2014, per their channel’s About page.

Dream Face Reveal Details

Dream mentioned in its announcement on his YouTube community tab that his next upload will feature a face reveal, adding that “the mask is coming off.”

The popular Minecraft YouTuber said he is “super nervous” about doing the face reveal, but he is “incredibly excited” for what’s to come in the future.

“I can’t wait to start meeting you guys in person,” Dream added.

The timing of Dream’s face reveal seems to coincide with the fact that he recently reached around 30 million subscribers on YouTube – which is a big deal for many content creators on the platform, even if YouTube doesn’t give them a milestone reward.

For those unaware, the highest milestone reward YouTube gives to content creators is when they reach ten million subscribers, which earns them the diamond creator award, per its subscriber milestone rewards page.

Although Dream joined YouTube in 2014, he only began to create content for YouTube regularly in 2019, per Dot eSports. Nevertheless, as his content picked up enough attention, more and more of Dream’s viewers and fans began to ask for a face reveal.

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant delays in Dream’s plan to do a face reveal despite the fact that he never wanted to be a Youtuber that hides his identity under a mask.

Eventually, Dream’s avatar or online face became a “staple aspect” of who he is.

Dream’s face reveal follows the announcement of GeorgeNotFound, a YouTuber whom he is friends with. According to Dream’s announcement, George is finally moving to Florida with “the Dream Team,” a YouTube team that is made up of YouTubers Sapnap, George, and Dream himself. per the Dream Team Wiki.

Dream and Sapnap moved to a new house called the Dream Team house in Florida in late January, where they will live for at least five years.

This house is the same one George will move into after he departs from London, England.

Why Doing Face Reveals Is A Big Thing For YouTubers

Although most, if not all, YouTubers start their online career using an alias that hides their identity, such as H20Delirious and Sovietwomble, there are some who do not want or are willing to reveal their identity to their audience.

According to Newbie Films School, a YouTuber doing a face reveal is a big thing because they are exposing their true identity to the world, allowing the public to judge them and their appearance.

It could also lead to them being in a vulnerable position, such as being stalked in real life and on the world wide web.

However, a face reveal could provide YouTubers who do it with positive attention and the opportunity to further improve or solidify their brand.


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