Baby Shark creator The Pinkfong Company partners TinyTap to develop early learning, entertainment in digital space

baby shark creator the pinkfong company partners tinytap to develop early learning, entertainment in digital space

The Pinkfong Company, a South-Korea based entertainment company behind “Baby Shark,” has partnered with TinyTap, a edtech platform for user-generated educational games of Hong Kong-based gaming firm Animoca Brands, to develop early learning, entertainment in digital space.

Animoca Brands said in a statement on Wednesday that the duo have signed a licensing agreement for a strategic partnership wherein The Pinkfong Company’s content and IP, including the global phenomenon “Baby Shark”, will be featured in a range of initiatives across the TinyTap ecosystem, creating unique and engaging learning experiences for audiences around the world.

According to the statement, The Pinkfong Company and TinyTap will leverage their respective expertise and resources to develop a range of interactive and educational products that promote creativity, critical thinking, and early childhood development.

By combining The Pinkfong Company’s beloved Baby Shark and other characters with TinyTap’s adaptive learning platform, the duo opined that the partnership will provide children with an immersive and personalized learning journey.

“We are delighted to cooperate with TinyTap to redefine the landscape of early learning in digital spaces,

“Our mission of making learning fun and accessible aligns perfectly with TinyTap, and together we can create exceptional digital products and experiences that kids and families can enjoy while learning something new,” said Gemma Joo, chief business officer at The Pinkfong Company.

According to the statement, the collaboration will start with the launch of a series of digital educational content and interactive learning experiences on the TinyTap platform and ecosystem.

“TinyTap is thrilled to team up with The Pinkfong Company, a beloved brand that has captured the hearts of children worldwide,

“By combining our strengths we can offer a new dimension to early learning and create innovative, personalized, and meaningful experiences for global audiences and creators,” said Yogev Shelly, the Chief Executive Officer of TinyTap and a member of the EDU Foundation Council.

According to the statement, the partnership between The Pinkfong Company and TinyTap represents a significant milestone in education and entertainment that sees two leading companies committed to making a positive impact on the education space via innovative technologies.

By combining their expertise, resources, and shared vision, The Pinkfong Company and TinyTap are looking forward to shaping the future of early learning, revolutionizing the way children engage with educational content, and supporting educators, students, and the community.

The Pinkfong Company is a global entertainment company that delivers content and entertaining experiences around the world.

Driven by award-winning brands and IPs, the company has created and distributed a range of content across genres and formats including original animated series, world live tours, interactive games, and more.

Believing in the power of entertaining and engaging content, The Pinkfong Company is committed to connecting people around the world and bringing joy and inspiration to worldwide audiences of all ages

TinyTap was founded in 2012 and is an educational games library with more than 250,000 activities made by educators and publishers including Sesame Street and Oxford University Press.

Games are created using TinyTap’s code-free authoring platform and can be accessed by parents as part of TinyTap’s subscription or sold directly to families as bundles.

A portion of subscription revenue is shared with content creators based on the user engagement generated by their content.

TinyTap is among the top ten grossing kids apps worldwide, delivering educational content to families in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Arab world with a focus on young learners (Pre-K to Grade 6), serving 9.2 million registered family members with content created by over 100,000 creators.


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