Forked Ethereum Token Surges, Then Tanks Following Merge Event

Ethereum proof-of-work hard fork ETHPoW rallied, then crashed, following the announcement of its expected launch in the next 24 hours.

Ethereum Successfully Executes Highly-Anticipated Merge Event, Ushering in Proof-of-Stake Era

Ethereum transitioned to proof of stake shortly after the network reached “terminal total difficulty” early Thursday.

Bitcoin Price Struggles, Ethereum Consolidates Ahead of Merge, CEL Rallies

Bitcoin price could decline heavily below $20,000. Ethereum is consolidating near $1,600, XRP is stuck near the $0.335 level. CEL surged over 25%, and COMP is showing positive signs. Bitcoin price failed to start a recovery wave above the ...

What the Ethereum Merge Means for Ordinary Users—And What It Doesn’t

In brief Ethereum's long-awaited move to proof of stake—dubbed “the merge”—is finally happening. A lot is going to change. But a lot is also going to stay the same. The Ethereum merge is here. The long-awaited upgrade to the ...

'Proof of Merge' NFTs Will Transform in Your Wallet as the Ethereum Merge Happens

Michael Blau and Mason Hall of a16z whipped up the dynamic NFT and its smart contract in just a few days.

NFT Renting Platform Shuts Down, Citing 'Close to Zero Traction'

Despite attempts to secure fresh funding and pivot to new targets, NFT renting platform Rentable is today shuttering operations.

Bitcoin Price and Ethereum Struggle, CEL and RVN Surge

Bitcoin price is consolidating above $20,000. Ethereum is struggling near $1,600, XRP is well below $0.35. CEL surged nearly 20%, and RVN is again pumping. Bitcoin price found support near the $20,000 level after a strong decline. BTC is ...

Bitcoin Price Revisits $20K, Ethereum and SOL Drop To Support

Bitcoin price declined nearly 10% and retested USD 20,000. Ethereum declined to USD 1,550, XRP corrected lower and tested USD 0.331. LUNC is up over 8%, and KNC is showing signs of a fresh increase. Bitcoin price failed to ...

Ethereum Crypto Price Prediction 2022 - Will ETH Surpass $2,000?

Ethereum holders have been drumming up a lot of excitement and interest as the Merge event nears. Whilst Ethereum is down 6.81% on the 24-hour time frame, ETH has still moved up 2.96% against Bitcoin.  Will Ethereum surpass the ...

Ethereum Price Calm But is Short Squeeze About to Push ETH to $2k?

As the Ethereum Merge nears, there has been increased interest in the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Ether has been outperforming Bitcoin over the past week as news of the Merge triggers bulls that have been liquidating short positions. The ...

Bitcoin, Ethereum Drop 5% in an Hour Amid Hot US Inflation Figures

Bitcoin and Ethereum both slumped after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest CPI figures.

Bitcoin Price Targets Additional Gains While Ethereum Consolidates

Bitcoin price is attempting a close above USD 22,500. Ethereum is consolidating above USD 1,700, XRP might gain pace above USD 0.365. TWT and HBAR are showing signs of a fresh increase. Bitcoin price remained stable above the USD ...

Opera Crypto Browser Integrates MetaMask Ahead of Ethereum Merge

Opera has rolled out a major upgrade of its Web3-centric web browser, adding a slate of new features.

Abra to Launch US Chartered Bank, Crypto Yield Accounts

With an expected launch date in the U.S. slated for Q1 2023, Abra Bank will soon offer trading, custody, and NFT services to Americans.

Bitcoin Holds Strong While Ethereum Dips, RVN Jumps

Bitcoin price is holding gains above USD 22,000. Ethereum is consolidating near USD 1,700, XRP is struggling to clear USD 0.365. RVN rallied over 20%, and SOL is gaining bullish momentum. Bitcoin price gained pace and settled above the ...

Leading Derivatives Exchange CME Group Launches Ethereum Options

In order to meet surging interest in Ethereum derivatives, CME Group is rolling out an options product for the number two cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchange Huobi to Delist 7 Privacy Coins, Citing ‘Latest Financial Regulations’

Seychelles-based crypto exchange Huobi plans to delist seven privacy-centric cryptocurrencies, including Monero and Zcash.

'Everything's Down This Year,' Not Just Crypto: FTX Founder SBF

The heavyweight CEO of crypto exchange FTX Sam Bankman-Fried also struck a balanced perspective on the debate over regulatory oversight.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Consolidate, GLM Surges, NEAR and SOL Rally

Bitcoin price is consolidating gains above USD 22,000. Ethereum is facing resistance above USD 1,750, XRP is struggling to gain pace above USD 0.35. GLM rallied over 40%, and NEAR and SOL are gaining bullish momentum. Bitcoin price gained ...

