The Chinese mobile phone market is the most sophisticated in the world. This is why it is the largest mobile phone market. China is not like the U.S. market where users buy mobile phones for “prestige”. In the U.S., it is either you use an iPhone or you got no prestige. China is not also like India where users buy mobile phones because of price. Once it is expensive, count the Indian mobile phone market out. In China, the device has to be good, and its price doesn’t matter much but the price-to-performance ratio does. Simply put, the mobile phone needs to be good enough for the price no matter how high. Looking at 2022 so far, we take a look at three popular models, The models are Honor 80 Pro, OPPO Reno9 Pro+, and vivo X90. These mobile phones have a price range between 3000 yuan ($430) to 4000 yuan ($574). 

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This article compares these popular mid-to-high-end new phones to see which has the best comprehensive performance. This could be used as a reference when purchasing a new mobile phone. 

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the mobile phone directly affect the daily grip feeling. After actual tests, the weights of the three mobile phones are as follows:

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news, phones, tech, android
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Among them, Honor 80 Pro wins with a weight of 189g. The Oppo Reno9 Pro+ follows with a weight of 204g while the Vivo X90 is last, weighing 214g.

The test also checks the thickness and width of these mobile phones. In terms of hand feel, from the results of a subjective blind test, the hand feel of Honor 80 Pro and Reno9 Pro+ is almost the same. They are comfortable and sleek to hold but the Honor X90 is not as sleek as the two. 

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The most recognizable feature in the design of the Honor 80 Pro is probably the dual lens design concept. The design adopts a twist which forms a striking number 8 figure. This gives the device an elegant appearance. While the color options are cool, the fusion of the shells improves the aesthetic perception to another level. The Oppo Reno9 Pro+ uses nano-scale gold silk glass technology, which can perfectly present natural texture and light perception. This is the special aspect of the design of this device. As for the Vivo X90, it uses a ribbon cloud scale and camera module / fluorite AG process. You can easily feel the the exquisite luster of the device especially under strong light. 


In terms of display hardware, the Vivo X90 is actuall better. It looks good and feels better, more delicate. The R-angle design of the screens of the three mobile phones is very brilliant. The bezels are very narrow, making it difficult to distinguish between them.

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In addition, thanks to the blessing of high-frequency PWM dimming, the screen flicker control of the three mobile phones is good in dark environments. Oppo Reno9 Pro+ and Vivo X90 benefit from 2160Hz high-frequency PMM dimming performance, which can effectively reduce eye fatigue at night.


In terms of their chips, all three mobile phones come with an upgrade. While the Honor 80 Pro and Oppo Reno9 Pro+ upgrades to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, the Honor X90 uses the Dimensity 9200 processor. At this price, the three players are top-notch. However, from tests, the Honor 80 Pro has the the best overall performance, especially the temperature and power consumption control.

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Software and system

The system OS is the soul of a mobile phone, and it directly affects the user experience. The importance is self-evident. The three mobile phones have their own systems which are different from each other. 

The Honor MagicOS 7.0 system focuses on improving the scene-based life service experience. These scenes are closely related to our life and work, and at the same time realize active smart services. In terms of smart services, Honor’s YOYO suggests that scenarios such as subway rides, health codes, check-in, payment, pick-up, and movie viewing have more advantages than ColorOS13 and OriginOS 3. Honor’s YOYO system is almsot the same as Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

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In terms of smart interconnection, Honor has more advantages in keyboard and mouse sharing, notification sharing, call sharing, control center, card collection, etc., basically on the same level as HarmonOS. 

The biggest highlight of ColorOS13 that the Reno9 Pro+ uses is the launch of the self-developed system-level computing center-ColorOS supercomputing platform. We have optimized the memory management that we are most concerned about. Now, the killion of background apps is now much better.

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The Vivo X90 comes with OriginOS 3 developed based on Android 13. It mainly polishes the bottom layer of the system, deeply optimizes the intelligent computing center and Linux bottom layer scheduling, and adds memory fusion technology. The official claims that it can achieve 48 months of anti-aging effect.

From the perspective of experience, ColorOS13 and OriginOS 3 have solved the basic needs of users, and MagicOS 7.0 has gone a step further after the previous generation of Magic UI 6.0 solved the above pain points, and has comprehensively improved the user’s smart experience.


The Honor 80 Pro comes with a 160MO ultra-clear main camera and can obtain more picture details in the same scene, and it is still clear after zooming in. In the high-pixel mode, details such as buildings and text can be seen at a glance, and they are preserved to the greatest extent. The resolution brought by 160MP sensor is indeed excellent.

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After zooming in, the proofs of Reno9 Pro+ and X90 have been attenuated to varying degrees, and a lot of details have been lost. Of course, because the Honor 80 Pro high-pixel mode records 160MP of content, the resolution of the proofs has also increased, reaching about 30~50MB. As for the wide-angle and macro proofs, the Honor 80 Pro’s 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens also has more advantages. The image quality is much better than the other two phones.


The Vivo X90 comes with a 4810 mAh battery and this is the largest out of the three. The other two devices, Honor 80 Pro and Oppo Reno9 Pro+ comes with a 4800 mAh and 4700 mAh battery respectively.

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In actual measurement, the Honor 80 Pro battery performs better than the others, lasting for almost 10 hours. The Vivo X90 with the largest battery performs the list. It can be seen that battery capacity is not the only factor that determines battery life. The power consumption of the chip and other components plays a huge role.

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OPPO Reno9 Pro+ and vivo X90 are two “half-brothers”. Their product orientation is more similar. At the hardware level, they have excellent screens, top chips, and faster charging. At the system level, ColorOS13 and OriginOS 3 are the main products. The are stable, long-lasting and smooth, it can be used for a long time without getting stuck.

Honor 80 Pro is a good interpretation oriented by the needs of Honor users. For the adjustment of Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, it has more prominent imaging capabilities and AI Vlog experience, and after the previous generation of Magic UI 6.0 solved the basic requirement of stability and smoothness. Magic OS 7.0 demonstrates powerful smart function experience, active smart service awareness and cross-platform flow experience. As for which of the three mobile phones is better, you may wish to write in the comment area. So, which one do you prefer?

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