Meet the Speakers: TrustBridge Forum on Bridging Trust and Value for a Connected Digital Future

The TrustBridge Forum, scheduled for November 15, 2023 at the prestigious Park Avenue Changi Hotel in Singapore will have an exciting agenda and lineup of speakers. The forum is dedicated to exploring the synergies between AI and Web3, focusing on the pivotal role of trust and value creation in our exponentially evolving digital world.

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Opening remarks by Geoff Jiang(蒋国飞), Senior Vice President of Ant Group, CEO of Ant Group Digital Technologies

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

Jiang Geoff leads the digital technology business group as the President at Ant Group Digital Technologies business group, which focuses on delivering digital technology products and solutions to customers as one of the four business operation groups at Ant Group. Mr. Jiang has led thousands of engineers, product managers, and businessmen to work on technology innovation, develop technology products and solutions, and create the brand new technology business group with multiple billion annual revenues for Ant.

Prior to joining Ant Group in February 2017 as vice president, Mr. Jiang studied and worked in the United States for nearly 20 years. From June 2004 to February 2017, he worked at NEC Laboratories America and successively served as senior researcher, department head, and vice president where he developed myriad innovative tech products and solutions in fields such as IoT, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer security and software-defined networking, earning him many industrial innovation awards.

Mr. Jiang has published over 160 academic papers at top international conferences or journals, winning “Best Research Paper Awards” at top conferences. He also holds more than 100 patents. He obtained a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in July 1993 and June 1998, respectively. He was also a post-doctorate fellow at Dartmouth College in the United States from August 1998 to August 2001.

Keynote: “Open Innovation and Collaboration” by Yan Meng, Co-founder of SFT Labs & Solv Protocol

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

Mr. Yan MENG is a Co-CEO and a co-founder of Solv Protocol. He is also one of the initiators and authors of the ERC-3525 token standard, the first token standard for Semi-fungible Tokens. ERC-3525 tokens are highly flexible, and efficient, and can represent advanced digital assets, financial instruments, and general-purpose digital contracts. Solv Protocol is building the infrastructure for creating, managing, and trading ERC-3525 tokens. Solv Protocol is backed by renowned industry leaders including Binance, Blockchain Capital, Sfermion, Gumi, IOSG, Spartan Group, and more.

Mr. Meng is a high-profile blockchain expert, evangelist, and consultant in the Chinese-speaking blockchain community. He was also the Deputy Director of the Chinese Institute of Digital Assets and a Consultancy Expert of the China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance. Best known for his original work in tokenomics and digital asset study, he provided training and consulting services to many well-known industry leaders, including Tencent, Lenovo, FAW, Binance, and Huobi.

Before stepping into the blockchain industry, Mr. Meng worked for IBM as a senior manager in Strategic Communications, directly supporting the Chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China Group. In China, he led and participated in the strategy design and landing of IBM Smarter Planet, Cognitive Business, and Blockchain initiatives, and received multiple corporate and industry-wide awards.

Keynote: The Next Step of Web3 Infrastructure by Ying Yan, Chief Scientist of Antchain Open Labs

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

The Chief Scientist of AntChain Open Labs, Dr. Ying Yan is taking the leadership of the core technology of Blockchain platform team from AntGroup. She is also an expert of the Blockchain Entrepreneurship Institute, on the Committee of Blockchain Experts of China Software Industry Association.

Dr. Ying was named as Forbes China’s Top 50 Women in Tech in 2019. She used to serve as the

lead researcher and the head of the Blockchain at Microsoft Research Asia. She has a number of international patents and over 100 patent applications in the Blockchain field. She has published more than 30 papers at top international conferences and journals on databases and cloud computing. She was the Editor-in-Chief of “Ethereum: Detailed Explanations and Practices” and the author of the “Development Guide for Blockchain Projects.”