Double-Digit Weekly Gains for Bitcoin and Ethereum Send BTC Over $22,000

Bitcoin and Ethereum have enjoyed a hefty boost this last week, with regulatory news and a particular network upgrade playing key roles.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Pump, APE and CAKE Outperform

Bitcoin price pumped and even spiked above USD 22,000. Ethereum settled above USD 1,700, XRP is consolidating above the USD 0.35 resistance. APE, CAKE and QNT are gaining bullish momentum. Bitcoin price started a strong increase above the USD ...

The Ethereum Merge Matters for Everyone in Crypto

All eyes in crypto are on the merge—and not just the Ethereum crowd. The event matters for Bitcoiners and everyone else.

It's Time to Separate NFTs From Digital Art

Not every digital artwork needs to be an NFT. After all, NFTs can already do so much more.

Could ‘Big Time’ Change the Trajectory of Crypto Gaming?

Decentraland and Zynga alum Thor Alexander wants to change the narrative around NFTs in the video game industry. As the executive producer of upcoming third-person multiplayer roleplay game “Big Time,” Alexander is passionate about making the title feel like a ...

Why DeFi Speculators Are Borrowing Ethereum as Merge Looms

DeFi degens are borrowing ETH in the hopes of getting airdropped a new coin if there's a fork after the merge. Now pools are limiting the borrowing.

This Week in Coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum Rebound, LUNA Moons

The new British government sounds bullish on crypto, while discussions in Washington about regulation are intensifying.

Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Metaverse’ and ‘Altcoin’ to Dictionary in Nod to Crypto

Dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster added a fresh batch of crypto terms to its lexicon, like "Altcoin," "Metaverse," and "Unbanked."

Revolving Games Raises $13.2 Million to Develop ‘AAA Quality’ Web3 Games

The gaming startup has backing from Polygon, Dapper Labs, and other prominent names.

Bitcoin Smashes Key Resistance, Ethereum and Altcoins Jump

Bitcoin price surged above the USD 20,500 resistance. Ethereum surpassed the USD 1,700 barrier, XRP broke the USD 0.35 resistance. ATOM, OKB, and RVN are up over 20%. Bitcoin price gained pace above the USD 20,500 resistance. BTC is ...

Bitcoin Reclaims $20,000 Amid Broader Crypto Market Recovery

Bitcoin, the market's largest cryptocurrency, hit a two-week high Friday morning, outperforming most of the other top tokens.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Eye Fresh Surge, LUNC Extends Rally

Bitcoin price is eyeing an upside break above the USD 20,000 resistance. Ethereum could rise towards USD 1,700, XRP is approaching the USD 0.335 resistance. ATOM, LINK and LUNC are gaining bullish momentum. Bitcoin price remained stable and climbed ...

Ethereum Name Service Creator Sues GoDaddy Over Expired Domain

The ENS says losing control of puts key services “under threat.”

Bitcoin and Ethereum Defy Gravity, LUNC and USTC Rally

Bitcoin price is consolidating above the USD 19,000 pivot level. Ethereum is eyeing more gains above USD 1,650, XRP might test the USD 0.35 resistance. ATOM, LUNC, and USTC are gaining bullish momentum. Bitcoin price started a recovery wave ...

Ethereum Hits Fresh 2022 High Against Bitcoin as Merge Event Approaches

Amid the shaky crypto market outlook, Ethereum is now trading at the year’s high against Bitcoin, with the merge event just around the corner.

Switzerland’s SEBA Bank Launches Institutional Ethereum Staking

In an effort to meet the “growing demand” from institution investors, SEBA is turning to Ethereum staking ahead of the merge.

Ethereum Trims Losses and Rallies While Bitcoin Lacks Momentum

Bitcoin price recovered and tested the USD 19,500 resistance. Ethereum rallied over 8%, XRP might clear the USD 0.335 resistance. ETC, ATOM, LUNC, and EOS are up over 10%. Bitcoin price extended losses and traded close to USD 18,500. ...

How Will the Ethereum Merge Affect Bitcoin's Image?

Experts agree the difference in energy use will put the two blockchains in stark relief.

Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Lido Finance Plummet on Eve of Merge

Various merge-related cryptocurrencies have plummeted in the past 24 hours as investors prepare for Ethereum's biggest upgrade yet.

How Ethereum Miners Plan to Pivot After the Merge

Crypto miners look for alternative strategies as Ethereum shifts away from proof of work.

David Bowie on the Blockchain Ethereum NFTs Trigger Backlash

The star’s estate engaged artists to make Bowie-inspired art to fundraise for the fight against hunger.


