These Porsche Aircraft Engines Have The Heart of an Early 80's 911

Porsche is an automaker with its hands in every aspect of motorized vehicles at one point or another. From sports cars and luxury SUVs to war tanks and, believe it or not, even aircraft engines.

Aston Martin Residences Is the Epitome of Luxury Living, To Be Fully Unveiled This Year

Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin couldn’t have imagined, back in 1914, that the name of their automotive adventure would one day be represented on one of the most impressive luxurious buildings in the world.

The Lotus Carlton: Supercar-Shaming Performance in a Sleeper Package

Following the death of Colin Chapman, the peeps at General Motors bought Lotus. It’s during this era the Carlton was born, a four-door performance sedan that was offered exclusively in dark green.

Golden Age Streamliner Concept Turns Your BMW C 400 X Scooter Into an Art Deco Masterpiece

Massively spread all across the globe, the pre-war Art Deco style is all about glamour and luxury. It left its mark on everything from buildings to jewelry, fashion, and of course the automotive industry. Aiming to recapture those exuberant times when style and craftsmanship were the norm, Nmoto welcomes motorists back into the Golden Age, with one of the coolest motorcycle concepts we’ve seen.

Top 5 Racing Games to Look Forward to in 2022

As we step into the new year, it’s important to be thankful for what 2021 brought to us in terms of new games, and hope that 2022 will be even more fruitful. And from what we know so far, 2022 shapes up to be a great year for the gaming industry, and we’re not talking just about racing games.

Martini 7.0 Catamaran With Active Suspension Flies High, Eliminates Motion Sickness

The United States National Library of Medicine says that one in three people suffers from motion sickness, which means extended sea travel isn’t an option for them. With the Martini 7.0 catamaran, motion sickness is effectively eliminated, without compromise to speed or comfort.

This Is the Car That Saved the Porsche Brand From Extinction Back in the '90s

Some loved it, some hated it, but the carmaker could name it Porsche Saviour instead of Boxster since it is the car that helped the German sports car brand from bankruptcy in a time when most carmakers faced financial problems, and there was hardly anyone rich enough to save it.

Say Goodbye to These U.S. Car Models That Won't Be With Us in 2022

Nothing lasts forever, they say, and this is true even for car models. The times are a-changing, and this could be both a good or a bad thing, depending on your stance. In the automotive world, this means lineups are being aligned to the new realities, with some models sent to history’s scrapyard to make way for the future.

Why You'd Want Solar Panels Installed on Your RV and How Much This Will Cost You

Part of an RV appeal lies in its ability to make you enjoy the world while being away from the world. The experience of camping with an RV would not be complete without the ability to spend time completely off-grid, though. For this, you need a power generator or, even better, a photovoltaic (PV) system. This is how much you’ll have to pay to have a solar panel installed on your RV.

Here's Why Canyon's $7K Grail:ON CF 8 eTap Won the Sought-After Red Dot Award

What does it take to make a bicycle desirable? Is it its price? Is it its design? Or is it its capabilities? Well, the award-winning Grail:ON CL 8 eTap could very well be the machine to encompass all of the above.

Australian Lifestyle 7200NLR Is the Muse for Your Next Tiny House Project

In our search for a mobile dwelling that can offer the comforts of home without feeling like you donated a kidney just to own, we've arrived in Australia, a land known for an unforgiving landscape.

This Brand Wrote Automotive History, And Is Now Ready for a Big Comeback

Born more than a century ago, Hispano-Suiza was one of the most luxurious brands of its times and created more than just cars, it created works of art. Also, it made aircraft engines, trucks, and weapons. But now it tries to make an electrifying comeback with the Carmen luxury supercar.

One Google Maps Feature Android Auto Needs Right Here and Now

While Google Maps is currently the number one mobile navigation app out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is using it.

Here Are Ten 2022 Resolutions the Automotive Industry Should Make for the New Year

It's the first day of 2022, and, as much as last year has sucked for almost everyone, you can never truly be happy about the passage of time, can you? We all know we're getting older, it's just that we don't usually have the time to think about it, but on days like this (as well as our birthdays, for that matter), it becomes impossible not to acknowledge we're one step closer to... well, you know what.

