Trees call for help from birds and predatory insects

The ’cry for help’ was ’heard’ for the first time in the canopy of the Leipzig floodplain forest. Image: iDiv Chemical ’cry for help’ from trees verified in a natural habitat for the first time Life Trees emit scents ...

Climate crisis drives Mediterranean coral populations to collapse

A healthy population of Paramuricea clavata in the protected marine area of Scandola. Photo: Medrecover A new study led by teams of the Faculty of Biology , the Biodiversity Research Institute ( IRBi o) of the UB, and the ...

'Throwaway economy' thwarting climate goals: report

Researchers said national climate pledges to reduce emissions focus narrowly on fossil fuel use and ignore the mounting global appetite for stuff. Countries are neglecting the massive impact of the “throwaway” economy on planet-warming emissions, according to research published ...

Climate Change Forces Tiger Sharks to Move 250 Miles Up North, Become More Vulnerable to Commercial Fishing

A study led by researchers from the University of Miami (UM) found that tiger sharks are traveling 250 miles poleward due to warming oceans caused by climate change. MailOnline reported that the team has recorded the warmest water temperature on record over ...

Crypto Miner Convicted in Russia for Allegedly Stealing Power to Mint Digital Coins

A regional court has sentenced a man accused of illegally connecting his crypto farm to the grid to two years in prison. The decision comes as authorities in Moscow prepare to address the lack of proper regulations for cryptocurrency ...

Children to bear the burden of negative health effects from climate change

Summary: Study reports increased temperatures due to climate change will negatively affect both the general health and mental health of humanity. Children’s health will be most affected by climate change, researchers report. Source: UT Health Houston The grim effects that ...

The Brain and Climate Change

Summary: Increased heat stress as a result of global warming will have a detrimental effect on health and productivity, researchers warn. One major concern is the impact climate change will have on the health of multiple sclerosis patients, due to ...

Is Energy the Key to Alzheimer’s Disease?

Summary: Study identifies a link between how cells produce energy for brain function and a genetic mutation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Source: University of Adelaide A team of researchers at the University of Adelaide has found a link between the ...

The Role Of Water In Aerosol Climate Forcing

Atmospheric aerosols and their impact on Earth’s reflectivity. (Credit: NASA) We’re familiar with the role greenhouse gases play as the driving force behind climate change, through their absorption of longwave radiation and heating of the lower atmosphere. A lesser-known participant ...

4 ways to stop Australia’s surge in rooftop solar from destabilising electricity prices

Last year saw Australians install rooftop solar like never before, with 40% more installed in 2021 than in 2020. Solar system installations now make up 7% of the energy going into the national electricity grid. Alongside the greater uptake of ...

Sensitivity Of Glaciation In The Arid Subtropical Andes To Changes In Climate

Credit: Lauren Vargo Understanding the sensitivity of glaciers to changes in climate provides insight into the climatic drivers of past glaciations and helps us predict how glaciers and ice sheets may respond to future warming. The South American Andes are ...

Automate your lighting for less: Grab this 6-pack of dusk to dawn bulbs for $13

Automatic smart sensor bulbs turn on at night and off in the day so that you never have to think about lighting up your porch, patio or walkways.

Humans are adapting to climate change, but not quickly enough, according to new research

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The evidence is overwhelming: climate change is here, and with it come catastrophes, soaring costs, migration and now, in the face of reality, human adaptation. Across the globe, people are learning to live with a ...

'Rivers' in the sky likely to drench East Asia under climate change

With a warming climate, atmospheric rivers will likely bring record-breaking precipitation events to mountainous parts of East Asia such as the Japanese Alps, according to a new University of Tsukuba modeling study. Credit: University of Tsukuba It’s been becoming ...

Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with $60 off this Anker portable power station

Power up to six devices at once with this durable portable power station for just $200 right now at Amazon.

New style of arch bridge architecture shaped by nature

A mock-up of a constant stress arch on the University of Warwick campus. Credit: University of Warwick A new style of arch bridges that are more robust than ever and inspired by nature have been found by a researcher ...

Controlling complex systems with artificial intelligence

Credit: Shutterstock Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Frankfurt School have developed an artificial neural network that can solve challenging control problems. The self-learning system can be used for the optimization of supply chains and production processes as well ...

Nearly half of countries' shared fish stocks are on the move due to climate change, prompting dispute concerns

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Climate change will force 45 per cent of the fish stocks that cross through two or more exclusive economic zones to shift significantly from their historical habitats and migration paths by 2100, a challenge that ...

Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Climate change will limit where the Winter Olympics can be held as winter changes across the Northern Hemisphere, according to a study by an international team of researchers led by the University of Waterloo. The ...

Remove micropollutants with granular activated carbon?

Filling granular activated carbon into a sand filter cell at the Furt-Bülach WWTP. (Photo: J. Fleiner) For the elimination of trace substances at wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), granular activated carbon (GAC) is also available as an alternative treatment option ...

A Project to Count Climate Crisis Deaths Has Surprising Results

Climate change is already killing people, but countries don’t have an easy way to count those deaths. A new project might change that.

