Great Wall Motor’s first MPV model to compete with BYD’s Denza D9

great wall motor’s first mpv model to compete with byd’s denza d9

Great Wall Motor launched its first multi-purpose vehicle model, the Gaoshan (meaning “high mountain” in Chinese), on Wednesday as the automaker seeks to meet the growing demand from Chinese affluent and three-generation families for larger interior car spaces. The van will compete against BYD’s Denza D9 at a similar price range, with the latter being the second best-selling MPV model, either electric or gasoline-powered, in China last month, following the Buick GL8, according to figures from the auto services portal Dongchedi. The van utilizes a 1.5-liter high-performance petrol engine along with two electric motors, achieving a power output of up to 358 kW. It is four-wheel drive, meaning the engine powers all four wheels evenly. In comparison, the entry-level Denza D9 is front-wheel drive with a single motor and equipped with a turbocharged 1.5T engine that delivers a combined output of 221 kW. Rivals Zeekr and Voyah have also been selling similar offerings, while both Li Auto and Xpeng Motors are set to introduce their first MPV at the end of this year. [Great Wall Motor announcement, in Chinese]


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