EA and Koei Tecmo's take on Monster Hunter is called Wild Hearts, reveal trailer coming this week

Koei Tecmo’s upcoming take on Monster Hunter is officially called Wild Hearts, and its first trailer is coming this week. Last month, EA announced that it would be collaborating with Omega Force, the Koei Tecmo studio behind the Warriors ...

We’re getting more and more “short” games on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus – and I couldn’t be happier

I have just finished Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass. You may have already seen that I quite liked it – it’s stylish, sassy, compelling, and brings you into its world with little faff. It’s a lean experience; nowhere near as ...

Rumoured Halo Infinite battle royale dev says upcoming project is "something big and new for the franchise"

There’s been a rumour for a while that Certain Affinity is working on a Halo Infinite battle royale, and the studio has recently promised that the project it is working on is “something big and new for the franchise.” ...

E3 2023 dates revealed as show hosts separate public and business areas

Earlier this year, we reported that E3 will make its long-awaited return to its now-traditional home of Los Angeles Convention Center in 2023 – but beyond that, details were a little light. A lot of VG247 Best Games Ever Podcasts ...

Don't expect any difficulty options in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is following the long tradition of difficult games not having any difficulty options. It’s a tale as old as time by this point, but difficult games, whether they be Dark Souls, Nioh, or an indie ...

Stray Debuts in UK Physical Game Charts at Third Place

Annapurna Interactive's physical release of the beloved adventure game on PS5 saw a strong reception. Meanwhile, The DioField Chronicle has a weak debut.

Hellblade developer Ninja Theory isn't using AI to replace voice actors

Following a recent report that discussed AI led voice acting, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has clarified that it has no intentions to stop using real voice actors. GLHF recently ran a report on AI voice acting, and how voice ...

The Splinter Cell remake will have a story rewritten "for a modern-day audience"

A recent job listing at Ubisoft seems to suggest that the Splinter Cell remake is being written with modern audiences in mind. Last year, Ubisoft announced that a remake of the original Splinter Cell is in development, coming from ...

Gotham Knights cutscenes will play out differently depending on the character, has Nightwing rump fan service

According to Gotham Knights’ game director, you won’t be able to experience all of the story in just one playthrough. Plenty of games require you to do multiple playthroughs to see all of the story, and it sounds like ...

Cyberpunk 2077's player count is thriving through the power of anime

Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be doing pretty well for itself, as the game’s player count on Steam has risen quickly following the release of Cyberpunk Edgerunners. We probably all know by now that Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t exactly launch in ...

A 17-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, allegedly behind GTA 6 leak

A 17 year old was arrested in Oxfordshire yesterday, due to the suspicions of hacking. According to journalist Matthew Keys and sources who spoke to them, they were allegedly involved in the GTA 6 hack that resulted in a ...

Modern Warfare 2 beta pulls in nearly 110,000 concurrent players on its first day on Steam

The Modern Warfare 2 beta kicked off its second stint last night across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Though it’s the second time PlayStation players are able to play, this is the first time PC and Xbox folks are getting ...

The Ted Lasso players in FIFA 23 are super OP

That Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond are in FIFA 23 is fun enough, but despite the team favouring good vibes over skills in the show, in-game some of the main characters’ stats have to be seen to be believed. Over ...

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Everything we know so far

Ubisoft has finally revealed its latest entry to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, as what was previously known as ‘Rift’ is now officially Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, and it’s set to launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC ...

GTA Online Weekly Update (September 22) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

September 22nd is here, which means there’s another set of rewards for you to get in the GTA Online Weekly Update. This week is heavily focused on vehicles and there are plenty of discounts for you to get your hands ...

Review Beacon Pines

Occasionally, games come along and bowl you over. It can be their wonderful plot, charismatic protagonists, or intriguing gameplay that knocks you for six. Fortunately for me, Beacon Pines has all these things and more. I was touched by ...

The best Genshin Impact Cyno build - Cyno weapons, artifacts, and F2P options

The best Genshin Impact Cyno build makes the desert general shine on any team in need of a new Electro DPS. Cyno is a 5-star character introduced in Genshin Impact 3.1, and while he only has one function – shock ...

