Check Out 16-Minutes Of GORD's Grim And Unforgiving Gameplay

The upcoming dark fantasy game Gord has just released fresh, detailed gameplay. This 16-minute gameplay video is hosted by Covenant Game Director himself, Stan Just. Unfortunately, even with so much detail being revealed, their publisher Team17 hasn’t revealed a ...

One-Hit-Kill Sword Fighting Multiplayer DIE BY THE BLADE Coming This Fall

Kwalee is bringing the likes of Way of the Samurai, Bushido Blade, and Dark Souls into their upcoming title Die by the Blade. This 1v1 sword fighting game is focusing heavily on combo memorization and knowing when to properly ...

Action-Packed Retro Shooter CULTIC Promises Lots Of Booms Coming Soon

3D Realms and Jasozz Games are delivering an action-packed retro shooter this fall. Nothing smells better on a Friday night than the whiff of a modernized retro shooter. Cultic is looking to make your heart beat fast and give ...

Sony Announces Yet Another PlayStation Exclusive Coming To PC Very Soon

PlayStation has just unveiled the inevitable teaser release for their other super popular arachnid person, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PC. It’s hard to say if anyone was surprised by this announcement after the incredible release of ...

Steam’s New Steam Charts Page Shows Details About Top Selling and Most Played Games

Valve has released a new Steam Charts page for Steam, which shows off quite a few metrics, such as concurrent online players and top-selling games.

VOLCANOIDS First Impressions: Having A Blast

Steampunk and volcanoes, what else do you need in a game? The indie title Volcanoids, developed and published by Volcanoid, marries these two things in a strange world where angry robots want to kill you with lava. The game ...

Retro-Style Platformer SUPER ALLOY RANGER Out Now On Steam

Fans of jumping robot platformers of the past, take note. Gamera Game has announced the release of Alloy Mushroom’s 2D platformer Super Alloy Ranger onto PC! Super Alloy Ranger invites the player to the dangerous planet Tanwada, conquered by ...

BEYOND THE WIRE Review: A Beautiful Game With A Lack Of Manpower

Steam game Key provided by Offworld Industries This is probably the most tragic review I have had to write. Beyond The Wire from Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries is one of the most fun, beautiful, and wild games I’ve ...

Eastern Farming Sim IMMORTAL LIFE Gets New Updates Trailer

Farming sim Immortal Life has a new trailer detailing the recent additions and improvements that have come to the game. Currently in early access, Immortal Life takes inspiration from Daoism and Chinese fantasy fiction. You are tasked with helping ...

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PC Version Receives New Teaser Trailer

Releasing in Fall 2022 for Steam and the Epic Games Store, the port follows the successful release of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC.

Fly beyond the Hidden World in DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms

The How to Train Your Dragon franchise has expanded way beyond the film trilogy. So much so that this release is a videogame representation of the third spin-off TV series. I don’t think you’ll need to have watched or ...

PS1-Style Horror THE FRIDGE IS RED Out Next Week

Developer 5WORD Team invites the player back into the low-poly world of PS1 horror, with a new title that looks hauntingly familiar. It harks back to a time when even games that weren’t supposed to be spooky had an ...

Valve has released its shiny revamped Steam Charts page — data nerds rejoice!

Valve has finally released a shiny new revamp of their old stats page, so that us data nerds can track the most popular, most financially lucrative, and most played PC games on Steam in one new webpage. Available for ...

Modern Warfare 2 beta pulls in nearly 110,000 concurrent players on its first day on Steam

The Modern Warfare 2 beta kicked off its second stint last night across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Though it’s the second time PlayStation players are able to play, this is the first time PC and Xbox folks are getting ...

Steam's New Update Now Introduces Top-Selling Games a-la the Billboard 100

A few days ago, several Steam users reported an outage that produced weird images when booting up. For those who are frustrated with the unexpected Steam outage, there are three reasons why the app is frequently down. Photo : ...

Steam just updated its stats page with Billboard-style top sellers charts

The page we all use to see if the game we like is more popular than the game our friend likes has been updated, finally.

Clean up the mobs’ messes in Serial Cleaners

Ever wondered who cleans up after your trails of destruction in videogames? I bet you’ve never even blinked an eye at the thought. I certainly haven’t. And now we don’t need to think about it, because we can experience ...

Check Out 8 Minutes Of SCORN's Grotesque Gameplay

With their game set to launch next month, Ebb Software is back with another chunk of gameplay for Scorn. This grotesque horror title always leaves auditory nightmares after watching one of the gameplay videos. But after watching the gameplay ...

GLOOMWOOD First Impression: Stealth-Based Immersive Sim With Huge Potential

New Blood Interactive has brought us the likes of Dusk and Ultrakill, both grand ventures in modern retro titles. They are back at it again with another modernized retro title that aims to revive the immersive sim genre. Gloomwood ...

#TheSteamSix 6 Things to Know Before You Play Free-to-Play Naval Combat Game World of Warships

Hello and welcome to yet another #TheSteamSix feature! If you are new to our gaming-themed article series, #TheSteamSix basically features different games that you can buy and play via Steam. We talk about six of anything and everything about Steam ...

