Third launch attempt for Boeing's beleaguered Starliner spacecraft

Lift-off for Orbital Test Flight 2 (OFT-2) is scheduled for 6:54 pm Eastern Time (2254 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. with the spaceship fixed atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. American aerospace giant Boeing ...

Boeing is making a third attempt at reaching the International Space Station

The much-delayed launch will be an uncrewed trip to and from the space station.

Wild tulips need love, too: Research highlights ignored 'plight' of spring symbol

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain In the days of cable TV, melancholy commercials pleading for donations to help save big animals on the brink of extinction—such as elephants, polar bears, gorillas, and pandas—landed on screens across the United States. But ...

Few eligible families have applied for government help to pay for COVID funerals

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain On a humid August afternoon in 2020, two caskets―one silver, one white―sat by holes in the ground at a small, graveside service in the town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The family had just lost ...

US economy on brink of recovering pre-COVID job numbers, but more than half of industries lag

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The U.S. is on pace to recover all 22 million jobs wiped out in the COVID-19 recession as early as July, but the milestone will obscure sharp differences among industries and an economy transformed by ...

Time running out on the 'one opportunity' for a climate bill

Credit: CC0 Public Domain When President Joe Biden went to Capitol Hill in October to arm-twist for his signature environmental and economic legislation, many Democrats remained hopeful the bill’s climate provisions would survive. But Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Calif., was ...

Research shows brain mechanisms that link tinnitus and sleep

Around 15% of the world’s population suffers from tinnitus, a condition which causes someone to hear a sound (such as ringing or buzzing) without any external source. It’s often associated with hearing loss. Not only can the condition be annoying for sufferers, ...

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak: Watch Out for These “Super Spreader” Bird Species

Which bird species are super spreaders of avian influenza? New research from Tufts University offers details. A new study from researchers at Tufts University details which species are super spreaders. When it comes to avian influenza, more commonly called ...

Study finds why baby leatherback marine turtles can't 'see the sea'

The diagram highlights one of the circuitous tracks of a leatherback hatchling under new moon conditions compared to the tracks of leatherbacks during full moon conditions. Credit: Florida Atlantic University When sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests, typically ...

Avian influenza: How it's spreading and what to know about this outbreak

During the current outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza, great horned owls are among the species that have tested positive. Pictured: a great horned owl is treated at Tufts Wildlife Clinic in 2019 (for injuries unrelated to avian influenza). ...

Three decades of space telescope observations converge on a precise value for the Hubble constant

This collection of 36 images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope features galaxies that are all hosts to both Cepheid variables and supernovae. These two celestial phenomena are both crucial tools used by astronomers to determine astronomical distance, and have ...

Is it topological? A new materials database has the answer

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain What will it take to make our electronics smarter, faster, and more resilient? One idea is to build them from materials that are topological. Topology stems from a branch of mathematics that studies shapes that ...

Genetic predictability steadily erodes during evolution, new study shows

Rendering of the X-ray crystal structure of the 700-million-year-old ancestral steroid receptor (blue), bound to DNA, gray. Starting from this protein (and eight of its descendants), the Thornton Lab engineered libraries of mutants containing every possible amino acid state ...

Researchers reveal multi-scale characteristics of helicity in wall-bounded turbulent flows

Credit: Piotr Siedlecki/public domain A research team from the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed the multi-scale characteristics of helicity in wall-bounded turbulent flows. Helicity is a second-order inviscid invariant in three-dimensional turbulence, which ...

Past events reveal how future warming could harm cold-water corals

Sampling of cold-water corals in the deep Atlantic Ocean by the MARUM ROV Squid, Bremen, Germany. Credit: Dierk Hebbeln and Claudia Wienberg (CC-BY 4.0, How will future warming of the planet impact cold-water corals? A new analysis of ...

Discovery of 'ghost' fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events

The images show the impressions of a collapsed cell-wall covering (a coccosphere) on the surface of a fragment of ancient organic matter (left) with the individual plates (coccoliths) enlarged to show the exquisite preservation of sub-micron-scale structures (right). The ...

Cooperation rewards water utilities

A new study found that agreements between water utilities can help mitigate their risks, in research that used XSEDE-allocated supercomputer simulations of water supply of six population centers (colors) in the North Carolina Research Triangle. Water demands in annual ...

Isotopically pure silicon nanowires could lead to smaller and faster microchips

Bottom line: Scientists from UC Berkeley have developed and demonstrated a new type of ultrathin silicon nanowire with heat dissipation properties far superior to currently used technology. The discovery could lead to smaller and faster microchips, but manufacturing could be ...

A Rose by Any Other Name: Jupiter’s Spectacular Great Red Spot

Image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot from NASA’s Juno mission, with image processing to enhance the “rose” look. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS, Image processing by Mary J. Murphy Jupiter’s already vibrant colors become even more spectacular in this striking artistic interpretation ...