Xbox gets a full library revamp, party chat noise suppression, and more with the September update

Microsoft has released the Xbox September update for Xbox One and Series consoles, and it comes with some really nice and handy features. The September update for Xbox lets you customize the Xbox button color on the Xbox Elite ...

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be included in FIFA 23

Ted Lasso’s soccer team AFC Richmond will be made available in FIFA 23. The football club will be usable in Career Mode, Kickoff, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons. FIFA 23 Official Ted Lasso Trailer You will also be handed ...

GTA 6 leaks: Forget what you think you know about game development

Like many, my first thought upon seeing the GTA 6 leak was ‘fuck’. The second was a flashback to the protocols which had occurred when leaks or security breaches, no matter how minor, had happened when I was on the ...

Latest Scorn trailer shows eight minutes of grotesque atmosphere and puzzles

Eight minutes of new gameplay for the upcoming horror game Scorn has been released, providing you with a look at the first puzzle. In this introductory sequence, you will become acquainted with the character you’ll guide through the bio-labyrinth. ...

EA CEO is banking on Battlefield picking up the slack should Call of Duty become Xbox exclusive

EA CEO Andrew Wilson, who’s tenure at the company has seen the Battlefield franchise settle into a slump that no one knowns if it could ever break out of, sees an opportunity in the beleaguered series claiming Call of Duty’s ...

Following GTA 6 leaks, devs post their own early builds to show visuals aren't finished first

Following the gigantic GTA 6 leak last weekend, several developers have come forward in solidarity with Rockstar against misinformed claims that graphics are among the first aspects of a game finished during game development. How have they done so? ...

Collect All Pets Codes: Free Gold Boosts (September 2022)

September 21st, 2022: We added new codes. Have you ever wanted to have a ton of animals as loyal friends that follow you around and bring you gold? That’s exactly what you can do in Collect All Pets! In ...

Five reasons why PBA Pro Bowling 2023 is the best game ever

Consider the humble sphere. Now, imagine it crashing through some precariously placed wooden skittles at 40mph. That’s ten pin bowling in a nutshell, and it’s as high-octane a thrillride as it sounds. PBA Pro Bowling 2023 may just be the ...

Modern Warfare 2 beta's second weekend: quieter footsteps, faster perk earn rates and more visible enemies

We’re just a couple of days away from the second and final weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta. This round expands to PC and Xbox, and offers PlayStation players another chance to go hands-on with the multiplayer shooter. As ...

Ben 10 leads the pack as the most-requested MultiVersus character

MultiVersus is a game that has brought out heaps of character requests from the community ever since its launch — earlier even! Being a platform fighter where vastly diverse Warner Bros characters battle it out, the title invites wishlists ...

Review Tip Top Don’t Fall!

The rogue-lite genre is divisive. On one hand, it is moreish and demands you improve and keep playing. On the other, it is frustrating and demoralising when you lose everything. I’ve warmed to these games over the years and ...

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide closed beta kicks off in October

Fatshark has announced closed beta dates for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, which will allow PC players to visit the Hive City the weekend of October 14-16. If you have yet to sign up for the tester, you can do so ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Best recipes to sell, and for energy

As you befriend various fan-favourite Disney characters and restore their cursed town in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll notice that there’s a lot you ought to do. Between character quests and the general grind, you’ll find that cooking any of the ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make Sushi

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the idyllic village that will ultimately become a home to all of your favourite Disney characters. Between tending to them and forming friendships, you’ll also be tasked with general activities such as mining, farming, and fishing. ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find pink, yellow, and red bromeliads

Of all the items, materials, and resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley, very few serve a single purpose. I’ve personally found that the items that do, typically, offer nothing beside a gifting option or something to sell, will be utilised in ...

Diablo 4 will have a closed End Game beta in November, but it's only for a limited number of "experts"

Diablo 4 will host a confidential closed End Game beta, and it will be the first opportunity for select players to participate in testing an early version of the game. It will be held on PC, Xbox Series X/S, ...

DEATHLOOP comes to us all, here's some Xbox Series X gameplay

Deathloop is now, finally, a multiplatform title. After a year of timed exclusivity to the PS5 (a deal infamously struck prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of its studio) it’s now out on Xbox Series S/X, but perhaps more importantly, it’s now ...

