Multiversus Open Beta Early Access Preview

“All in all, my impressions of MultiVersus are quite positive. While time will tell if this game will be able to find an audience, I certainly feel there is a lot of promise here. The hope is that the game ...

MultiVersus Debuted as the Best-Selling Game in the US Last Month

The NPD Group has also shared the best-selling games of July 2022.

MultiVersus Season 1 arrived with a whimper, not a bang – but I still can’t stop playing

The launch of MultiVersus Season 1 wasn’t really spectacular. If you’ve been playing the game regularly, in fact, there was practically nothing of note to really enjoy when the servers popped back online on Monday evening. There was a new ...

MultiVersus Tops US Sales Charts in July, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in 4th Place – The NPD Group

Digimon Survive was the eighth best-selling title in the US for July, despite only being available for two days during the tracking period.

MultiVersus was July’s bestselling game despite being free-to-play

Free-to-play fighting game MultiVersus was July 2022’s bestselling game in the United States, as revealed by market research company The NPD Group. Although the game is free, its optional, paid Founder’s Packs “fit into the full game sale bucket,” according ...

Leaked MultiVersus Lord Of The Rings Content May Have Been Cut

The claim follows the recent news that Embracer Group had acquired the rights to The Lord of the Rings and Hobbiton.

MultiVersus Was July 2022's Best-Selling Game In The US; Switch Outsells PS5

MultiVersus, a free game, outsold every other game in the US last month thanks to Founder's pack sales.

It looks like MultiVersus' modding scene is dead in the water

Players claim MultiVersus will no longer start if mods are installed

MultiVersus: Taz tips and tricks

The cast of MultiVersus is perhaps second only to Fortnite in terms of how disparate they seem from one another. Prior to this game, there was probably no scenario in which anyone would expect Bugs Bunny to interact with Arya ...

MultiVersus datamine suggests Beetlejuice and Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West are coming to the game

A new leak suggests that announcer packs for the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz and Beetlejuice are coming to MultiVersus. The leak comes from a datamine, so neither character is confirmed, but voice lines ...

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers: don't miss out on your bonus MultiVersus perk in August

You probably don’t need me to tell you that Reindog is quietly one of the best support class characters in MultiVersus, do you? Between his tether that just piles on the damage to anyone caught in the middle and his ...

DC Comics's Black Adam And Stripe From Gremlins Will Join MultiVersus During Season 1

The first season of the crossover fighter will add a few villains to the mix.

MultiVersus – Black Adam and Stripe Officially Confirmed for Season 1

Season 1 also includes the addition of Morty from Rick and Morty to the roster on August 23rd, followed by Rick at a later date.

Black Adam and Stripe the Gremlin Teased in a MultiVersus Ad

Two new characters could join MultiVersus’ character roster in the immediate future. MultiVersus players have been recently sharing pictures of ads for Warner Bros. Interactive’s game featuring Black Adam and Stripe the Gremlin on social media, per IGN. Black ...

MultiVersus is expanding its roster with Gremlins and Black Adam

After a brief delay, season 1 of MultiVersus is now underway — but that isn’t the only thing for fans to get excited about. Some fresh artwork for the game has revealed that DC’s Black Adam and Stripe from the horror ...

Multiversus' new characters include DC's Black Adam and... Stripe from Gremlins

The unexpected platform fighter continues to be both utterly unsurprising and a baffling shock.

WB's Smash-Style Platform Fighter Multiversus Innovates More than It Imitates

Multiversus is a curse breaker. Genre-defining titans with 89 playable characters and a rich history aside, platform fighters generally don’t feel as good as Multiversus. Brimming with character and charm, this crossover between some of Warner Bros.’s most popular ...

MultiVersus Season 1 Launches, Extensive Patch Notes Revealed

The game's full official launch brings a host of new changes, including a new rotation of free characters, balance changes, and more.

MultiVersus Season 1 Patch Makes Battle Pass Progression Faster

Three top-tier characters have also been heavily adjusted in the new patch.

Gremlins' Stripe and Black Adam are probably coming to MultiVersus

A new MultiVersus leak appears to have revealed that someone fed a Mogwai after midnight (also Black Adam is there). After a short delay, MultiVersus Season One launches later today, and soon enough the game will see the arrival ...

MultiVersus: Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins Seemingly Confirmed

Two new fighters could be heading to MultiVersus.

What time does MultiVersus Season One start?

If you’ve been eager to play Player First Games’ ambitious Smash-like fighter, MultiVersus, you’ll know that the open beta has been pretty indicative of what the game’s actual full release is going to look like: there are tons of ...

MultiVersus – Black Adam and Stripe Potentially Coming in Season 1

A leaked image for the new additions emerges after game director Tony Huynh teased "future unannounced characters."

MultiVersus Guide – Best Offense, Defense, and Utility Perks, and How to Unlock Them

Ahead of Season 15's launch tomorrow, here are the best Perks for offense, defense, and utility along with their effects when stacked.

Multiversus Season 1 Gets A New Release Date | GameSpot News

Multiversus season 1 is dropping soon, THQ Nordic announced a ton of new games, and Sonic Frontiers isn't getting a delay.

MultiVersus Season 1 will kick off next week after initial delay

MultiVersus has announced the new start date for Season 1, which will begin on August 15. We’re excited to announce Season 1 will begin on August 15 with a brand-new Battle Pass for you to earn in-game rewards! We ...

MultiVersus Season 1 start date confirmed for next week, Morty coming later

It’s been a fairly bumpy road, but finally we have a solid release date for the first proper season of Multiversus: August 15. A statement from the game’s official account over on Twitter confirmed the new release date for ...

