Tim Cook says Apple doesn’t plan to invest in crypto

Apple supremo Tim Cook says the company has no immediate plans to accept cryptocurrency after silencing rumours regarding the possible enabling of cryptos into products like Apple Pay and Apple Card. Speaking at The New York Times DealBook conference, ...

Crypto Token ‘Omicron’ Shoots Up in Value After New COVID-19 Variant Given the Same Name

Photo Credit: Twitter/ Omicron Omicron cryptocurrency, built on Ethereum, was launched in the beginning of November Over the weekend, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency named “Omicron” surged by 945 percent in its value after the World Health Organisation (WHO) named the ...

AMC Theatres Offering NFTs to Spider-Man: No Way Home Moviegoers

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures AMC Theatre has become the first movie theatre chain to offer NFTs AMC Theatres and Sony Pictures have decided to reward non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to those who advance purchase or reserve opening-day tickets to Spider-Man: ...

Why Flux Is Set To Become The Hub For The Web3 Solutions Of The Future

Since its inception, blockchain technology has seen an explosion in products, projects, and use cases and has managed to attract millions of users. However, the industry is dispersed and seems to have lost focus on the problems it tries ...

Binance Reopens Dogecoin Withdrawals After Musk Spat With CEO

(Bloomberg) — Binance has fully opened withdrawls of Dogecoin after a technical glitch that spurred a heated back-and-forth between Elon Musk and the exchange’s chief executive officer. Most Read from Bloomberg Traders were unable to withdraw Dogecoin for more ...

India Has No Plans to Recognize Bitcoin As Currency; RBI Working On CBDC Rollout: Reports

The Indian parliament kicked off its winter session on Monday, during which key crypto legislation will be discussed.

Immersion Cooling Gets Attention From Miners Wanting to Squeeze More Power Out of Equipment

Bitcoin mining companies are now increasingly experimenting with immersion cooling, a form of cooling that allows them to get more hashpower out of existing miners. According to industry insiders, this cooling alternative will become mainstream in the future, as ...

The Price of the SNAKE (SNK) Game Token Is Growing as We Approach November 30. Wait for a Dump or Buy Now?

Less than two weeks are left before the start of one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2021 — Cryptosnake. Now the project already has more than 60 thousand active community members who are waiting for the start ...

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Software in 2021

Cryptocurrency mining thrives as an online activity that makes use of a computer to mine coins. This keeps the market alive through minting new cryptos in circulation. However, mining a cryptocurrency does not come for free. It will require you ...

The First Decentralized Betting Exchange

The world of online betting has had a controversial history with several attempts being made in the past to introduce a legal, compliant and secure space for bettors to enjoy. In the past, most of these projects failed due ...

New Innovative NFT Use Cases that Might Change the World

The transaction volume of the entire NFT market crossed US$16 billion in November 2021. In 2020, it was only US$355 million, which shows how impressive of a run NFTs have made to create a new asset class in the ...

Indian Crypto Unicorn CoinDCX Plans to IPO Once Regulations Permit: Report

The Indian government has reportedly proposed a bill that will ban private crypto tokens.

Political Cartoonist Accuses NFT Platforms Opensea, Rarible of Being 'Tools for Political Censorship'

While non-fungibe token (NFT) collectibles have been very popular, NFTs have brought a slew of unique debates to the table and one of them has been censorship. The artist behind Stonetoss Comics, a series of political cartoons, has been ...

Enabling circular economy for supply chain visibility: Interview with Dutch startup Circularise

Aimed to facilitate transparency and traceability across global supply chains to enable a shift to a circular economy, Dutch startup Circularise was established in 2016 to provide solutions based on blockchain technology to bridge the information gap. Although it ...

DeFi Protocol Omicron’s Token Jumps 10-Fold After Namesake Covid Variant Emerges

OMIC’s surge is perhaps an evidence of peak irrationality.

El Salvador Adds More Bitcoin to National Treasury, President Nayib Bukele Tweets

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Nayib Bukele Nayib Bukele plans to build a Bitcoin City in El Salvador to promote crypto adoption Following a crash in Bitcoin value, the Central American nation of El Salvador purchased 100 Bitcoin to add to ...

Bitcoin, Ether, and Most Altcoins Stand Strong as New Coronavirus Variant News Rattles Crypto Market

Photo Credit: Pexels/ Olya Kobruseva Most crypto coins have recovered a bit from Friday’s big dip Bitcoin and other crypto coins had a rough end to a torrid week as news of a new COVID-19 variant saw values drop ...

Over 50,000 Players Completed the SolChicks Game Demo in Its First Week of Release

press release PRESS RELEASE. SolChicks, the most anticipated play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain, has announced today several records in the leadup to its IDO launch on the 26th November. Some major accomplishments and records broken in the last ...

Explained | All you need to know about Web3 and what is happening in India

Representative image If you follow technology, it would be impossible not to get dragged into the Web3 blackhole – right from WhatsApp chats to Twitter circles. For tech founders, some of it has become a key discussion point and ...

Study: 8.3% of Polled South Africans Own NFTs, a Further 9.4% Plan to Buy

About 8.3% of polled South African internet users own NFTs while a further 9.4% said they plan to acquire such tokens in the future, a study has found. Twelfth-Highest NFT Adoption Rate According to the findings of the latest ...