How does light turn peach peels red?

The regulatory network model for light-induced anthocyanin accumulation in the fruit exocarp of peach. Credit: Zhao Lei Peach skin coloration is an important quality that affects the commercial value of the fruit. However, how light affects its coloration remains ...

Executive narcissism inhibits inter-unit knowledge transfer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Narcissistic executives cause the units or subsidiaries they manage to be less receptive to knowledge coming from other units. The new research, published in the Strategic Management Journal, explores the relationship between executive narcissism and ...

What drives young people to commit hate crimes

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain It happened again over the weekend: another mass shooting and alleged hate crime, this time in Buffalo, New York, that left 10 dead and three injured. Most of the victims were Black. The 18-year-old accused ...

Research confirms eastern Wyoming Paleoindian site as Americas' oldest mine

This complete Clovis point was recovered from the Powars II site. Credit: Spencer Pelton Archaeological excavations led by Wyoming’s state archaeologist and involving University of Wyoming researchers have confirmed that an ancient mine in eastern Wyoming was used by ...

Microplastics threaten typical remote cryospheric regions

Microplastics in the typical cryospehric regions and their potential impacts. Credit: Zhang Yulan Microplastics usually refer to plastic fibers, films, fragments, and microbes with size less than five millimeters. They are widely distributed in water, soil, sediment, the atmosphere, ...

Fly researchers find another layer hiding in the code of life

A translucent fruit fly larvae glows where a green fluorescent protein (GFP) is being expressed by codons that are rare in the fly genome. Only two tissues, the brain (left) and testis (right) are capable of expressing this version ...

Monkeypox outbreak erupts; US, UK, Spain, Portugal, and more report cases

It's not a virus that spreads easily, but quiet transmission has experts concerned.

Could an advanced civilization change the laws of physics?

If you are going to look for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations in the Universe, you must start by considering what, exactly, you might be looking for. My colleagues and I in the NASA-sponsored Categorizing Atmospheric Technosignatures program spend ...

Canada faces huge physical costs from climate change, making net zero a great investment

A family watches a wildfire from the safety of a ridge. Credit: Unsplash/Caleb Cook There has been a lot of discussion in Canada lately about the financial costs of achieving the country’s climate targets. And rightly so. The situation ...

Global spatiotemporal continuous land surface temperature dataset released

Global spatiotemporally continuous land surface temperature (four times a day, the 181st day in 2020). Credit: AIR Land surface temperature (LST) plays a critical role in the study of physical and biological processes of the Earth’s surface at global ...

New experiments suggest that nonbiological processes alone may not account for decreased magnetization at oil spill site

Study site showing locations of magnetite packs and core samples (modified from USGS, 2020). Transect A–A’ is shown in Figure 2. Mineral columns are shown as red circles. Core samples are shown as black circles for core samples retrieved in 2016 ...

Thirteen from MIT awarded 2022 Fulbright Fellowships

Fulbright US Student Program funds opportunities for research, graduate study, and teaching abroad.

Ancient technology that was centuries ahead of its time

We like to think of technological innovation as a gradual, steady, and fairly linear process. However, this is not necessarily the case. Archaeological excavations throughout the world reveal that, once in a while, ancient civilizations developed inventions that were ...

Researchers study YouTube videos to learn more about how wild elephants react to death

Dead calf carrying by adult female wild Asian elephants (n = 5 cases out of 25 total cases) and African elephant. These still images were retrieved from (a) Video 1 (channel: monismukhtar1), (b) Video 21 (channel: ETV Bharat English; ...

Ferns and lycophytes are effectively conserved in protected areas of Xishuangbanna

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Xishuangbanna is highly renowned as the most biodiverse region in tropical China. To conserve this extraordinary rich biodiversity, more than 20% of Xishuangbanna’s land has been protected in protected areas (PAs). However, the conservation effectiveness ...

Pandemic babies with developmental delays can make up for lost social interaction: Five tips for parents

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Typically, about 1 in 6 children experience a developmental delay. But children born during the pandemic, a 2022 study has found, have nearly twice the risk of developmental delays in communication and social development compared ...

Researchers develop new measurement method in molecular electronics

Graphical abstract. Credit: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022). DOI: 10.1002/anie.202203830 In molecular electronics, single molecules are stretched between two electrodes to form an electrically conducting element in which molecular conductivity is then measured. Although the underlying method for this ...

The role of space in driving sustainability, security and development on Earth

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A new report reveals five actions that leaders can take to contribute to economic development, advance global security and sustainability, and make space a safe and globally accessible domain. This report, a collaborative effort with ...

'Drive-and-process' gene editing array casts a wide net to fix mutations

Rice University engineers introduce DAP, a streamlined CRISPR-based technology that can perform many genome edits at once to address polygenic diseases. In experiments, DAP, for “drive-and-process,” enabled up to 31 edits with the base editor and three edits with ...

