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1. Lead-In Parts

EdrawMax is an drawing platform that allows maximum easy and efficient diagramming. Not only this, but it has also taken chart production to a pro level with its range of various tools. Did you know that the maximum number of tools, the easier and quicker it is to draw? EdrawMax is the best example of it. That means this program offers the maximum number of tools to make chart production and diagramming handy and quick for you.

Plus, a bonus factor is that it is free diagram software. It provides a user-friendly environment with countless built-in templates. All these services are free of cost and in your hand with just one click. Unlike other drawing software, you don’t need to be a pro to use this software because it has a wide range of templates. It offers more than 5000 templates of flow charts, bubble diagrams, home décor templates, and organizational charts that are essential and interactive as well. It definitely is a win-win software.

2. Edrawmax: Multiple Features To Use

EdrawMax offers a lot of features, and that too just for free. It is free diagramming software with various shapes and designs that are needed for any project.

edrawmax, review, the, best, diagram, software
(Photo : EdrawMax)

Starting from 2002, it has reached 2022 with advantageous evolutions. With the passage of time, it has earned a good name among its users because of its dynamic transitions. Currently, it offers several features making it an ideal choice for you.

  • Multi-Project Program

EdrawMax does not limit its users in their projects. Its wide range of templates gives a multi-project facility for diagramming from flow charts to bubble diagrams or organizational charts. It also has a wide variety of symbols and shapes.

  • User-Friendly Exposure

Wondershare cares for its customers, thus providing easy-to-use software. You can access a variety of features within just one software. It is designed exactly according to its customer’s needs.

  • General Public Usage Compatible:

EdrawMax does not target a specific audience that is pro in drawing. Every individual can use this software comfortably without any expertise. All thanks to its easy-to-use tools with a variety of built-in features.

  • Ready-Made Template Collection

Users can easily use this free diagramming software without any experience or expertise. The credit goes to its ready-made template collection. Ready-made templates allow you to edit them just the way you want and like. This way, you can get the most suitable design for your project.

  • Universal Diagram Format Conversions

EdrawMax can share and convert your designs in 14 formats without hassle. It helps you become more dynamic with this conversion feature. You won’t need to look for other software to convert your designs into other programs like MS word. This free software gives you complete control of your projects.

  • Highest Customization Ability

EdrawMax is a software with multiple features that allows you to customize according to your choice. It gives you easy access to various editable components. So you can make your own designs comfortably. It has 2500+ symbols in its library; if that’s not enough, you can customize them and save them in your library for future use.

  • Evolving With The Market

Wondershare has made this customer-friendly software, keeping in view the latest trends. It is quite dynamic in its working. It keeps transitioning with the newest market trends to help its users produce quality products. This way, it is always leading its competitors in the market.

A recent example of its up-to-date work is its new UI feature. The new technology has a unique distinction for customers by making everything in the interactive and visible range.

Furthermore, a few months ago, it launched a mini toolbar to provide easy access to tools instead of opening the whole toolbar to select just one tool. This feature was so handy and trouble-free that it quickly became popular among its users.

3. Price Package

Nowadays, everything comes with various, especially if it has multiple features. But this free software offers a wide range of designs, templates, charts, symbols, and shapes for free. You can make several charts and designs for free. It has various layouts and customization facilities and offers you hundreds and thousands of designs without any charges.

But if you want to go extremely pro with this software, you can purchase its premium features. It also allows you to work individually as well as in a team. It offers additional features like multiple format exports and premium cloud services for quite reasonable prices.

    The individual plan costs just around $99/year.

    The team plan has an initial cost of $505.75/year.

    Last but not least, the educational plan costs $62/semi-annual or $85/year.

4. How Does Edrawmax Work?

EdrawMax allows you to draw designs anytime with great ease. With this software, you can even easily make your complex. And it will take only a few minutes. Let us go through the steps of creating a diagram in this program.

    Now that you have chosen this software, the first step is downloading it and registering an account. For this purpose, search EdrawMax official website from your browser. Click on the free download option. Your download will start. You can also download macOS for iMac. After downloading the software, the next step is to register your account. Open the software and make an account using your email address. After that, log in to benefit from its features.

    The next step is to start making a diagram. You can customize your own design by clicking on the New option.

You can also use a ready-made design by going to the templates from the library. You will find thousands of templates to choose from. Just click on the Templates button from the options menu.

    Now customize the design according to your choice. This software offers a diverse range of custom tools. You can add, replace, remove, and edit the components of any design by your will.

    The last step is to export and share your final project. You’ll have two choices now. You can either export it in the personal storage room of your PC or the community.

You can also publish your design as a template to allow others users to use it. Just click on the Publish button in the top right corner.

5. Why Choose Edrawmax?

We cannot deny the fact that EdrawMax offers countless better features than any other software. Here are some reasons to choose this free diagramming software.

edrawmax, review, the, best, diagram, software
(Photo : EdrawMax)

    Super easy to use-it allows every person to use complex tools without any expertise. Even if you are a beginner and know nothing about designing, this software will assist you ideally in your projects.

    This software is customer oriented; it has done its best to help its customers work hassle-free. Some examples include features like editable templates, customized symbols, mini toolbars, etc.

    It also allows you to share your designs on other social platforms, even if they don’t support .eddx files.

    Last but not least, its key feature is its safest cloud service. It keeps your design safe and sound no matter what. It gives the customers a sense of ease and comfort.

6. Final Thoughts

EdrawMax is quite a useful and easy-to-use tool with various features and designs. The Wondershare experts kept their customer’s comfort in mind while making this tool, which is why it is so popular among its users.

It offers accuracy and safety for your designs with its automatic saving feature. All its beneficial features are promising its current success and future demand.


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