Customized Tiny Home Has an Interesting Layout and Plenty of Space, Including a Dog Loft

While tiny houses force you to reprioritize and really put some thought into how you’re going to make the best of every inch of space, more and more people look at them as an escape from the urban bustle. Living tiny has become a global trend, and some of these downscaled constructions can be a real source of inspiration for those who are flirting with the idea of making the switch. Anna & Nick’s tiny home in North Carolina is one such build.

Cars of Oymyakon – What Does It Take To Keep Them Running in Extreme Cold

Ever have to scrape ice off your vehicle before getting in? If you live somewhere where you get all four seasons, you probably have. And you probably prefer summer, spring, or fall to winter. But how do things work in the coldest inhabited settlement on Earth?

Porsche Taycan Turbo S: A YouTuber's 14-Month Ownership Update

If there’s anything good about electric vehicles, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S amplifies it. Originating from a species of high-quality, peak-performance vehicles, the Taycan Turbo S is one of the quickest electric cars in the world. Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, gives a one-year ownership update on his 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S that he’s considering selling.

Goth House With Matching 3-Car Garage Is as Black as a Villain’s Heart, Perfect

Don’t you love it when a villain spends a large chunk of the film’s third act explaining himself to the good guy before destroying the world or, at the very least, killing said good guy? The scene is almost always set in the villain’s lair, so if you ever want to replicate it, here’s a solid window of opportunity.

Pipegun Electric Kick-Bike Is Here to Show That Dirt Is Glitter

Look around the city and you’ll probably notice that, when it comes to two-wheel urban mobility, there really isn’t that much room left for creativity. Most e-bikes and e-scooters look the same, and if you really want to stand out with one, you have to be ready to dig deep into your pocket.

Manny Khoshbin Loves His McLaren P1's Agility but Hates the Speedtail's Reliability

Let’s face it. There’s no better car review than an owner’s review, and when it comes to exotic supercars, realtor and millionaire Manny Khoshbin is the man to seek. In his latest YouTube post, he gets personal about two of his favorite supercars, the McLaren Speedtail and McLaren P1.

2022 Dakar Rally Starts Today – Watch Out for These Top Competitors

Today, the 44th edition of the Dakar Rally will start, and it has a huge number of competitors. After completing technical verifications, this year's edition will host 1,065 racers who will compete with time and heat in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

Bell P-39 Airacobra: Mid Engined, But No C8 Corvette With Wings

Do you want to know why people don't build mid-engined airplanes anymore? It's because it took until after the Second World War for folks to realize mid engined vehicles don't make practical sense unless they have four wheels and are built by Italians.

These Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Electric Car

When you’re in the market for a new car you pretty much know what kind of vehicle you need. Then you narrow down your search based on the brand you love and last, you configure the car to suit your needs. With electric cars, the process is a little different, but the configuration part is where most people get it wrong.

What Rotary Dreams Are Made of: Story of a Single-Turbo FD RX-7

Whenever I have to attend various social events without knowing anyone there, there's one thing that is bound to keep me from getting bored. Finding someone who's at least partially into cars can turn into a lifesaver. It's even better if they're as obsessed with anything on 4 wheels, as I am. But finding a fellow rotor head is priceless!

Convoy Rooftop Tent Shows You the World With a Full Moonroof and 360-Degree View

While searching for low-cost but capable alternatives to costly RVs, I've arrived at a simple but effective construction meant to fulfill your need for adventure, rooftop tents.

Citroen C4 Ad Pulled Because You Can’t Take Women’s Photos Without Consent

Just because it’s common occurrence doesn’t mean it’s right. Citroën is backpedaling after online controversy around a new ad for the C4, tailored for the Egypt market. The carmaker is also apologizing for it.

Hyundai Turns the Ioniq 5 Into What Could Be the World's Largest Indoor Air Purifier

Hyundai's all-new Ioniq 5 is already available on the market, and that means that the pre-production prototypes of this model have ended their career. With that in mind, the Koreans have come up with something – turning an Ioniq 5 into an air purifier.

Something Is Off With This 2022 Toyota Yaris Rally1 Hybrid WRC Replica

Rallying is not as expensive as Formula 1, but it still is an incredibly costly sport. While fans wish they could own a WRC car, not even the homologation specials are close to the level of performance offered by the current crop of racing cars. But what if you could build a replica?

