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The iPhone 11 could be at risk of being discontinued following the upcoming launch of the iPhone 14. The Cupertino giant is set to launch the iPhone 14 in September and when it does, the iPhone 11 would be considered the oldest model available on Apple’s websites.

Apple Pro Variants are Usually Discontinued Earlier Than Their Numbered Counterparts

According to the story by Screen Rant, the Pro variants of different iPhone models are usually the ones that get discontinued sooner compared to their numbered counterparts.

As an example, the Apple website no longer sells the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro as of press time.

iPhone 11 Supports Updates Up to the iOS 15.4.1

The iPhone 11 was launched with the iOS 13 and the iOS 15.4.1 has been its last supported iOS update. The publication notes that, given its price, the iPhone 11 offers high-quality videos and the ability to shoot wide-angle shots.

iDropNews reported that once Apple launches the iPhone 14, it could discontinue the iPhone 11 shortly after. It has been noted that the reason behind this possibility is that after a three-year production cycle, Apple usually discontinues iPhone models.

Previous Discontinuations of Other iPhone Models Show a Three-Year Pattern

As an example, the publication pointed towards how the iPhone 7 was discontinued in 2019, three years after its launch in 2016. The same happened with the iPhone 8 after it was launched in September 2017 and later on discontinued in April 2020.

The iPhone XR was also discontinued in 2021, which follows the same timeline after its launch in 2018. Since the iPhone 11 was first released in 2019, the pattern points towards 2022 being the year Apple discontinues the model, according to the report.

Comparison Between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11

The iPhone SE was recently launched by Apple for the price of just $429 with an A15 Bionic chipset (same as the iPhone 13 series) and 5G connectivity. This makes the device the company’s most affordable iPhone for sale.

Luckily, for those that do not want the smaller model, the iPhone 11 is just $70 more than the iPhone SE and already includes upgrades, including dual cameras, edge-to-edge display, and Face ID authentication among its many updates.

Despite the iPhone 11 specs being referred to as “powerful,” the device still misses out on some of Apple’s newer features like the MagSafe and Face ID. The two features were only released on Apple’s newer models from the iPhone 12 and up.

The iPhone 11’s display specs are a 6.1″ Liquid Retina IPS while holding a chipset that’s commonly seen on newer iPads like the 9th Gen, the A13 Bionic chipset. On top of this, the device includes the Apple Studio Display. 

Apple Supply Chain Difficulty

Though it might not be apparent due to stocks being relatively available, unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, Apple has also suffered supply chain logistics issues amidst the pandemic and manufacturing lockdowns.

As per MacRumors, Apple is expecting supply constraints to continue until the third quarter of this year.

Written by Urian B.


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