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After inserting an image on Google Docs, you may want to alter it or work around the image using various editing options from the toolbar. Google Docs has an inbuilt image editing option that allows users to take control of the image and change its perspective per their needs.

It helps users integrate the best edit that suits their document file.. The editing option is limited to a very basic level — it allows edits ranging from repositioning the picture to adding and adjusting the border in the picture.

So, through the guide below, we will help you understand various editing options and show you the methods to use them.

How Can You Edit an Image in Google Docs?

There are many things you can do to an image in Google Docs. you can change the image’s position, size, color, adjustments, and bordering. The option to apply the necessary edit depends upon the user’s preference.

Resize an Image Size

Sometimes images may not fit appropriately in the file, or the existing image needs a resize to suit your style. You can easily change the width, width scale, height, and height scale, and even rotate the image as you desire. You can drag the resizing handle as you click the image and drag it as per your choice.

You can try the steps below if you need to resize the image with the proper aspect ratio.

  1. First, click the image.
  2. Select the Image options on the toolbar.
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  3. Pick the Size and rotation option.
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  4. Here, you can manually type the Width, Height, Width Scale, and Height Scale to adjust the image size. Or, you can click the up and down arrow to increase and decrease any of these options from their original size.
  5. Also, you can do the same with the Angle under Rotate.
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If you check the Lock aspect ratio, any change in Width will automatically adjust the Height of the image. It will always maintain the aspect ratio when the option is turned on.

Likely, you can select the Crop image icon in front of the Image options to crop the image. After that, you need to move the cursor to any black borders and drag it to where you want.

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Reposition an Image

You can position the image at your convenience using the Text Wrapping settings. Changing this particular aspect will allow the image to appear before, between, after, around, over, and under the text. 

You need to click on the image to access the Text Wrapping options. Under the image, you will see different options listed below.

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  • In Line: Selecting this option will align your text and the image. Any change in the text will move the image likewise.
  • Wrap Text: This option will cover the text around your image. You can click and move the image freely, and the text around the image will shift left and right with it.
  • Break Text: Using this option, the text will cover the image, but the text will appear over and underneath the image.
  • Behind Text: As the name suggests, the image will shift behind the text. You can move your image anywhere and type over it.
  • In Front of Text: It is exactly opposite to the Behind Text option. The image will move in front, covering all the text.

You can make further changes to the Text Wrapping feature by heading to the Text wrapping menu. For that, select Image options > Text wrapping. Here you can select the wrap side and image distance from the text.

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Re-colour an Image

Using this option, you will get to use different inbuilt color filters on your image. You get a total of 23 different color options to try out and apply to your picture.

  1. Open the Image options menu.
  2. Then, select the Re-colour option.
  3. Now, select the drop-down menu and select your desired color option.
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Also, you can choose No colour to change the picture to its original color.

Adjust an Image

You can use the Adjustment option to alter your image’s transparency, brightness, and contrast in Google Docs.

  1. Click on the image and head to the Image options.
  2. Pick the Adjustments option.
  3. You will see a slider beneath Transparency, Brightness, and Contrast; drag it to increase or decrease these options on your picture.
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Once you make adjustments to the picture, you can also select Reset and get the original picture.

Add and Adjust the Border on an Image

You can also add a border around your image and make it more appealing. You can further select the border type, width, and color.

  1. Click the image.
  2. Look for the Border edit section on the toolbar. You will find it between the Alignment and Crop image icon.
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  3. You can click the following options:
    • Border Dash: Add a border of your choice. You will get three options, solid, dots, and dash lines.
    • Border Weight: Change the size/ width of the selected border.
    • Border Colour: Choose the border color.

Other Options

When you play with the image and make various changes to it, likely, some changes may feel inappropriate. Also, sometimes, you may need to replace the image and add a new one. So, you can learn the process to undo or redo an edit, reset the image, or replace the image from the section below.

Undo/ Redo an Edit

This feature helps a lot when applying numerous changes to a picture. It removes the pressure of going around with every edit as you can undo or redo any editing change until you refresh the page.

  1. With the image selected, you can press the CTRL + Z keys on the keyboard or click the Back arrow icon on the toolbar’s left side to undo a change.
  2. Likely, press the keyboard’s CTRL + Y buttons or the Front arrow icon to redo any change.
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Reset Image

There is also the Reset image option to roll back every edit made to the picture. It means that when you click this option, all the edits will be removed from the picture, and you will get the image’s original state. All you need to do is,

  1. Click the image. 
  2. Select the Reset image icon between the Crop image icon and Image options.
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Replace an Image

If you feel the uploaded image is out of place, you can delete it by pressing the keyboard’s Delete button, or you can try replacing it.

  1. Select the image you want to replace.
  2. Then, select the Replace image option from the toolbar beside the Image options.
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  3. After that, you will see the list of options. Select the one you prefer.


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