2022 Grail SLX 9 Gravel Bike Aims To Reduce Fatigue Like a Visit to Your Chiropractor

There's no doubt about it; gravel biking and bikepacking have really taken off in the past couple of years. With that, it's time to check out how Canyon is preparing to meet this growing demand.

Here Are the Numbers That Made the Mitsubishi Zero the Most Famous Japanese Aircraft Ever

Designed entirely from scratch by a 30-men team in record time, the Mitsubishi A6M quickly became the king of the sky in the Pacific War. But its history began long before the Pearl Harbor attack.

New Look at Will Smith’s The Heat Shows It’s Still the Most Luxurious RV in the World

Work hard, play harder. If you’re an A-list actor like Will Smith, you get to to do both in the most badass, biggest and most luxurious motorhome in the world, and the most unique movie trailer, The Heat from Anderson Mobile Estates.

First and Last of Its Kind Mega-Mansion The One Will List at Auction for $295 Million

For most people, a dream home is probably larger than the property they’re currently residing at, with a white picket fence, a garage, and some space in the backyard for a family barbecue. This is not that: The One, the first and last of its kind mega-mansion and the world’s largest private residence, is about to go under the hammer.

NASA VIEW Headset Defined VR Decades Before Oculus, Probably Can't Play Half-Life: Alyx

We bet you think your Oculus Quest or HTC Vive is pretty neat. Or that you think it's the epitome of a brand new technology rooted deeply in the 21st century. Well, sorry to say, my friend, you're dead wrong. NASA's been designing and testing virtual reality headsets since the people who created modern units were infants.

This Bizzare Parasite Fighter Hung from a Colossal Navy Airship

We've all had dumb ideas from time to time. It's a perfectly normal part of human nature. But deciding the best way to deploy military aircraft is from a giant balloon in the sky is a whole other level of bonehead, at least from a modern perspective.

Willow 9000 Sounds Like the Terminator of Custom Tiny Homes – May Very Well Be

The tiny home movement has really been taking off lately. In that spirit, I decided to check out how they do tiny living in another place known for their RVs and outdoor lifestyle, Australia.

Supertramp Is a Conversion Kit To Transform Your SUV Into an Off-Grid Machine

So, you own a car. Awesome! You're luckier than most. But there's a problem, you want to be a part of the off-grid lifestyle. Luckily for you: you can transform your car with a conversion kit.

The Dembell Motorhome M With Small Garage Is a Very Elegant $1.25 Million RV

You can’t put a price on dreams, or so we’ve been told since we were kids. But if we were to try to stick a price tag on a dream motorhome, $1.25 million is probably more than we’d ever spend on a real, non-movable home.

Porsche Boxster Driver Puts Bumper in the Trunk After Crash, Continues Driving

As R&B icon Aaliyah used to say, if, at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. That’s sound life advice, but it should never apply to your reaction after a crash.

Badass Tents' Rugged Grants Off-Grid Capabilities to Just About Any Vehicle

It's as though everyone is getting into mobile living. However, most adaptations can end up costing an arm and a leg. Don't worry, there are solutions like these Badass Tents.

Tesla Client Shares His Experience Buying a 2021 Model 3 With a 2017 Battery Pack

On December 20, autoevolution broke the news about Tesla selling used 2021 Model 3 Long Range units with 2017 battery packs. Although the evidence was on Tesla’s own websites (it still is), we thought the story would die with no answers, as it often happens with anything related to this company. Patrick Murphy helped that be different.


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Electric Modern DB Carbon Fiber "Speedbike" Will Put an $11K Hole in Your Pocket

Unique Triumph Bonneville “Type 20” Is the Incarnation of Darkness on Two Wheels

Just how long can you drive on a donut spare tire? Everything you need to know

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The Best Presents Always Have Wheels, According to These Celebs

Curve Vehicle Design Envisions and Optimizes the Heck out a Gravel E-Bike

Forgotten by Many, the Toyota 1GZ-FE Was Japan’s First and Only Mass-Produced V12

Nissan RB26DETT: The Skyline GT-R’s Legendary Turbocharged Inline-Six

Rungu Dualie Double-Wheel Design E-Bike Can Replace Your Quad When You Go Hunting

Audemars Piguet’s Timeless Suite Eco-Pod Is How the Rich Do Glamping

Here's Why it Took 30 Years and $10 Billion to Get James Webb Space Telescope Into Space

Star Citizen Launches New Drake Cutlass Steel Dropship, Large Scale PvP Battles

How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost Throughout the World

Bronco Vs Defender Mud Showdown - Should We Stop Calling the Brit an "Off-Roader"?

