UK sending Ukraine heavy-lift cargo drones in struggle against Russian invasion

In addition to the large influx of both military-grade and consumer UAVs from abroad to Ukraine forces battling Russian troops, Kiev will soon take delivery of specialized UK heavy-lift cargo drones that have been tested by the British Navy in ...

AVSS offers urgent flight termination protection for DJI Mavic 3s

Professional users of DJI Mavic 3s can soon acquire protection for their drones during sudden flight termination situations, thanks to plug-and-play parachute recovery tech that provides additional safety capabilities as well. Canadian drone security specialist AVSS says it has begun taking ...

So, you want to raise a champion drone pilot? Here’s how Cathy Vanover did it

Alex Vanover started racing drones as a teenager. Today, the 2019 Drone Racing League (DRL) Champion, flies professionally. When he’s not competing across real-life, esports, and metaverse drone racing events, Alex can be found filming immersive FPV footage for ...

How Verizon shuttering Skyward impacts Parrot ANAFI Ai drone rollout

Skyward, wireless carrier Verizon’s drone software subsidiary, will be ending operations in the coming weeks. In addition to the quandary this development presents Skyward customers with, the unexpected news puts in a limbo European drone maker Parrot’s plan to ...

First user video of DJI Mini 3 Pro in flight goes live

After the appearance Friday of the first unboxing video of DJI’s yet-to-be-unveiled Mini 3 Pro, it was inevitable a film of the new drone in flight would soon drop. That thumping sound (accompanied by distinctive whirring) is the predestined ...

Vertical Aerospace to obtain concurrent UK and EU certification

London-based electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Vertical Aerospace has negotiated an arrangement with UK and European Union civil aviation authorities to pursue concurrent vehicle validation of its VX4 air taxis. The company made the announcement amid what it called a ...

First unboxing video of leaked DJI Mini 3 Pro drone is here

Just a few short hours after DJI teased its May 10 “Twist in the Plot” product launch event, the tech giant finds itself facing a rather unpleasant plot twist: An unboxing video of the Mini 3 Pro has appeared ...

DJI upgrades free Virtual Flight app

DJI has just released an updated version of its free Virtual Flight app designed to fix bugs and add new features, though Android users hoping to use the FPV drone simulator will still find no love. The upgrade of ...

DJI removes Mini 2 drone from US and Canada Amazon stores ahead of reported Mini 3 release [Update: It’s back]

Noticed by DJI leaker Jasper Ellens first, DJI has mysteriously removed its Mini 2 drone from the US and Canada Amazon stores. This could presumably be ahead of the rumored release of the Mini 3 Pro drone. Update: After ...

Dance music fans can’t stop gushing over this Las Vegas drone show

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. Last weekend, it attracted more than 500,000 fans to Las Vegas over a three-day period. The logistics were a bit of a nightmare, ...

DJI throws a curve with Mini 3 Pro ‘Twist in the Plot’ teaser

At least one aspect of persistent online rumors surrounding the rollout of a new DJI Mini 3 Pro was confirmed this afternoon. At 9 a.m. EDT, as information leaked yesterday suggested it would, the company released a teaser for its new ...

From Rome to Pisa: Incidents of tourists crashing drones into monuments surge in Italy

The authorities in Italy are nursing a new headache these days, and it looks like one that’s unlikely to go away any time soon. Incidents of tourists crashing (or nearly crashing) drones into historical landmarks are growing fast, with ...

Rumors on DJI Mini 3 Pro rollout expect May 5 teaser, May 10 launch

The leak-a-thon of details about DJI ‘s Mini 3 Pro shows no sign of weakening, with evidence posted online today revealing a rollout schedule starting tomorrow, May 5, with a product teaser followed by the official release of the ...

10 times drone light shows were used to promote movies, TV

Not only are drone light shows redefining the future of entertainment, but they have also emerged as a highly effective and memorable marketing tool for film and television production companies. When hundreds of light-equipped drones fly around in unison, ...

Mobility specialist TMAP joins Joby’s South Korea air taxi group

Joby, leading developer of electric craft for future air taxis and other urban air mobility (UAM) services, has enlarged its partnerships in South Korea to prepare for the launch of operations in coming years. Santa Cruz, California-based Joby announced it is ...

Drone carrying guns from US gets stuck in tree in Canada

The official Twitter account of Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) asked its 50K+ followers an all-important question this week: “How are illegal guns reaching the hands of criminals in Canada?” But the department already knew part of the answer, ...

Video tweet credits Phantom 3 in Ukraine grenade drop through Russian sunroof

A video posted on Twitter captures an astonishingly accurate aerial drop of a Ukraine bomb on a Russian vehicle – apparently right through the open sunroof – by what the uploader claims is a modified DJI Phantom 3 drone. ...

DJI removes Mini 2 drone from US and Canada Amazon stores ahead of reported Mini 3 release

Noticed by DJI leaker Jasper Ellens first, DJI has mysteriously removed its Mini 2 drone from the US and Canada Amazon stores. This could presumably be ahead of the rumored release of the Mini 3 Pro drone. If you ...