Coinstore Cryptocurrency Exchange Enters India Despite Fear of Ban on Virtual Currencies

New Delhi government is planning to discourage trading in cryptos by imposing hefty capital gains Singapore-based virtual currency exchange Coinstore has begun operations in India at a time when the Indian government is preparing legislation to effectively bar most ...

Bank of England Governor Worried About Bitcoin Being Legal Tender in El Salvador

The governor of the Bank of England, the country’s central bank, has voiced concerns about El Salvador choosing bitcoin as a national currency. Citing a recent warning by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) against bitcoin’s use as legal tender, ...

Deep Dive Into Decentralised Finance: Valuing DeFi Blockchains

Photo Credit: Rohas Nagpal This mindmap shows the various aspects of DeFi Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a system that allows financial products to appear on a public blockchain network which is not regulated by a central bank or intermediary. ...

Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki Says He's Buying Bitcoin and Ether as Inflation Escalates

The author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has revealed that he is buying more bitcoin and ether amid rising inflation concerns. “Inflation is a tax on the poor and middle class. Inflation makes the ...

Crypto News: Obscure Coin With Similar Name To New COVID-19 Variant Surges In Value

Crypto investors have been feeling the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic recently, especially when news of the new Omicron variant broke out. (Photo : Getty Images ) When cryptocurrency prices have been reduced to new lows, one relatively obscure coin ...

Thailand Plans to Become 'Crypto-Positive Society' — Governor Says 'Crypto Is the Future'

Thailand is laying the groundwork to become a “crypto-positive society” with the aim to attract crypto holders and boost its tourism industry. The country hopes to gain back some of the $80 billion in lost tourism revenue due to ...

Volcano-powered Bitcoin City could be Bond villainy or the state of play in 2021

Special crypto-economic zone using thermal power from a nearby volcano, no it's not the first post-Craig Bond film plot, but an actual idea from an actual national president.

Ethereum L2 Scene Heats Up With Boba Network Taking Second Spot in TVL

Boba Network, a recently released L2 layer for Ethereum, has quickly jumped to second place in TVL (total value locked) among all expansion layers. Boba, which is a fork of Optimism, another L2 layer based on rollups, reached more ...

Ethereum Devs Assess Reducing Data Transfer Cost 5x, EIP-4488 Becomes Possible Solution

The second leading crypto asset ethereum has been dealing with high fees since the end of June and today the average ethereum transaction fee is between $5 and $34 per transfer. While there’s been a lot of complaints about ...

3 Play-to-Earn Crypto Games Users Can’t Afford To Miss

In 2021, the gaming industry have earned approximately $175 billion. As blockchain technology has become more prevalent in games, gamers are now enjoying the rewards of their efforts, with some earning up to $2,000 USD per hour on crypto ...

Report Shows Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana ETPs Outperformed Bitcoin Investment Products in November

Cryptocompare, the firm that provides institutional and retail investors with real-time and historical cryptocurrency data, has published the firm’s November 2021 Digital Asset Management Review. The report covers crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs), and recent findings show alternative crypto asset ...

Crypto Stamp Crashes Swiss Post’s Online Store With Launch Day Demand

Unexpectedly high demand for Switzerland’s first crypto stamp has created headaches for the national postal service. Swiss Post announced it had to deal with technical issues when numerous orders hit its online shop all at once on the day ...

Ghana's Minority Lawmakers Reject Government Proposal to Tax Mobile Money Transactions

The Ghanaian government’s proposal to introduce a 1.75% levy on digital transactions was recently rejected by a minority of lawmakers who insist the new tax derails efforts to help increase the number of adults that are financially included. The ...

NFT Protocol Unicly Raises $10M Led by Blockchain Capital and Animoca Brands Before the Launch of v2

press release PRESS RELEASE. November 28, 2021 — Fractionalized NFT trading platform Unicly has raised $10 million in preparation for the launch of Unicly v2, as it continues to establish itself as a key player in the burgeoning NFT ...

More Regulations Proposed to ‘Streamline’ Mining Sector in Kazakhstan

Authorities need to expand the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency miners, a member of the parliament in Kazakhstan has suggested. The additional rules should streamline their activities and help correct the forming public opinion that they are responsible for the ...

Best cryptocurrency Telegram channels to join

As interest in cryptocurrency and crypto trading continue to rise, people are beginning to carve out several profitable niches in the emerging industry. Crypto education, among other things, appears to be taking the lead as more and more people ...

Annual Volume of Crypto Transactions Made by Russians Reaches $5 Billion, Bank of Russia Finds

With the growing capitalization of the crypto economy, Russians have been making crypto transactions worth billions of dollars a year, data gathered by the Central Bank of Russia shows. Russian residents are some of the most active participants in ...

Tanzanian Central Bank Preparing for CBDC to Ensure Country Is Not Left Behind

Florens Luoga, the governor of the Bank of Tanzania, said the apex bank has kickstarted preparations for a central bank digital currency. He said the bank was doing this to ensure Tanzania is not left behind as other countries ...

Sneaker Giant Adidas Says the Metaverse Is 'Exciting,' Reveals Partnership With Coinbase

The German multinational shoe and sportswear corporation Adidas recently announced the company has partnered with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Two days prior, The Sandbox tweeted about the popular shoe company and showed a video clip of Adidas real estate ...

Kevin O'Leary on SEC v Ripple Lawsuit Over XRP: 'I Have Zero Interest in Investing in Litigation Against SEC'

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, says he has zero interest in investing in anything with litigation from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “That is a very bad idea,” he said. Discussing the SEC lawsuit ...


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