A Möbius strip constructed solely of carbon atoms

A new synthesis method creates a belt-shaped molecular nanocarbon with a twisted Möbius band topology, i.e., a Möbius carbon nanobelt. Credit: Issey Takahashi Obtaining structurally uniform nanocarbons in order to properly relate structure and function, ideally as single molecules, ...

How to explain localized gap modes in Bose-Einstein condensates

Profile, the first Brillouin zone, and matter-wave bandgap spectrum of a 3D simple cubic optical lattice. a) Isosurface of the cubic lattice, the corresponding first Brillouin zone, b) and bandgap spectra in reciprocal lattice space with lattice strength c) ...


Generating ultra-violet lasers with near-infrared light through 'domino upconversion' of nanoparticles

Spin keeps electrons in line in iron-based superconductor

Octopuses torture and eat themselves after mating, and scientists finally know why

How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops

Discovery of high-speed moving plasma turbulence that outpaces the movement of heat

Thermalization and information scrambling in a superconducting quantum processor

Quasi-symmetry in CoSi reveals new type of topological material

Highly emissive Sb3+-doped 0D cesium indium chloride nanocrystals with switchable photoluminescence

Uncovering hidden cultures in workplaces can help make businesses more inclusive

COVID has killed 5,600 Australians this year and the pandemic isn't over. Ethics can shape our response

Blurring the boundary between Floquet matter and metamaterials

Four climate change records broken in 2021: WMO State of the Climate Report

Orbital Assembly Corporation Eyes 2025 as Official Opening for its Space Hotel ‘Pioneer Station’

Ghostly 'mirror world' might be cause of cosmic controversy

New findings enable monitoring for harmful toxin in freshwater environments

Impact of sea level rise on human groups during Mesolithic and Neolithic periods

How Stockholm applied greening concepts and what we can learn from it

New study offers hope that conservation can help nature adapt to climate change

3 Questions: Provost Cynthia Barnhart on MIT's community of excellence

Electronic Nematicity: Spin Keeps Electrons in Line in Iron-Based Superconductor

New mechanism for regulating supply of DNA building blocks for better antibiotics

Watch dolphins line up to self-medicate skin ailments at coral 'clinics'

The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement

Uncovering clues to the regulation of mitochondria production in aging cells

Recycling more precious metals from nuclear and electronic waste using the Picasso pigment, Prussian blue

Previously unknown crocodile species lived in Asia 39 million years ago

Unexpected differences between males and females in fossil mouse deer

How can Indonesia improve the REDD+ project to stop deforestation?

Are people swapping their cats and goldfish for praying mantises?

COVID-19 poo test for bats may help pandemic monitoring and conservation efforts

OnePlus Nord Buds review

Traumatic societal events may undermine classroom behavior interventions for certain groups, study finds

Restoring the Great Lakes: After 50 years of US-Canada joint efforts, some success and lots of unfinished business

Aquatic fungi: Forgotten conservation targets

Simple Gene Circuits Hint at How Stem Cells Find New Identities

Ultrafast Computers Are Coming: Laser Bursts Drive Fastest-Ever Logic Gates

New theory suggests collision of dwarf galaxies could explain dark matter–free galaxies

Laser annealing transmon qubits for high-performance superconducting quantum processors

Growing plant trade may spread invasive species but also help ecosystems adapt to climate change

Do meditation podcasts and apps yield 'authentic' Buddhism?

Climate change reveals unique artifacts in melting ice patches

World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Reveals Carbon-12 Origin Story – A Building Block for Life

Human Space Exploration: Here’s What NASA’s 30-Day Crewed Mission to the Martian Surface Looks Like

Today’s the day when Boeing’s Starliner takes to the skies. Probably

When the equinox gene appears, repair transitions into regrowth

Overgrazing disrupts entire ecosystem

Early-stage detection of microbial contamination in cell therapy products

Supply chain crisis complicates fixing baby formula shortage, expert says

Research finds most effective influencer marketing tactics

Political scientist examines a quarter-century of post-Apartheid government

Unlocking the secrets of killer whale diets and their role in climate change

Light-controlled reactions at the nanoscale

Promising new innovation aims to reduce environmental impacts of scallop dredging

Everything you need to know about NASA’s historic CAPSTONE launch

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover: Next Stop, Hawksbill Gap

Hypatia: Extraterrestrial Rock That Landed in Egypt Possibly the First Evidence of Rarest Supernova in Universe

New reporting guidelines developed to improve AI in healthcare settings

Scientists ’see’ puzzling features deep in Earth’s interior

Helmet in Spacesuits of Astronauts Continue to Drench With Water; Is This Reason Enough for NASA to be Alarmed?

Herpes Virus Infection May Increase the Risk of Developing Diabetes

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