The Buzz Podcast 21: Snap’s new drone, AUVSI, and more

Join Yifei and Seth for this week’s weekly round-up of news from the drone industry. Each week they discuss the top stories and pick a drone video of the week. Shop DJI, Autel, or other drone products on Amazon ...

Can better connectivity standards prevent drones from crashing into buildings?

Canadian startup AirMatrix, who’s dedicated to mapping out drone corridors in the sky, is working on a new project that could impact commercial drone deliveries and public safety operations alike. The company is using funding from the National Research ...

Austro Control selects future UTM system integrating drones in Austrian airspace

Austria’s air traffic control agency, Austro Control, is relying on its longtime tech partner Frequentis to prepare a new Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system that will fully integrate drone flights into the nation’s broader airspace by early 2023. Austro Control ...

UAM partnership to promote Airbus eVTOL air taxis in Italy

Italian flag carrier ITA Airways is joining forces with Airbus in an effort to develop urban air mobility (UAM) opportunities in Italy, particularly for the European consortium’s CityAirbus NextGen electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. The companies ...

Drone tornado footage from Kansas shows unbelievable devastation

A small drone shows a tornado in Kansas like you’ve never seen before. Kansas, famous for its tornadoes since the Wizard of Oz, is no stranger to the devastation caused by the meteorological phenomena. But I don’t think I’ve ...

DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones to monitor critical gas pipelines in Virginia

Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has decided to use drones as another means to perform equipment inspections on its pipeline infrastructure. The utility company says it will use DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones for inspections of critical infrastructure, right-of-way assessments, ...

Accidental listing reveals every last detail about DJI Mini 3 Pro drone

Wait, what just happened? DJI is yet to confirm when it plans to release the Mini 3 Pro, but a seller has accidentally revealed the complete specs and features of the drone online. A Dutch retailer has created a ...

Snap announces ‘pocket-sized’ drone called Pixy – available for purchase today

Snap released its Pixy drone on April 28 at its Snap Partner Summit. The pocket-sized drone can take off and land in the palm of your hand. The drone is available for purchase today at the drone’s website. Developed ...

France orders anti-drone system for Olympics, rugby World Cup

The French Defense Ministry has selected a group of tech companies led by aeronautic, security, and transport giant Thales to produce an anti-drone system tailored to micro and small UAVs, for deployment during the France-hosted World Cup of Rugby ...

DJI is upgrading reconstruction algorithms in Terra drone mapping software

The DJI Terra development team has been busy this year, continuing the streak of software updates for the all-in-one drone mapping solution. In the latest release (v3.4.0), the team has decided to upgrade Terra’s reconstruction algorithms that are based ...

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone accidentally listed for sale (again); see photo dump

Days after a Netherlands-based DJI retailer revealed every last detail about the Mini 3 Pro drone by accidentally publishing the product page online, something similar has taken place in the UK. An authorized reseller is showing the highly-anticipated drone ...

US House committee approves bills funding drone, air taxi uses

A key committee in the US House of Representatives has approved two bills seeking grants to prepare for expanded drone operation and future urban air mobility (UAM) services like air taxis, and is now passing those along for full ...

Wild heavy-lift cargo UAV debuts @AUVSI, uses gyrocopter principle for lift

On the crowded floor of the AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference – the biggest drone show in the world – it takes something pretty unusual to stop you in your tracks. But literally three minutes after getting on the exhibition floor, ...

The Buzz Podcast 20: Drone Interceptor, Mini 3 details, and more

Join Yifei and Seth for this week’s weekly round-up of news from the drone industry. Each week they discuss the top stories and pick a drone video of the week. Shop DJI, Autel, or other drone products on Amazon ...

GoPro Hero10 Bones: New High Definition Action Camera for small Cinema/FPV Drones

A brand new camera for FPV Drones from GoPro is about to hit the market. Called the Hero10 Black “Bones,” I was lucky enough to get an early production unit from GoPro for review. The short of it is ...

Drone pilot ordered to pay $37,000 fine for endangering military aircraft

A Singaporean man has been slapped with a $37,000 fine (S$51,000) for flying a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone unlawfully in September 2020. If he’s unable to pay the fine, the drone pilot will face a jail time of ...

This 16g open-source autopilot can make drones smarter, safer

ModalAI, a Blue UAS framework manufacturer of autonomous drone technology, says it has developed the world’s smallest and most advanced autopilot built in the USA. Weighing only 16 grams, ModalAI’s VOXL 2 is designed specifically for GPS-denied, autonomous drones ...

White House seeks to enlarge actors authorized to track and zap suspect drones

The Biden administration has asked Congress to dramatically expand the number of government and public agencies – from federal to local administrations ­– that are legally permitted to identify, track, and disable potentially malicious drones flying in US airspaces. ...