Asian Brands Are Already Gaining Speed on the Electric Avenue

SOD Rise 4x2-950 Is a Luxurious and Massive Expedition Vehicle With a Sky Lounge

Watch the Holiday Ads from These Famous Brand Companies in Their Version of Christmas

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Is Cool, but the Bespoke P4/5 Has a Better Story

Lucid GT3 Rendering - If the Tesla Roadster and the Porsche 911 GT3 Had a Baby

Trek's 2022 Powerfly FS 4 May Be the All-Rounder E-Bike We've Been Looking For

DIYer Flies Downhill at 60mph on a Rocket-Like Gravity Bike Built From Scrap Metal

Boxy, Compact FlexCamp Camper Slides Up and Out Into a 4-Person Micro-Cabin

The Iam Portable Tent Sauna Aims to Make Your Outdoor Adventures Even Better

Rockstar Debuts GTA Online Holiday Season with Massive Discounts, Lots of Freebies

Hummer H2 on 32-Inch Wheels Is Here to Make You Laugh, and So Are Others

Tuned Mercedes-Maybach S 650 With 887 HP on Tap Is Brabus’ Idea of Opulence

Years Before the Sidewinder, This German Missile Was the First of its Kind

Slowly but Surely, U.S. Carmakers Are Joining the Electric Car Revolution

DeLorean E Dreams of the Electric Future, Lacks the Iconic Gullwing Doors

Mariah Carey Goes to the Drive-Thru, and It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

The Lickable TV Is Here: Taste The TV Prototype Offers Multi-Sensory Experience

The North Face and BMW Collaboration That Almost Changed Off-Grid Living Forever

You'd Wish You Had Your Sunday Underwear on if the Cougar Patrol Pulled You Over

The Expedition Camper Is the Travel Trailer Prototype That You Can't Have

Remembering the 1,350-HP Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Built by BMW During the 1980s

Drake Tiny House Keeps You Feeling at Home Even if You Were on Mars: Sleeps Two Families

A McBike to Go With Your McFries: McDonald’s Offers Stationary Bikes to Burn Calories

Show You Have Money to Burn With the $2 Million CASH Vanity Plate

2022 Powerfly FS 9 Equipped E-Bike Can Rock Just About Any Adventure You Seek

Volkswagen VR6: The Odd, Yet Brilliant Member of the Legendary Six-Cylinder Club

Sol Dawn Raises Affordable Mobile Habitats to New-Age Standards for Under $33K

Cornelia Tiny House Fuels Your Nature-Driven Creativity for No Less Than $155K

Woman Gets Fine for Eating Ice Cream While Driving, Police Thought She Was Texting

The Thundertruck Is a Badass Multi-Purpose, Transformable EV for the Ultimate Outsider

Nuvolari Lenard Presents Centerfold of the Century, a Sustainable, High-Speed Dream

The 69 Ranger May Be the All-Around Snowmobile You Want for Any Winter Action

$165K Draper Tiny House Is Off-Grid Mobile Home That's Not Afraid To Get Dirty

Mitsubishi’s 4G63T: The Iconic Four-Cylinder at the Heart of Nine Evo Generations

Freedom V2 Is an Elegant Example of “Dream Big, Live Tiny”

People Are Leaving Their Trunks and Doors Open to Prevent Car Break-Ins

The Story of Mercedes’ First Production V12 Engine and How It Became Legendary

Ever Had Something Stolen From Your Car? This Brings Vengeance to a New Level

Rugged $35K XT Trailer Is Straight Up American and Off-Road RV Muscle

This Insane Bell Helicopter Concept Has Morphing Blades, Hybrid Propulsion and AI

Orchid Tiny House Raises Eligible Bachelor Pads to Mobile Living Standards

Should YouTube Stay Banned on Android Auto and CarPlay?