Singapore’s Qosmosys secures $100M seed funding to expedite strategic goals

singapore’s qosmosys secures $100m seed funding to expedite strategic goals

Qosmosys, a Singapore-based lunar tech startup, has announced a seed funding round of $100 million.

Qosmosys said in a recent statement that the injection of this seed capital allows the firm to expedite its strategic goals, fortifying its position as a premier private player in the burgeoning moon economy.

The funding will be principally allocated to the development of its lunar transportation vehicle, ZeusX, along with complementary technologies aimed at serving a range of lunar applications.

It also said this funding is a powerful testament to the robust confidence that a distinguished group of private investors has in Qosmosys’ mission, vision, and innovative capabilities.

In an industry-first approach, Qosmosys said the firm continues to attract investment through a unique and protective funding model.

The structure welcomes a limited consortium of investors, safeguarding all stakeholder interests in anticipation of a planned initial public offering (IPO) by 2028 at the latest.

“This landmark investment represents a pivotal moment for both Qosmosys and the broader space exploration sector,

“We are profoundly thankful for the unwavering commitment demonstrated by our investors, who align with our belief that the moon presents boundless possibilities, not only for democracies around the world but for the betterment of humanity as a whole,” said Francois Dubrulle, Chief Executive Officer of Qosmosys.

He also said the extraordinary team at Qosmosys deserves immense credit for this achievement, which is just the first step in the firm’s journey to the moon.

Paul Cuthbert-Brown, Director at Qosmosys, said that the absence of third-party marketers or intermediaries in closing this record-setting seed round signals the profound investor enthusiasm for our mission.

“This bodes well for future financing rounds,” he said.

According to the statement, the recent success of the Chandrayaan-3 moon landing has rekindled worldwide passion for lunar exploration.

It said investors in Qosmosys stand at the forefront of a momentum shift in moon development that is set to offer substantial commercial prospects for the company.

Featuring a specialized design, it said ZeusX is poised to become the go-to solution for agencies and private enterprises seeking to undertake a diverse range of space exploration missions.

It also said the first two flight models of ZeusX are on track for launch, slated for late 2027 and early 2029 respectively.

Qosmosys also said its relentless pursuit of pushing technological boundaries has solidified its status as a significant entity in the space exploration landscape.

It said this fundraising milestone further cements its place at the forefront of space technology innovation.

As the company advances, it said the firm remains committed to its core values of excellence, innovation and dependability, all while striving to make space exploration an integral component of sustainable human progress.

Established in 2020, Qosmosys is a Singapore-based company with branches in France and the United States.

The company is currently developing its flagship spacecraft, ZeusX.

Established as an international private entity, Qosmosys aims to provide on-demand services to public or private organizations looking to operate on the moon and beyond.

Qosmosys services span three sectors: transportation, robotics & resources and science & tech.

The company aims to make lunar access more accessible, providing both public and private sectors with a dependable and flexible approach to foster a moon-based economy.


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