Ethereum Classic Pumps 26% as Miners Make Switch ahead of ETH Merge

Ethereum Jumps 6% Ahead of Bellatrix Upgrade, Merge Event

Ethereum Classic Jumps Nearly 12% as Hash Rate Hits All-Time High

DeFi Project Lido Finance Rose 20% Last Week Ahead of Ethereum Merge

Bitcoin and Ethereum Try to Recover, SAND and LINK Accelerate

One Does Not Simply Destroy DAI: Maker Founder's 'Endgame' Proposal

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Gets a Hard Date

Polygon Jumps 10% Over The Week Amid Robinhood, Meta Integrations

Bitcoin and Ethereum Still Consolidate, 1INCH and DCR Outperform

Decentralized NFT Marketplace Sudoswap Announces Ethereum Token Airdrop

ConsenSys to Launch 'Sustainable' NFTs Celebrating the Ethereum Merge

Bitcoin and Ethereum Still Range-Bound, EOS and CEL Surge

You Can Now Get Advice From a Bored Ape NFT on Cameo

Bitcoin and Ethereum Fluctuate, EOS and CEL Accelerate

Bitcoin, Ethereum Both Dropped Roughly 8% Over the Past Week

Any Ethereum Forks ‘Won’t Be Supported’, Says NFT Market OpenSea Ahead of Merge

Bitcoin and Ethereum Struggle to Move Higher, LEO Accelerates

Bitcoin and Ethereum Struggle to Continue Higher, NEXO Outperforms

Bitcoin and Ethereum Eye Additional Gains, NEXO Rallies

Reddit Co-Founder Ohanian's Firm Launches $177M Crypto Fund

Bitcoin and Ethereum Inch Higher, ATOM and LDO Accelerate

Lido Finance Leads DeFi Rally as Ethereum Mounts Recovery

Bitcoin and Ethereum Consolidate, FLOW and LDO Outperform

CME Adds Euro-Denominated Ethereum Futures as Merge Approaches

Bitcoin and Ethereum Consolidate, AVAX and CHZ Dive

Bitcoin and Ethereum Resume Downtrend, Altcoins Turn Red

From the Silk Road to NFTs: Why Musician and Artist Tycho Sees Web3 as The ‘Endgame’

This Week in Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum Sink on Freaky Fed Friday

Bitcoin Slips Below $20,000 After Fed Chair's Comments in Jackson Hole

Coming Soon: The Cardano Hard Fork

Token Powering Ethereum Staking Platform Lido Finance Tumbles

Bitcoin and Ethereum Experience A Fresh Decline, XRP Outperforms

Bitcoin and Ethereum Stuck Below Resistance, TFUEL Surges

Snoop Dogg and Eminem to Bring Bored Ape NFTs to VMAs In ‘Otherside’ Metaverse Performance

Dutch Judge Orders Tornado Cash Dev to Stay in Jail for 3 More Months

Nvidia Has 'Limited Visibility' on Crypto Mining Impact in Q2 Revenue Drop

Bitcoin and Ethereum Start Recovery, ETC and ATOM Rally

Bitcoin and Ethereum Stuck In Range, Altcoins Struggle

Bitfinex Preps for Merge Eventualities, Offering Ethereum 'Chain Split Tokens'

NFT Project SudoRare Disappears With Roughly 520 Ethereum in User Funds

Weekly Ethereum Staking Deposits Hit Record Low Just Weeks Before Merge

Bitcoin and Ethereum Struggle To Clear Hurdles, ATOM Surges

Near’s Rainbow Bridge Blocks Another Attack, Costing Hackers 5 Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum Eye Recovery, EOS and CHZ Rally

Pudgy Penguins Ethereum NFTs Pump 83% As Meta, Nansen Execs Join Advisory Board

Bitcoin and Ethereum Target Fresh Lows, Altcoins Decline

Bitcoin and Ethereum Trend Negative, BNB Shines

Meet the Sleuthing Firm Helping DeFi Projects Stay Compliant with Tornado Cash Sanctions

Bitcoin and Ethereum Take Hit, Altcoins Tumble

Crypto Lender Hodlnaut Announces Police Inquiry, 80% Staff Cut

Over $540M Liquidated as Bitcoin, Ethereum Plummet

Bitcoin and Ethereum Lose Ground, Altcoins Dive

CME Group to Add ETH Options Ahead of the Ethereum Merge

Ethereum Fork ETHW Plummets 62% Just Weeks Before Merge

Ukraine Spent $54M in Crypto on Drones and Other Military Expenses

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin Up Double-Digits Over the Week

Bitcoin and Ethereum Grind Lower, CEL Rallies 15%

Ethereum Merge Will Be Good for Coinbase, Says JPMorgan

MatchboxDAO Raises $7.5M to Build Out On-Chain Gaming on StarkNet

Bitcoin and Ethereum Could Break Lower As Bulls Struggle

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