Ash from Tonga volcano reaches record altitude but climate cooling unlikely

The Tonga volcanic eruption was the most powerful our planet has experienced in 30 years.

Disinfecting PPE for reuse, recycling

Returning to in-person experiences in February: for more information. Engineering prof Bill Anderson works with NZ researchers to reduce COVID-19 shortages, waste A professor at Waterloo Engineering collaborated with researchers in New Zealand on the development of a method to disinfect personal ...

Bloomberg funds city programs to build new urban solutions

This image provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies shows Darcy Tello, left, owner of Med City Installation, and her employee, Trevor Hatton-York, visiting a worksite in Rochester, Minn., on Oct. 29, 2021. Tello is part of a team of Rochester residents ...

Sponges can survive low oxygen and warming waters. They could be the main reef organisms in the future

Sponges are ancient marine animals, very common throughout the world’s oceans and seem less affected by ocean warming and acidification. Our latest research shows they can also survive low levels of oxygen. This is a surprising finding because most sponges ...

Sportswashing: how mining and energy companies sponsor your favourite sports to help clean up their image

Fossil fuel and carbon-intensive industries have an image problem. As awareness of their environmental impact grows, energy and mining companies in particular are desperate to maintain control over spiralling levels of public esteem. For decades, greenwashing has been a go-to ...

How Vulnerable Is European Seafood Production To Climate Warming?

Image by tunaogler via Pixabay is licensed under CC0 The world population increases at a rate of 1% every year. Today, we are 7 billion, and the world population will likely stabilize around 10 billion by 2050. Yet, how do ...

Adapting The Narrative Of Climate Change And Renewable Energy

“Lime Wind Energy Project” by the Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington via Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Energy. It’s more complicated than the single word can portray. After all, anything and everything that we do requires ...

Pricing Carbon, Valuing People: Ways To Optimize US Climate Policy

A new MIT Joint Program study shows how U.S. climate policies can be designed to cut carbon emissions without inflicting economic harm on low-income households and the nation as a whole. Credit: Amanda Griffiths/Climate XChange New research suggests ways ...

Evolution follows climate: Oaks adapted rapidly to climate change in the Anthropocene

Credit: INRAE, Corinne Enard The acceleration of global warming due to human activities has made the pace of tree evolution and adaptation a core concern of researchers and foresters. Researchers from INRAE, the ONF, the CEA and the universities ...

Amazon Smart Thermostat or Wyze Thermostat: Which budget model is the best?

Both smart thermostats cost less than 100 bucks, but some key things set them apart.

Laughing in the face of danger: how Netflix’s Don’t Look Up captures climate complexity

Taken from the February 2022 issue of Physics World. From 1 February members of the Institute of Physics can enjoy the full issue via the Physics World app. Laura Hiscott reviews the film Don’t Look Up, directed by Adam ...

Inciting instead of coercing, ’nudges’ prove their effectiveness

A team from the UNIGE demonstrates that certain soft incentive techniques, known as «nudges», are effective in getting people to change their behaviour. Nudges make it possible to act on the “architecture of choice” of individuals. (c) UNIGE  To get through challenges ...

Researchers use AI to analyze tweets debating vaccination and climate change

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Using artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have found that between 2007 and 2016 online sentiments around climate change were uniform, but this was not the case with vaccination. Climate change and vaccinations might share many of ...

Waves from the Tonga tsunami are still being felt in Australia – and even a 50cm surge could knock you off your feet

The eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai created a tsunami felt across the Pacific Ocean. This includes Australia, where small but measurable tsunami waves were still being recorded as late as Monday afternoon. These may even persist into ...

Climate change: Renewable energy to meet over 70 per cent of China’s additional power needs in next three years, says IEA

Renewable energy will meet over 70 per cent of China’s additional electricity demand in the next three years as coal’s role in powering the world’s second largest economy continues to decline, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest projection. ...

Investigating How The Indian Monsoon Impacts Climate On The Tibetan Plateau

“Skull in front of Tibetan Plateau” ( by Andrew and Annemarie (via Flickr) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 The Tibetan Plateau (TP), known as the “Third Pole” and the “world water tower”, hosts the largest ice mass outside ...

Could psychedelics help treat mental health and resolve the climate crisis?

Summary: Numerous recent studies claim psychedelics, such as psilocybin, can help treat a range of mental health problems from depression to PTSD. Researchers investigate how psychedelics can help us become more “nature-connected” and increase a sense of environmental responsibility. Source: ...

Green hydrogen is coming - and these Australian regions are well placed to build our new export industry

You might remember hearing a lot about green hydrogen last year, as global pressure mounted on Australia to take stronger action on climate change ahead of the COP26 Glasgow summit last November. The government predicts green hydrogen exports and domestic ...

‘Climate of the Hunter’ Review

Stars: Ginger Gilmartin, Mary Buss, Ben Hall, Sheridan McMichael, Danielle Evon Ploeger, Jacob Ryan Snovel, Laurie Cummings | Written by Mickey Reece, John Selvidge | Directed by Mickey Reece Writer/director Mickey Reece (Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart) has ...


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