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Next year will mark a decade since the release of the last GTA major title, and we are nowhere close to GTA 6’s official announcement. But that doesn’t stop us or any GTA leaker from coming up with potential release dates. So, we are here to answer the ever-brewing question of when is GTA 6 coming out. And this time, we have a specific release date that checks almost every box. Let’s find out how!

When Will GTA 6 Come Out (Updated August 2022)

At the moment, there is no official release date for Grand Theft Auto VI. But based on several patterns and leaks, we have narrowed down the speculations to a single release date or month. Use the table below to understand how we reached the conclusion or simply skip to the potential release date.

Rockstar Games Release Timeline

To get a realistic idea of GTA 6’s release date, let’s go over the release dates of other major gaming titles by Rockstar Games. TitleRelease DateGrand Theft Auto IIIOctober 22, 2001Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityOctober 29, 2002Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasOctober 26, 2004Grand Theft Auto IVApril 29, 2008GTA IV PCDecember 2, 2008Grand Theft Auto VSeptember 17, 2013GTA V PCNovember 18, 2014Red Dead Redemption 2October 26, 2018RDR 2 PCNovember 5, 2019GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive EditionNovember 11, 2021

As you might notice, Rockstar Games have released all its major games in the Fall months of each year. The only exception is GTA 4, which was released in April 2008. Leaving that aside, we have four titles in the last two weeks of October and three in November. Keeping that in mind, we expect to witness the release of GTA 6 in the final months of the upcoming years.

When Does GTA 6 Come Out

Une étape importante dans le développement de #GTA6 viendrait d’être atteinte. Les choses devraient s’accélérer (en interne chez Rockstar).Je pense qu’une (vraie) annonce en fin d’année peut être envisageable. Dans tous les cas, je ne vois pas le jeu arriver avant fin 2024 ! 😊

— Chris’ Klippel (@Chris_Klippel) March 11, 2022

At the moment, the most reliable idea of GTA VI’s release date we have is from Chris Klippel, a popular GTA leaker. Back in March, Klippel claimed that GTA 6 won’t release before the last months of 2024. This was later backed by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier in a separate Twitter thread, who expects a release date of late 2024 or early 2025.

With both these leaks and the previous release dates in mind, we expect GTA 6 to release in October or November of 2024. But, please keep in mind that we are merely speculating the date, and there is no official announcement yet.

GTA 6 Is Coming Out on Tuesday

Since the release of GTA Vice City, every GTA title has been released on a Tuesday. There is no reason to break the pattern with GTA 6 as well. Moreover, as reported in our overall GTA 6 guide, the game is supposedly based on GTA Vice City. So, if Rockstar Games truly want to pay tribute to the original title inspiring the future of the franchise, it’s best to set GTA 6 release date as October 29, 2024.

This date falls on a Tuesday and is also the 22nd anniversary of GTA Vice City. Moreover, it also remains within the speculated release timeline of all the major leaks around the next GTA title. But again, this is only speculation.

Speculated GTA 6 Release Date

With that, you now know everything about the GTA VI release date. All the leaks and our speculations can be accurate or slightly off from the actual release date, which is yet to be announced by Rockstar Games. But you just need to bookmark this page to find out the official release date of Grand Theft Auto as soon as it gets announced. But when do you expect GTA 6 to come out? Tell us in the comments!

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