Indonesian startup Mimin expands Generative AI services to Malaysia and Singapore

indonesian startup mimin expands generative ai services to malaysia and singapore

Mimin, the Indonesian platform enabler revolutionizing customer service through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chat, has announced its expansion into Malaysia and Singapore.

Recognizing the widespread reliance on messaging applications, especially WhatsApp, for various business activities in these neighboring countries, Mimin has rapidly gained traction, the firm said in recent statement.

It said that in less than two months, the firm has onboarded over 20 clients in Singapore and Malaysia across diverse industrial sectors.

In addition to the promising market potential, Mimin’s expansion into Singapore and Malaysia has been driven by strategic partnerships established in these two countries.

These collaborations have enabled Mimin to gain a deeper understanding of local needs and preferences.

For instance, in Malaysia, Mimin has partnered with telecommunications operators to reach clients on a professional enterprise scale, and marketing agencies to connect with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This synergy with local partners enhances Mimin’s ability to cater to the specific requirements of the market effectively.

The firm is currently serving over 55,000 businesses across 20 provinces and 55 cities in Indonesia.

“So far, Mimin’s expansion into Malaysia and Singapore has yielded positive outcomes,

“For instance, our business growth has surged by 100 percent each month in Malaysia,” said Joseph Simbar, its Chief Executive Officer.

According to him, the client acquisition cycle has proven to be notably smoother, particularly in Malaysia, where businesses predominantly rely on chat platforms for sales.

“Our strategy to collaborate with various channel partners in Malaysia and Singapore has enhanced our adaptability, enabling us to offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of each local market,” he added

Mimin is an AI-based platform offering solutions such as chat commerce automation and order management for businesses to streamline various activities, ranging from chat commerce and marketing to customer engagement and generative AI-powered chatbots.

With Mimin, sellers can effortlessly input orders via WhatsApp, generating automatic invoices and payment confirmations.

This streamlined approach accelerates order processing by 70 percent while ensuring accuracy.

To drive business growth to new heights, Mimin provides chat commerce solutions driven by Generative AI technology.

Generative AI, often referred to as Gen-AI, represents artificial intelligence systems with the capability to generate fresh content in a variety of formats and effectively engage in conversations.

Mimin leverages cutting-edge technology from OpenAI and Google Vertex to create Gen-AI-powered chatbots.

Traditionally, Gen-AI has been utilized for internal business purposes such as content creation, summarization, or analysis.

However, Mimin recognizes the substantial potential of Gen-AI in enhancing customer service for businesses.

Consequently, Mimin has launched Gen-AI-based chatbots that operate 24/7, allowing customers to engage in transactions at their convenience.

“Many businesses have adopted chatbot technology,

“However, until now, chatbot systems have struggled to provide an interactive and human touch because most are designed to respond to specific conversation scripts,” Simbar said.

With Mimin’s Gen-AI-based chatbot system, he said the firm has successfully crafted business conversations that are more fluent, intelligent, and interactive, without feeling overly rigid.

“Utilizing this chatbot system can save up to 30 percent in customer service costs,

“So far, 90 percent of Mimin’s clients express satisfaction with the interactive capabilities of our Gen-AI conversations,” he added.

It is noted that Gen-AI implementation enables businesses to respond promptly to customer inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Mimin’s system also provides product recommendations, akin to a knowledgeable assistant, aiding businesses in boosting sales by offering products aligned with customer preferences.

The advanced system ensures smooth transactions, minimizing human errors, and allowing businesses to handle multiple orders simultaneously.

Automatic updates on pricing, stock levels, and other essentials further simplify business operations.

Simbar emphasized that in the rapidly evolving landscape of modern AI technology, businesses that do not embrace AI solutions risk falling behind their competitors.

“Gen-AI-based solutions like Mimin’s chat commerce not only save costs, manpower, and time but also elevate the customer experience significantly,” he said.


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