Review Beacon Pines

Occasionally, games come along and bowl you over. It can be their wonderful plot, charismatic protagonists, or intriguing gameplay that knocks you for six. Fortunately for me, Beacon Pines has all these things and more. I was touched by ...

Protect your homestead in The DioField Chronicle

Something has happened to Square Enix this year; their productivity has increased quite substantially. Whether they’ve been drinking energy drinks or just eating more Weetabix, their output has significantly improved. Xbox owners aren’t seeing all the fruits of their ...

POTION PERMIT Review: Gotta Live On Science Alone

PC Review Code Provided by PQube A young, aspiring individual arrives in a small town and must win over the locals with their personality and skills at the job. It’s a story you might have heard before, though it ...

Review Whateverland

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Point and Click adventure games. My recent review of Nine Noir Lives can attest as much to this. So, when I was informed that Caligari Games had sent over a copy of their ...

TEMTEM Review: Pleasantly Average

Nintendo Switch Review Code Provided By Humble Games When Temtem was first announced there was a ton of buzz around the potential Pokemon killer. The kind of game that would realize what fans of the monster-taming genre have always ...

Review Tip Top Don’t Fall!

The rogue-lite genre is divisive. On one hand, it is moreish and demands you improve and keep playing. On the other, it is frustrating and demoralising when you lose everything. I’ve warmed to these games over the years and ...

RIVER CITY GIRLS ZERO Review: Punching Down The Truth

Nintendo Switch Review Code Provided by WayForward Rebuilding a classic title from the ‘90s so it can be available on modern consoles, all while creating new games for the series, is always a great move for fans of the ...

Difficult Horror Comedy ALDER CHOKE Just Announced

With the rise of games that employ extreme difficulties just to advance or experience them, some have taken this as an opportunity to have some fun. Just announced, Alder Choke developed by Madame Cyclone and published by Fulqrum Publishing ...

Newest Retro Shooter PRODEUS Has Launch Date

Retro shooters have become a massively popular sub-genre amongst first-person shooter fans. Proven time and time again through excellently crafted games, this sub-genre of pixels and bullets has garnered a ton of attention, especially through a number of highly ...

ICYMI: Monster Catching Multiplayer Game TEMTEM Officially Launches!

The newest entry in the monster-catching genre, Temtem, has just launched and we can’t wait to dive in! After nearly two years in Early Access, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Temtem has officially been fully released from developers Crema ...

Omega Strikers: How to Save Training Loadouts

Save your own custom Trainings loadouts in Omega Strikers to save yourself from stress at striker select.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – PC Port Evidence Continues to Mount

An icon for the game has seemingly been uploaded to the Steam servers, suggesting that a PC port is indeed on its way.

Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered to launch in December 2022

Square Enix has finally dropped the launch date for Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered for the Android and iOS platforms. The game, which will also come out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, ...

Five new Steam games you probably missed (September 19, 2022)

Sorting through every new game on Steam so you don't have to.

Entertainment District Pack Has Been Added To DEMON SLAYER: THE HINOKAMI CHRONICLES

After a few months of focus taken away from Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles, publisher SEGA and developers CyberConnect2 are back with a new DLC pack for fans! They have just released the Entertainment District Character Pack which brings ...

LEGO BRICKTALES First Impression: Build Through The Journey

Recently, developers ClockStone and publisher Thunderful Games released a free demo for their soon-to-release title LEGO Bricktales on Steam. With the game set to release next month on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and ...

THE WANDERING VILLAGE First Impression: Guiding A Civilized Nature

PC Preview Code Provided by Stray Fawn Studio A unique city-builder has recently been released into Early Access and it has caught the attention of a lot of players. After having the chance to try it out myself, I ...

Get Caught Up On CAPCOM's Showcase At Tokyo Game Show 2022

This past weekend was the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and a bunch of publishers ended up participating. One team that is always worth watching is Capcom and this year their showcase was a mix of games. From the return of ...

The Official Release Date For LEGO BRICKTALES Is Here

Out of all the LEGO games out there, we are about to get one that is focused and centralized around the actual construction of items. So many titles are themed after LEGO pieces and it is nice to see ...


A new indie studio called Different Monster has announced their launch title and it is quite an interesting one! Their game is an adventure horror thriller called Macabre Museum and it will have players attempt to escape various dangers ...


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Steam Accounts are Being Stolen Using a Browser-in-the-Browser Phishing Technique

Hackers steal Steam accounts in new Browser-in-the-Browser attacks

Hackers stealing Steam accounts in Browser-in-the-Browser attacks

LITTLE ORPHEUS Review: A Quirky Episodic Adventure

Build A City Atop A Walking Creature When THE WANDERING VILLAGE Releases This Week

Pre-Orders Open For MARVEL'S MIDNIGHT SUNS As The Holiday Season Nears

Gremlin's Very Own Gizmo Revealed For MULTIVERSUS


Five new Steam games you probably missed (September 12, 2022)

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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is coming to PC on October 19, according to the Epic Games Store

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