Lofree mechanical keyboards have a charm of their own. They boast stunning and retro-finish with day-to-day products. In fact, Lofree is one of those brands which are mainly known for its unique design approach. Experts from Mechkeys rcently took a look at their famous EH112S Lipstick keyboard with quick unbozing and a short typing test. You can check their blog about it here.

Today, they are taking a brief look at another similar model, the Lofree Loflick. Loflick is a triple-mode mechanical keyboard, that comes in two different variants, Loflick68 and Loflick100. As you might have guessed, the 68 and 100 signify the number of keys or the layout of the variant. The 68-key one is a 65% keyboard while the 100-key one is a full-sized keyboard. Without wasting any more time, let’s check their unboxing first. You can also check out the unboxing of Lofree Loflick on their YouTube channel.

Unboxing the Lofree Loflick

Lofree as a brand gives full attention to every single detail of their product. While unboxing you will notice that the entire packaging design is very thought after. First of all, we get a designer outer cover that depicts an image of a desk with the Lofree keyboard printed right at the center. Other desk elements on this cover on design include notebooks, laptops, pen stand, etc. The entire design on this outer cover matches the color scheme of the keyboard(That is some kind of light skin color).

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As we remove this outer cover, we get a white cardboard box that has a transparent image of the keyboard printed right upfront. Opening up this box, we got a first glance at the keyboard placed inside wrapped in a semi-transparent cover. This cover again has an image of the keyboard printed onto it. Below this keyboard lies the remaining contents of the package including a user guide, a set of batteries (total 3 batteries), and a USB Type-C connector cable.

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Package contents

  • Lofree Loflick keyboard
  • Three batteries
  • One USB Type-C connector cable
  • User guide

Build & Design

Lofree Loflick100 here has got a compact look. Even for full-sized, the keys are placed close to each other. They have quite a bold look with a solid form factor and crisp legends printed on top of them. Instead of a straight floor form with feet for adjusting the height, Lofree has designed the keyboard at an increasing angle if you look from the side it might look like a smooth slope going high. It gains a little height at the top function keys making the ergonomics a little better here. While the keyboard feels quite comfy while typing, maybe the adjustable height would have been a little better.

Lofree has featured high-quality PBT keycaps on the keyboard. As  stated earlier, the legends are printed in a crisp and bold manner. They are big and can be read easily making the typing easy. With the closer placement of the keys and a 96% form factor, the keyboard looks very well made. Heck, even the 65% 68-key one also looks pretty cute. Lofree has designed the keyboard in a very simple yet impressive manner. Even though there are no shiny or bright elements on the keyboard, it actually catches the eye with its simple design.

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There’s a knob close to the USB Type-C port at the corner of the keyboard. This knob has three modes, Off, Wired Type-C, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth.


Lofree Loflick100 is a triple-mode mechanical keyboard. It supports three different connection modes, wireless 2.4GHz (dongle included on the keyboard right next to the battery socket), Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth is extremely simple. Simply turn the knob on the Wireless 2.4GHz/Bluetooth. Make sure the USB 2.4GHz dongle is not connected to any system. The keyboard will enter Bluetooth pairing mode and you can search for it in your devices(Windows, Mac, Android, iOS). Your device will show something like Lofree Loflick, just click on that and the keyboard will be paired to your device.

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Typing Experience & Key Features

First of all, with the elevated design layout of the keyboard, the typing experience is extremely comfortable. The keys are in easy reach and one can easily type with both hands with no ghosting issue. It uses Gateron Pro Red switches. They are linear in nature,, and with the keyboard, they get a really soft and thick acoustic presentation. Typing on the Lofree Loflick is simply bliss. The red switches offer smooth and linear feedback, each keypress will just feel softer. Larger keys like Spacebar, Shift, Enter, etc, don’t wobble at their place and fells nicely stabilized.

The best part of the Lofree Loflick keyboard apart from its smooth keypress feel is the acoustic presentation. It isn’t very loud like clicky or tactile switches, and at the same time produces a rich and heavy sound. Be sure to check out our typing test on the unboxing video we linked before. The included cable is also of pretty good quality. It has a Lofree branding and an L-shaped Type-C connector.

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The keycaps are simply replaceable like any other mechanical keyboard. Although the design of the keyboard is beautiful and we don’t feel the need to switch the keycaps here but an artisan keycap at the Esc key will add an extra dimension to the simple approach of the keyboard.

Final words

Lofree Loflick is a nicely built keyboard with a simple design. The keyboard has got high-quality PBT keycaps, combined with high-quality Gateron red pro switches, the typing experience is just wonderful. The keyboard starts at 89$ for the 68-key variant and the 100-key variant is priced at 109$, you can check out more details about it over at Mechkeys.


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