Panel: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web3 Transition

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

Terrence Hooi, Co-founder & CEO, Singular Global

Terrence Hooi is a serial entrepreneur with experience in building institutional-grade Crypto Exchanges capable of 2 million orders per second and Decentralized Finance for institutions. Terrence has significant experience building Decentralized Finance platforms with nearly 10 years in Hedge Fund investing and an additional 5 years experience in FX products, derivatives, and investment platforms. His latest Mobile-Centric DeFi platform Singular has a mission of building a global, open financial system that drives innovation and freedom and has won the following awards including Bold Awards ‘20 Europe, Top 10 Fintech Startup, APAC, StartupWorldcup Regional Top Winner ‘22 and Alibaba Cloud Innovation Awards ‘22 & ORIGIN Web 3 Top Disruptor ‘22.

Arthur Tan, Chief Marketing & Head of Investor Relations, TPay

Arthur Tan is a dynamic and impassioned speaker and a serial entrepreneur with a rich 15-year entrepreneurial journey driven by a steadfast ambition to make a global impact by enhancing lives across the world. Presently, he holds the esteemed positions of Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Investor Relations at TPay, which is pioneering the transformation of financial landscapes, bridging the gap between traditional markets and the Web 3 ecosystem by providing comprehensive banking solutions.

Arthur delved into the crypto space as an investor in 2018. Realizing the potential of decentralized technologies, he transitioned from traditional finance and co-founded Metapac Group, an eminent ASEAN venture builder firm. This visionary initiative has evolved into an expansive ecosystem, comprising 100+ global companies. His insightful expertise has earned him invitations to esteemed conferences such as ETH Vietnam, Taipei Blockchain Week, Singapore Blockchain Fest, Bangkok Tech Investment Show, Hong Kong WOW Summit, Incheon Glitch, and Digital Investment Show.

Arthur is a celebrated TV presenter and host having graced over 500 live events spanning 13 years, alongside notable appearances in TV dramas and reality shows.

Zhexin Wan, Head of Research, Ample FinTech

ZHEXIN WAN was fully involved in the Project DESFT announced by partner Solv Foundation at the Singapore FinTech Festival, in collaboration with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank of Ghana.

Project DESFT aligns with the open strategies of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank of Ghana in the field of inclusive FinTech. The project aims to promote trusted digital credentials tokenization on blockchain for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in developing countries. This approach is designed to support MSMEs in participating in international trade while gaining access to efficient, accurate, and affordable financial services.

Paolo Rentero, Co-Founder and Director, TechShake

Paolo Rentero, a distinguished entrepreneur, co-founded TechShake to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and foster effective corporate innovation in the Philippines. They initiated the global Ignite Innovation Conference in 2017, bringing together stakeholders in the ecosystem worldwide. He’s also the co-founder of Digiteer, a software development company aiding startups and conglomerates alike. As Nexplay’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Paolo leads in the facilitation of valuable alliances in multiple industries, such as esports, influencer marketing, digital media, and startups. His passion for innovation and excellence has made him a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, shaping the future of technology-driven businesses.

Keynote: Reshaping the Finance Industry with Pioneering AI Applications, by  Derrick Loi, General Manager of International Business, Ant Group Digital Technologies

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

Derrick Loi is the General Manager of International Business, Ant Group Digital Technologies. He has 25 years of experience in fintech, AI-based regtech/risk control, cloud computing, enterprise data center, data security, data protection, customer success, and managed services in Asia Pacific and global markets. Mr. Loi had 8+ years in SingTel, part of the team for NCIC/SPARK, SingTel EBG and PMO Director who built the 1st iteration of the Singapore Govt Cloud (GCC).

Derrick graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) and an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA). He also holds various industry certifications in cloud computing from AWS, Azure, and data security. Previously, he was the Product General Manager of Microsoft Azure, Apps & Infra for Asia.

