Das Keyboard today launched the MacTigr, a mechanical keyboard that’s designed specifically for Mac users. The full-sized keyboard is made from a high-quality black metal that has a clean, modern look, and it features Cherry MX Low Profile linear switches.

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Design wise, the MacTigr is slim, more so than the average mechanical keyboard. It measures in at just over an inch tall (27mm), so it is classed as low profile for those who prefer that feel, though it is not the slimmest mechanical keyboard on the market.

For Mac users who are coming from a Magic Keyboard or the built-in keyboard of a Mac, even the 27mm height is a significant adjustment from what you might be used to if you’re not familiar with mechanical keyboards. With a taller keyboard, your wrists need to be held in a different position, and it’s definitely the kind of keyboard that benefits from a wrist rest.

As someone used to the key travel of a MacBook Pro, it took me a few hours to adjust to the MacTigr in my limited time testing it out. Comparatively, the keys have a somewhat mushy feel rather than a clicky feel, with 3.2mm of total travel (1.2mm pre-travel). Mechanical keyboards are designed to have high travel, and the key feel here will likely be satisfying to those who prefer full travel and more cushion when typing.

The MacTigr has a short bounce time so combined with the 3.2mm travel, I can type as fast as I can on any Mac keyboard. The keys will take a light touch, and as far as noise, this is a mechanical keyboard that’s on the quieter side. There’s definitely still a noticeable typing sound and this is far from a silent keyboard, but it’s unlikely to annoy someone sitting nearby. Das Keyboard says it’s meant to mimic “typing on a cloud,” which is an apt description for the key feel.

As with any mechanical keyboard, keycaps can be swapped, but by default it’s using low-profile PBT keycaps. There are 105 total keys, including a full row of function keys, a number pad, arrows, and more, so it’s ideal for those who are looking for a full keyboard.

There’s a dedicated sleep key that I appreciated, along with media control buttons, dedicated keys for adjusting screen brightness, and a useful volume adjustment knob. The volume knob is a particularly nice touch because it has a soft feel to it, and it’s in an easy-access spot on the right side of the keyboard. There are no other bells and whistles, such as backlighting, so that’s something to be aware of. If you want RGB lighting and other fun features, this isn’t the keyboard to get.

The MacTigr connects to a Mac via USB-C, and there are also two USB-C ports built in so you can attach accessories. NKRO or N-key rollover is available on the MacTigr and can be enabled with a keypress. With NKRO, all of the keys can be pressed at one time for faster typing, gaming, and other purposes.

Bottom Line

For Mac users looking for a slim, practical mechanical keyboard designed for the Mac, the MacTigr is worth checking out. It has Mac-specific keys for adjusting volume and activating the sleep feature, it’s of a quality that aligns well with Apple products, and it provides a satisfying typing experience that allows for speed and accuracy.

How to Buy

The MacTigr can be purchased from the Das Keyboard website for $219.

Note: Das Keyboard provided MacRumors with a MacTigr keyboard purpose of this review. No other compensation was received, and the keyboard was returned at the end of the testing period.


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