WWDC 2022: Confirmed! iOS 16 Brings New Sorting Options For Apple Music

Apple’s WWDC 2022 has presented a lot of new features on its opening day on Monday, June 6.  One of the most notable changes that were recently announced during the event is the new sorting option for the Apple Music ...

Listen to all of the music from Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote

Source: Apple What you need to know Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference today. The company introduced iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16, and macOS Ventura. The event also featured music from a ton of artists. ...

Apple Music Stops Replacing Other Apps in the Dock in iOS 15.2 Beta

A bug that caused the Apple Music app to install itself directly into the dock when downloaded from the App Store has been fixed in the latest iOS developer beta. Appearing early last month and later acknowledge by Apple, the ...

Apple Music no longer jettisons apps from the Dock with iOS 15.6 installed

Source: iMore What you need to know The coming iOS 15.6 update will fix an issue that caused Apple Music to replace third-party apps in the Dock. The fix is already part of the second iOS 15.6 beta that is ...

iOS 15.6 Update Fixes Apple Music Bug on iPhone That Puts App on the Dock

iOS 15.6 update fixes the annoying Apple Music bug on iPhones, which places the app in the dock when users reinstall it. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)CORTE MADERA, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 27: The MacBook Pro laptop is displayed at an ...

How to do karaoke on Apple TV

Source: iMore The Apple TV is the best way to experience the latest movies, shows, and games on the big screen, but did you know that it’s also excellent for karaoke? That’s right, Apple’s set-top box includes a slick song ...

BTS radio smashes Apple Music record for biggest show

Source: Apple Music What you need to know BTS has a new radio show on Apple Music. The three-episode show hopes to tell the story of BTS and celebrate the band’s success. The first show has broken Apple’s record for ...

Sort Apple Music albums with ease on Mac and mobile

Source: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore Successful artists have a large body of work, as seen in the Music app across your devices. Ideally, it would help to sort Apple Music albums chronologically, although this isn’t automatic. No worries, as ...

AirPods Pro: How to fix Apple's Ear Tip Fit Test

Source: iMore Apple AirPods Pro earbuds are trendy because of their noise cancelation and transparency sound capabilities. However, these functions are greatly enhanced when you use correctly sized tips. To assist you with sizing, the AirPods Pro comes with small, ...

How to listen to Apple Music in hi-fi on iPhone and Android

Higher-quality music is always better, and Apple knows this. That’s why Apple is updating all of the music on Apple Music to the new Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) format, giving Apple Music subscribers the ability to listen to their ...

Apple Music Is Finally Integrated To Waze— Enjoying the Ride While Listening To Your Favorite Songs

Waze announces their most recent feature, the integration of Apple Music into their software. This new feature on Waze will now allow drivers and passengers to enjoy music seamlessly while being more focused on the road. Apple Music compatibility ...

Waze finally adds Apple Music to its audio player

Waze has finally gotten around to integrating Apple Music. The new feature comes a whole five years after the popular navigation app did the same for Spotify, and means Apple Music subscribers can now access all of their favorite ...

Apple Music integration comes to Waze

Source: iMore What you need to know Waze now has Apple Music integration. It means users can listen to Apple Music while navigating with Waze. You’ll need an Apple Music subscription to enjoy all of its content. Apple Music is ...

MusicBox is the hot new listen-later app you didn't know you needed

Source: Marcos Tanaka What you need to know MusicBox is a new listen-later app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Throw a Spotify or Apple Music URL into MusicBox and use filters and search to find the music you want to ...

Apple Music subscription for students increased by $1 per month

The monthly subscription fee of Apple Music has increased for university students in Singapore. Previously, university students in Singapore paid S$4.98/mth for Apple Music. Now, Apple has silently increased the monthly subscription fee to S$5.98/mth The price increase not ...

Apple Music is getting more costly for some on its discounted Student plan

Source: iMore What you need to know Apple Music is getting more expensive for those on its Student plan. The price is only increasing in specific countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and others. The price increase doesn’t appear ...

Apple Music Student Plan Price Hiked in India and Other Countries

If you are an Apple Music subscriber enjoying the lower-priced Student plan in India, we have got some sad news for you. After reducing the free trial for Apple Music from three months to one month earlier this year, ...

Apple Music Raises Subscription Prices for Students in Other Countries—Is It Still the Same in the US?

Students get a lower price to subscribe on different platforms, provided they have proof of enrollment and stay at the university to support it. Apple Music is one platform that offers a student discount for the general public, but it ...

Apple Increases Apple Music Subscription Price for Students in Several Countries

Apple has silently increased the price of its Apple Music subscription for college students in several countries, with the company emailing students informing them their subscription would be slightly increasing in price moving forward. The price change is not widespread ...

Harry Styles album smashes Kendrick Lamar first-day streams record in two hours

Source: Apple What you need to know Harry Styles released his new album on Friday. Harry’s House has absolutely smashed the Apple Music first-day streams record for 2022. It broke Kendrick Lamar’s record for first-day streams in just two hours. ...

