Why The New BMW i7 Will Be The First Proper Luxury Electric Sedan

Sharing platforms with the ICE 7 Series was a more logical move for the brand. The upcoming BMW i7 will soon be launched as the Bavarian brand's flagship all-electric sedan but unlike the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Audi E-Tron GT, this ...

Tesla Has A New Problem In California

This time, the issue is self-driving. Go anywhere in California and you're bound to see a Tesla Model 3 within minutes. The entire lineup is extremely popular in the Golden State. The Freemont factory also served as Tesla's headquarters, but ...

Mercedes Will Soon Make Its Own EV Powertrains

The decision will require a hefty investment from Daimler. The recently revealed Mercedes-Benz EQXX concept gave the world a glimpse into the Stuttgart-based brand's hopes for the future of electric mobility. With a claimed range of more than 625 miles ...

Here's How A Tesla Would've Handled Virginia's Icy Traffic Jam

Unprecedented traffic jam raised questions about EVs in chilly weather. A recent traffic jam in Virginia left people stranded in the freezing cold for nearly 24 hours, confined to their cars in order to keep the freezing temperatures at bay. ...

Tesla Model X: Watch the SUV do a 'Celebratory Dance' in an Indian garage [Video]

The Tesla Model X has taken the whole automotive world by a surprise. The full-electric cars have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and can even leave behind supercars behind them in drag races. Tesla is highly awaited to ...

Home-made Honda Activa Electric Scooter shows the power of Jugaad [Video]

The Honda Activa is the most popular scooter in the country today. With thousands of these scooters hitting the new roads every day, standing out from the rest of the other Activas on the streets is quite hard. However, a ...

6 new Kia cars coming to India: SP, Premium hatch, sub-4 meter suv, premium syv (tucson level), grand carnival mpv and niro electric vehicles

South Korean carmaker Kia has an extremely aggressive plan set for India as it looks to settle into the India car market at a rapid pace. According to a report by Carwale, Kia Motors plans to launch a new car ...

Can you trust Tesla's autopilot system blindly: We explain [Video]

The name Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles and innovations in the modern world. The US based company, founded by Elon Musk, was also in news lately due to the reshuffling of its top brass, which included Founder and ...

Kid strays onto the main road in an electric car, and gets RESCUED by police officials in Vijayawada

Underage driving is a major nuisance in India that also causes a lot of accidents on the Indian roads. However, in this bizarre incident, a five-year-old was stopped by cops when he took his electrified mini car on the public ...

Hyundai Kona EV SUV India Review [VIDEO]

Electric vehicles have been the centre of debate in the Indian automotive industry lately. While we open-heartedly welcome the shift to EVs over ICE (internal combustion engines), a lot of groundwork is still left to be done. This includes uniform ...

Lexus Gives New Meaning To Luxury Offroading

Two new concepts show the Japanese carmaker has an adventurous side. Traditionally seen as a bit of an old-folk brand, Lexus has been clawing back a bit of cool in recent years, and its current model lineup, although decidedly premium, ...

Korean EV Start-Up Edison Buys Struggling SsangYong

The acquisition follows years of financial trouble for SsangYong. Since June 2020, majority stakeholder Mahindra & Mahindra has been seeking to unload its 75% stake in forlorn left-field carmaker, SsangYong. The Indian company rescued the Korean carmaker, then on the ...

Tesla Gets Its Own Road In Texas

Tesla really is taking over the Lone Star state. Harold Green Road in Travis County, Texas will soon be known as Tesla Road to aid the electric car maker in solidifying its presence in the area with its new Gigafactory, ...

Tesla reportedly fixes potentially deadly heat pump issue with software update

A few Tesla owners in extremely cold climates have been experiencing an issue that has resulted in the complete failure of the heating in their Telsa Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles. If this is a known issue ...

Pirelli Makes Special Rubber For Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

The model-specific tire improves not only performance but comfort too. When the Ford Mustang Mach-E was first revealed, fans of the Mustang nameplate were outraged for several reasons. Firstly, the revered model name would be affixed to a crossover – ...

The Joke Continues As Tesla Cybertruck Delayed Again

It's been pushed back again, but not far away enough for us to forget about it altogether. Production of the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed yet again; the electric pickup truck is now slated for initial production in early ...

China Goes Copying Mad With Latest Electric SUV

Latest Chinese carmaker looks west for design inspiration. Chinese carmaker Niutron has released the first official images of its debut model, the NV SUV. The mid-sized SUV is set to be offered as a pure electric vehicle or with a ...

Ford Smashes $100 Billion Market Cap

The Blue Oval has enjoyed a remarkable rise over the past couple of years. 2021 was undoubtedly a brutal year for the global economy, and ongoing supply issues, lockdowns, and the seemingly never ending semiconductor chip shortage played havoc on ...

Electric Drag Race: Tesla Model S Plaid Vs. Harley Davidson LiveWire

The Tesla sedan can beat almost any production car at the strip, but how does it fare against a bike? The Tesla Model S Plaid is one of the quickest production cars ever made, falling short only of the astonishing ...

Bollinger Ditches Customer Cars To Focus On Commercial

Its long-awaited EVs are going to be shelved for financial reasons. The past couple of years saw a craze in the electric vehicle industry as numerous startups mounted an assault on the Tesla Cybertruck. Rivian announced its R1T and R1S, ...