Keynote: Unlocking the potential of RWA in Web3, by ZHANG Chenguang, Head of Product, ZAN

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

ZHANG Chenguang is the Head of Product at ZAN. He once served as GM of the AI platform at Megvii Technology, oversaw the product and engineering team of the AI (deep learning) training platform, inference platform, vector database and data mining platform. He graduated from the Computer Science Department of Tsinghua University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Panel: The Fintech Landscape in 2030

meet the speakers: trustbridge forum on bridging trust and value for a connected digital future

James Tan, Managing Partner, Quest Ventures

James Tan is Managing Partner at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital fund in Asia. Prior to this, James was co-founder and COO of 55tuan, a NASDAQ listed e-commerce group that grew to more than 200 cities and 5,000 employees across China.

Genping Liu, Venture Partner, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India

Genping Liu joined Vertex Ventures in 2010. He covers Southeast Asia on industry sectors including fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, internet/mobile, and enabling technologies.

He is passionate and knowledgeable about frontier technologies such as cryptocurrency. He was a Columnist for The Business Times’ monthly column, Crypto Watch featuring crypto investing from a venture capitalist’s perspective. Genping sits on the board of many of Vertex Ventures SSA&I’s portfolio companies such as Nium and Validus works closely with founders on the companies’ strategies including fundraising, recruitment, and market penetration.

Genping has a diversified set of experience working with startups & multinational companies in various sectors including internet, electronics (batteries), telecom, and investment banking. He started his career with a product manager role at Motorola Electronics Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and MBA from University of California – Los Angeles.

Helen Wong, Managing Partner, AC Ventures

Helen Wong is a Managing Partner at AC Ventures (ACV), an early-stage, Indonesia-focused technology venture capital fund. ACV manages five funds with an AUM of over US$500M and a portfolio of more than 120  businesses invested in the past eight years. The firm has led investments into Stockbit, Xendit, Shipper, Carsome and more.

She was ranked one of China’s top 25 female VCs and top 100 investors by  Forbes magazine. Helen is a venture capitalist with a strong track record (over 20 years of experience), as she was part of the founding team at GGV Capital, and served as a Partner at Qiming Ventures.

Helen started her career in Silicon Valley/US, then moved to China, and now covers Southeast Asia.  She led investments in Akulaku and Reddoorz in SE Asia and has served the boards of high-profile Chinese internet companies. She has had 10 exits (7 IPOs and 3 M&As) among her portfolio companies including Tudou and QuantaSing on NASDAQ, Buchang on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Mobike (acquired by Meituan).

Helen graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, obtained her MBA from INSEAD, and is also a Kauffman Fellow. She also has an EMBA degree from Cheung Kong GSB.

Josh Zhang, Partner, TechNode

Mr. Josh Zhang is the partner at TechNode and also serves as the managing director of Syrius, a prominent AMR robot company in Singapore. He is a pioneer in China’s incubation industry. From 2017 to 2022, he held the position of chief strategy officer and executive partner at Ucommune and also co-founded TheNode Innovation Center in 2013 together with Dr. Lu Gang.

Prior to venturing into incubation, Mr. Zhang was the Director of the APEC China Business Council, a prestigious business community initiated by the Central Chinese Government. In this role, he oversaw significant business projects within the APEC framework in China and played a pivotal role in the preparation of the ‘2014 APEC China Year’ in collaboration with key government ministries.

Before his involvement with APEC, Mr. Zhang worked as the Assistant of External Affairs for the Chairman at Alibaba. During his time at Alibaba, he successfully facilitated e-business cooperation between Alibaba and various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, he co-founded a mobile startup company in the early 2010s and worked on IPO projects in the banking industry for Ernst & Young in 2005 and 2006.

Mr. Zhang serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Beijing Youth Entrepreneurs Association from 2019. He is also a member of a democratic party in China and actively participates in shaping policies and regulations in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship of China. He holds a master degree from the National Development Institute at Peking University and has authored a translated book titled “Maker Space: Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City.”


Register now to reserve your spot for this exclusive event. Please note that all registrations are subject to approval by the host.


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