MultiVersus Season 1 Begins on August 15th, Morty Arrives on August 23rd

Player First Games has also confirmed that not all content in Season 1 will drop on the same day but "spread through the life of the Season."

MultiVersus review: corporate-mandated fighting game fun

MultiVersus Score Details “MultiVersus feels like a corporate product, but Player First Games gets the most out of its ridiculous premise.” Pros Stands out from Smash Bros. Smart RPG influence Varied fighter move sets Pretty visuals Cross-play and rollback ...

MultiVersus Guide – How to Quickly Earn XP and Gold

Leveling up and earning Battle Pass rewards require XP. Gold is needed to buy new characters and train Perks. Here's how to get lots of both.

MultiVersus Season 1 is Set to Begin on August 15: Here's What You Shoud Know

A release date for the first season of MultiVersus has been confirmed after it was previously announced that it has been delayed. If you have been excitedly waiting to see Superman, Batman, and more Warner Bros. characters go head-to-head in ...

Breaking Bad Creator Shares Why GTA-Inspired Game Never Happened as MultiVersus Hints at Walter White Addition

Vince Gilligan shared his thoughts on a vision he had for a GTA-themed “Breaking Bad” game. Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Vince Gilligan recently opened up about his dreams for a “Breaking Bad” video game modeled after the popular ...

MultiVersus Season 1 Begins August 15 With A New Battle Pass, Morty To Follow

After a brief delay, Season 1 of MultiVersus has a set launch date.

Multiversus Season 1 Release Date Confirmed

Not such a long wait after all.

MultiVersus Has Seemingly Passed 10 Million Players

The online platform fighter gets bigger every day.

Everything we know about MultiVersus Season 1

What we know about MultiVersus Season 1 right now

MultiVersus passes 10 million players in just a few weeks

The free-to-play title is proving to be very popular with fighting fans

Players grow wary of MultiVersus mods as publisher cracks down on modded content

MultiVersus mod videos have been the subject of multiple takedown notices

MultiVersus Hits 10 Million Players, Is Still Technically In Open Beta

The free-to-play platform fighter starring Warner Bros.-owned characters has drawn quite a crowd.


MultiVersus Reportedly Crosses 10 Million Players in Two Weeks

Best Multiversus Mods and Skins

Multiversus Best Combos Guide

"It doesn't surprise me, but I'm still pretty upset" – MultiVersus modders lose momentum after DMCA strikes

MultiVersus Season 1 Adds Arcade Mode, Ranked Battle, and New Cosmetics

Multiversus smashes 10 million player milestone in just 3 weeks

MultiVersus Perk guide: How to unlock perks, and which perks are the best?

MultiVersus Reindog Guide: Combos, strategies, and matchups you should know

MultiVersus dataminer uncovers Battle Pass sharing feature

MultiVersus Datamine Points To Unannounced Battle Pass Sharing Feature

All the free characters in MultiVersus right now

Multiversus: Best Perks for Offense, Defense, and Utility

MultiVersus Will Let Players Link and Share Battle Pass Progress – Rumour

First MultiVersus tournament ends in $10k upset as underdogs break Bugs/Velma meta

Multiversus is getting a coop arcade mode "very soon" in Season 1

MultiVersus' hitbox and hurtbox system is getting a "big overhaul"

MultiVersus Delay Not Caused by WB Discovery Merger

Multiversus: How to Unlock Ranked

Multiversus: How to Use a Gamecube Controller

MultiVersus players are being stomped by Bugs Bunny, for now

MultiVersus hitboxes are getting a "big overhaul"

MultiVersus Season 1 delayed, pre-season extended until August 15

MultiVersus season one has been delayed

MultiVersus Season 1 And Rick And Morty See An Indefinite Delay

Warner Bros.’ Multiversus Has Been Delayed Indefinitely —Is There a Reason Why?

MultiVersus Season 1 Launch Delayed to a “Later Date”

Don't worry, the Multiversus delay has nothing to do with the Discovery exodus

Multiversus delays its first season and DLC character

MultiVersus season 1 has been delayed

Valve reveals Steam Deck's most-played games, and MultiVersus is already number one

First MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Details Revealed

Multiversus will have a 50-tier battle pass when season 1 launches

MultiVersus Shaggy Guide: Combos, strategies, and matchups you should know

Best characters in MultiVersus

Evo Lounge 2022: How to watch, what to expect

MultiVersus’ best mods, and how to use them

How to earn gold in MultiVersus

How to play local matches in MultiVersus

MultiVersus players are making a stunning Daffy Duck concept character

MultiVersus is a smashing success, having already racked up an estimated 5 million players

MultiVersus has a Velma x Jake combo that is straight up broken

MultiVersus already has millions of players

The best MultiVersus players in the world are playing the same character

PlayStation Announces Evo Lounge Broadcast During Evo 2022

MultiVersus Toasting: How to get more Toast

Evo Lounge announced - featuring developer reveals and curated show coverage

MultiVersus update to buff Wonder Woman soon

MultiVersus is ahead of the curve tech-wise on PS5

Multiversus: How to Level Up Fast

Multiversus: How to Farm Gold Fast

MultiVersus Fans Have One Question: Who the Heck Is Reindog?

MultiVersus Game Director Announces Incoming Nerf For Bugs Bunny After Evo 2022

Bugs Bunny is getting nerfed in MultiVersus

One of MultiVersus' best characters is getting nerfed... again

Bugs Bunny nerf coming to MultiVersus, but game director asserts character will "always be fun"

Is MultiVersus cross-platform?

MultiVersus turns LeBron James meme into a devastating weapon

Multiversus: How to Unlock Characters

Multiversus: How to Play Local Multiplayer

Multiversus: What is Rested XP?

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