Audi Adds Apple Music As Default Streaming App On Many Models

Porsche has also integrated Apple Music in some of its models Like its sister company Porsche which has integrated Apple Music as the default music streaming solution on its cars like the Taycan, Audi has also now done the ...

Apple adds Essentials Anniversaries feature to Apple Music

Source: Macstories What you need to know A new Essentials Anniversaries feature has been added to Apple Music. It will feature landmark albums from artists as they hit major milestones. Radiohead’s OK Computer is first up celebrating its 25th anniversary ...

Audi Gains Apple Music Support! Which Models are Getting it?

Audi’s Apple Music support is finally coming to its vehicles, giving luxury car owners a more personalized listening experience. (Photo : CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images) The logo of German carmaker Audi is pictured on new Audi cars on the ...

Audi to add Apple Music to 'nearly all' of its new vehicles with update

Source: Audi What you need to know Apple Music is coming to Audi. The German car giant will integrate the service into nearly all of its models beginning with the 2022 model year. Drivers will still need an Apple ID ...

Apple Music Integration Coming to 'Nearly All' 2022 Audi Models

Audi today announced that Apple Music will be available directly in the infotainment systems of a large number of its vehicles via a software update. ‌Apple Music‌ integration will give Audi owners the ability to access their personal ‌Apple Music‌ ...

Apple Music to livestream concerts starting this Friday

Apple is to begin livestreaming select concerts as part of its new Apple Music Live feature. It kicks off with Harry Styles’ gig at the UBS Arena in New York later this week. Anyone around the world with an ...

Apple Music will live stream Harry Styles and a 'One Night Only in New York' concert

Source: Apple Music What you need to know Apple Music will live stream Harry Styles and a One Night Only in New York concert. Special encore editions of the concert will also stream in the days after the live performance. ...

Apple Music to Livestream Select Concerts, Starting With Harry Styles This Friday

Apple today announced that it will begin livestreaming select concerts through Apple Music, starting with a Harry Styles performance this Friday at UBS Arena in New York. Apple Music subscribers will be able to watch free of charge around the ...

Kendrick Lamar's new album breaks 2022 Apple Music record

Source: Kendrick Lamar What you need to know Kendrick Lamar has a new album. Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers came out on Friday, May 13. It had the most first-day streams of an album on Apple Music released so ...

Apple Music experiences outage for some users

Source: iMore What you need to know Apple Music experienced an outage for some users today. Apple Music Radio, iTunes Match, and Radio were also down. Apple says it has resolved all of the issues affecting each service. A number ...

Some Users Experiencing Issues With Apple Music

Apple Music is experiencing an outage at the current time, which is causing the streaming music service not to function as expected for some subscribers. According to Apple’s System Status page, ‌Apple Music‌ has been experiencing issues since 1:17 p.m. ...

Apple to restructure services team to focus on streaming and ad businesses?

Apple's hardware is still the main revenue driver, but the company plans to make its services business contribute more in the future. Sources familiar with the matter told Business Insider that Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of services, ...

Latest iOS 15.5 beta brings back a much-loved Apple Music API

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore What you need to know Apple has added an Apple Music API back into iOS 15.5 after removing it from iOS 15.4. The API allowed third-party developers to control the playback speed of subscription music. ...

This weird Apple Music bug could get Apple in more antitrust hot water

Source: iMore What you need to know An Apple Music bug appears to be causing its icon to replace others in iPhone docks once downloaded. Some people have suggested Apple is having iOS do this on purpose. The obvious bug ...

Apple Music is Sometimes Replacing Other Apps in the Dock When Installed From App Store

Apple Music appears to be affected by a bug that is causing the app to install itself directly into the dock when downloaded from the App Store, with the app even replacing other first and third-party apps located in the ...

How to Share a Playlist on Apple Music

Kris Wouk Sharing playlists is a great way to introduce friends to your favorite music. It’s easy on Apple Music, though sometimes you can run into problems. We’ll show you how to share your playlist, and what to do ...

Apple Music Now Available on Roku

Good news if you’re an Apple Music subscriber who prefers Roku’s software to tvOS in your living room: Roku now has an Apple Music channel. Roku already features an Apple TV channel and includes built-in support for AirPlay and ...

Apple Music Is (Finally) in Roku’s Various Products — Which Are They?

Apple Music is now on Roku. According to Roku’s official announcement, Apple’s music app can now be found and used on Roku’s products, such as its streaming devices. The app will have a one-month trial period before charging Roku ...

Apple Music is now available on Roku

Roku today announced that the Apple Music service is now available on its Roku players and Roku TVs. That brings more than 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists to the No. 1 streaming platform in the United States. Roku And, ...

Roku users can now listen to their Apple Music songs and playlists

Source: Roku What you need to know Roku has announced that Apple Music subscribers can now access a new app and listen to music on its devices. Apple Music is available as a standalone subscription and via the Apple One ...


Apple Music Available on Roku Starting Today

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