Auterion adds Drone Rescue Systems to its ecosystem

Open-source flight control specialist Auterion has taken another step in ensuring safe drone operation by adding a comparatively lower-tech, somewhat less-geeky asset to its ecosystem with Drone Rescue Systems’ autonomous parachute product. Less than a week after Auterion announced it had ...

Urban-Air Port opens first functional eVTOL vertiport for delivery drones and flying taxis

Urban-Air Port, the London-based developer of vertiports for delivery drones and electronic takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles like air taxis, has opened the doors of its first functional aerial hub – one of 200 terminals it plans to build ...

Lucid’s building cleaning drones gain IoT connectivity

Lucid Drone Technologies, a Charlotte, North Carolina–based startup that manufactures commercial spraying drones for cleaning external surfaces, is joining forces with T-Mobile for IoT connectivity and fleet management services. The news should excite property management and facility maintenance companies ...

Swoop Aero expands medical drone deliveries in Mozambique healthcare trials

Australian UAV logistics specialist Swoop Aero will begin expanding the range and frequency of its drone deliveries of medical supplies in Mozambique as part of the nation’s ongoing healthcare improvement and disease prevention program. Mozambique’s National Health Institute (INS) said ...


Ocean Alliance flying DJI M210 drones for aerial tagging of whales

Hextronics unveils docking station for DJI M300 RTK drone

DJI condemns use of its drones in the Russia-Ukraine war

DJI’s Active Track 5.0 on Mavic 3 gains ground on Skydio

Swoop Aero plans urban drone delivery network in New Zealand

Along with sharks, Aussie city wants drones to scan waters for deadly jellyfish

Zipline launches drone delivery of medical supplies in Japan with Toyota Tsusho 

This drone is made to catch other drones with a built-in net gun

Drone performance in Ukraine may force military strategy rethink

Drones to monitor sulfur emissions from ships over the Baltic Sea

Drone 3D modeling software SkyeBrowse slashes subscription cost by 20%

Auterion adds Spleenlab AI to its open-source drone modules

Eve and Thales partner to strengthen and speed eVTOL development

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone gets listed on Dutch retail site: All specs revealed

US sending drone boats for Ukraine port and coast defense

AeroVironment donates 100+ Quantrix Recon drones to Ukraine

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone European price leaks amid rumors of launch delay

This portable drone detection unit can be deployed anywhere in less than 30 mins

Ducklings rescued from a storm drain by police with help from a DJI Mini 2

FAA grants $4.4 million to seven universities for drone safety research

Everything we know about DJI’s Mini 3 so far

Iris Automation adds TruWeather tech to Casia G system

New site helps pilots, cops scan resale or use of stolen drones

Mixed reactions as drones follow players at USFL opening weekend

EU renews drone use to detect violations of ship emissions

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo falls to new low of $479 following $120 discount, more

Ukraine videos mock foreign tech in Russia’s Orlov-10 recon drones

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You don’t need to upload Skydio drone data manually to DroneDeploy anymore

DJI Mini 3 spotted in the wild; new RC photos also leak

Freefly Alta X drone added to Pentagon’s Blue sUAS 2.0 list

Germany funds research on using drones to service offshore wind farms

South African mining experts acquire underground drone maker Inkonova

Blueprint for integrating autonomous air taxis into the national airspace system

How much will the DJI Mini 3 cost?

DroneDJ Weekly: DJI responds to Mavic 3 GPS issues, Mini 3 video leaks, and more

GoPro strips down Hero10 camera so FPV drone pilots won’t have to

DJI Inspire 3: What we know from leaks and rumors so far

EHang receives its largest-ever order for passenger air taxis in Asia

Crashed prototype drone turns out to be DJI’s long-awaited Inspire 3

Leaker says DJI Mini 3 could be released by April 28

DJI Mic is now available to buy, but delivery may take almost 2 months

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Gremsy announces PE line of plug-and-play camera gimbals for open drone ecosystems

Tesla opens Texas Gigafactory with drone show at ‘CyberRodeo’ event

Partnership makes DroneShield drone threat maps crisper than ever

Regulatory breakthrough allows Percepto drones to fly BVLOS without onsite observers

Percepto earns first BVLOS waiver in Europe for autonomous drone inspections

Percepto autonomous inspection drones approved to fly BVLOS in Australia

Second FAA BVLOS drone operations waiver for Iris Automation

DJI acknowledges continued Mavic 3 GPS issues, states fix to come ‘within the next two months’

Autel expands Dragonfish range in US with Lite, Pro drone models

Autel’s Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+ is here but it might not be ready

vHive raises $25M to enable commercial drones to digitize complex field assets with ease

Massive video leak reveals four major DJI Mini 3 drone features

DroneDJ Weekly: Mavic 3 still suffering from GPS bug, Mini 3 leaks, drone parachutes, and more

UK wants to raise drone safety awareness with a photography competition

Of rolling hills and snow-covered railways: UK drone pilots deliver award-winning shots

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