Rivian Takes Fight To Ford, Chevy And Ram With Unique Tailgate Step

The age of tailgate wars is upon us! Trucks have by and large not really evolved significantly over the last two decades. Sure, the chassis are stronger, there's more tech, and they can haul more, but when you buy a ...

Gridserve increases charging price due to spiralling energy costs

GRIDSERVE Electric Highway has said that due to unprecedented spiralling costs impacting the entire energy sector, it has had to increase pricing – and adopt a tiered approach depending on the power/location of the respective chargers. Pricing for Medium ...

Trial to decarbonise central London retail distribution

Volta Trucks has partnered with The Crown Estate and Clipper Logistics to decarbonise and consolidate deliveries into London’s world-famous Regent Street retailers. Set to launch as a trial in summer 2022, the electric Volta Zero will conduct zero-emission deliveries ...

TEASED: This Is Fisker's Top-Secret Electric Supercar

It looks nothing like the Ocean crossover. Fisker is hard at work getting ready to start production of its Ocean electric SUV later this year, a car that even the Pope will soon call his own. The Tesla Model Y ...

Watch Lordstown's EV Motors Shrug Off Punishment In Extreme Testing

“All the motors that came off the crash test vehicles still function.” Formed in 2018, electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors is a relatively new name on the automotive landscape. With a steadfast focus on electric pickup trucks, the Ohio-based company ...

Research shows lack of awareness of CAZ regulations

Latest research from Europcar Mobility Group UK highlights a worrying lack of awareness of Clean Air Zone regulations The findings from research commissioned by Europcar Mobility Group UK among 300 fleet managers across the country has been published in ...

Funding for technologies producing hydrogen from biomass

The government has launched a new programme to help develop technologies to produce hydrogen from sustainable biomass and waste, which can be used in industries like transport. Backed with £5 million in government funding, the new Hydrogen BECCS Innovation ...

Shell replaces fuel pumps with ultra-rapid charge points

Shell has opened its first EV charging hub in the UK in Fulham, London, where petrol and diesel pumps at an existing fuel station have been replaced with ultra-rapid charge points. This is the first time the company has ...

Dear Gearheads: It's Time To Show EVs Some Love

Yes, you can be a gearhead and love EVs. We do a lot of articles on EVs on this website. The reason for this is quite apparent. Almost every automotive manufacturer is going the EV route, and with us being ...

Polestar Aims To Boost Sales By 1,000%

You have to admire the ambition. Launching a new luxury car brand doesn't often lead to immediate sales success, but Swedish automaker Polestar is ready to face the uphill battle of becoming an established player. Polestar announced its global sales ...

New Study Reveals Most Americans Don't Want Electric Cars

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed are still interested in conventionally-powered cars. Electrified cars such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS have shown that there is a very strong demand for eco-friendly products in the global market but a recent study by ...

Best counties to live in for EV owners revealed

Buckinghamshire has been named the best place to own an EV- based on the number of public charging points available in the county, but the West Midlands tops the scale for the number of registered EVs. Reviewing local authority ...

Entrenched attitudes still exist towards electric vehicles

An electric vehicle attitude survey carried out by Aston University for EV salary sacrifice and fleet management specialist, Fleet Evolution, has revealed a high degree of misconceptions and driver ignorance around electric cars. The attitude survey, which went out ...

Pricing and specification for new Mercedes-Benz eVito announced

The next level, fully electric Mercedes-Benz eVito is now available for order by UK customers, with production and first deliveries starting in March. The new panel van offers 162-mile range. Its 66 kWh lithium-ion battery can be restored to ...

New Battery Tech Promises To Quintuple EV Range

Recycled from Kevlar, nanofibers used in a biomimetic design helps solve longevity issues. As electric vehicles become increasingly mainstream, the technology under the skin of these silent commuters is constantly improving. Take the elegantly styled Lucid Air, for instance. With ...

GMC Hummer EV's Naughty Trick Discovered By Engineers

They don't want owners doing this. The GMC Hummer EV truck (and upcoming SUV) is breaking new ground for General Motors. It's the first of many fully electric vehicles to utilize the Ultium architecture and battery technology. In many ways, ...

Maserati Announces Return To Motorsport

The iconic Italian marque is dipping its tires into electric open-wheel racing. While our excitement surrounding the Maserati MC20 is still alive and well, the Italian company has raised our heart rates by officially confirming that it will be throwing ...

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Completes Epic World Record

It was driven from the lowest accessible point in America to the highest. The Porsche Taycan is no stranger to breaking records. Late in 2020, the Taycan sedan found its way into the Guinness World Records book for completing the ...

Chevy Buyers Team Up To Avoid Silverado EV Dealer Markups

Together, they will try to end “market adjustments.” Due to supply chain shortages in the automotive industry, new and used car prices have skyrocketed in the past year and a half. Since most manufacturers are legally prohibited from selling directly ...

Congestion in capital cost London’s economy £5.1bn a year

Research conducted for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has revealed that traffic on the capital’s roads cost London’s economy £5.1bn a year, or £1,211 per driver Sadiq Khan has warned that unless efforts increase to deliver a green, ...


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