All NBA 2K23 2K TV answers and questions

Giving the right NBA 2K23 2KTV answers for every episode earns you a not-insignificant sum of VC to put towards your player attributes. Since getting the wrong answer actually costs you, checking your thoughts even if you’re positive you ...

Modern Warfare 2 players are still complaining about things Infinity Ward clearly doesn't want to change

If you tend to follow what we can charitably dub ‘the Call of Duty discourse’ every year, you’ve likely been exposed to what appear to be the same complaints, same arguments, and same suggestions made ad nauseam. This is obviously ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to get cotton and fabric

Across Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll encounter an ever-increasing amount of materials and resources. Whether it be gemstones and iron ore, or items such as cotton and seaweed, you’ll need all of them sooner or later for various quests across the ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get more mushrooms

Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you build a new life while rubbing shoulders with fan-favourite Disney characters from all the best nostalgic movies, with tons of exciting activities to complete alongside them. Aside from the farming, mining, and general foraging you’d ...

Deathloop is back and better than ever – and it’s the year’s most important addition to Xbox Game Pass

If you’re a regular VG247 visitor, you’ll know how much we loved Deathloop when it launched in 2021. In his review, Alex called it Arkane’s best game yet – a confident successor to Dishonored, and a bold demonstration of what ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to upgrade your tools, including pickaxe, watering can, and shovel

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a rather charming simulation title from Gameloft that combines everything you’d expect from a simulation with Disney lore, and it’s pretty good. Not only do you get to pester Merlin and empty Scrooge McDuck’s pockets, but ...


Dragon Ball: The Breakers gets an open beta this week, adds in best characters Farmer and Majin Buu

Rockstar confirms the GTA 6 leaks doing the rounds are the result of a hack

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Fortnite's latest season embraces the chrome, adds in Brie Larson and Spider-Gwen

Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC will be the last to focus on the Winters family

Synduality – New Details and Concept Art Revealed in Tokyo Game Show 2022 Stream

Take-Two scrambles to strike leaked GTA 6 videos and screenshots

Respawn is changing those supposed pay-to-win Apex Legends skins

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Final Fantasy 14 is still coming to Xbox at some point, Phil Spencer promises

One Piece Odyssey has a release date, coming January 13 worldwide

A lot of Grand Theft Auto 6 screenshots and footage appears to leak online

Review F1 Manager 2022

Outer Wilds now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Phil Spencer reiterates there are no plans for a price hike on Xbox Series consoles

Battlefield 2042 "strayed a little too far" from what makes a Battlefield game, says franchise boss

Like a Dragon: Ishin will not be dubbed in English

Street Fighter 6 trailer reveals the 18-strong launch roster

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Explore the freeform open-world of Sable when it arrives on PS5 later this year

Valheim coming to PC Game Pass at the end of this month

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get pets and companions

Modern Warfare 2 beta tips - New perks, changes, and mechanics the game won’t teach you

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to feed Critters, and their favourite foods

Disney Dreamlight Valley has over 1 million players already

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Xbox Game Pass hit-in-waiting is the best of Nioh, with just a hint of Elden Ring

Play the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty time-limited PS5 or Xbox Series X|S demo right now, or suffer immense regret

Hello Neighbor 2 demo is a standalone experience releasing this month

Street Fighter 6 just keeps getting better – hands on with Ken, Juri, Guile, and Kimberly

Street Fighter 6: Twenty fist-pounding minutes of new hands-on PS5 gameplay

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer revealed - here's the details

Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko announced alongside plenty of information on the Season One Battle Pass

Resident Evil Village DLC Shadows of Rose and the Winters' Expansion shown off at TGS

Ni No Kuni Remastered, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Danganronpa V3 hit Xbox Game Pass, more coming to the service

Want to play GoldenEye 007 multiplayer online on Xbox? There is a way – sort of

Modern Warfare 2 beta start and end times, pre-load, download size and more

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Stuck on The Curse quest? Here’s how to get more Dream Shards

Deathloop coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass next week

GTA Online Weekly Update (September 15) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

Guilty Gear Strive and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle are finally on Game Pass

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Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2022 - Where to watch the stream

Modern Warfare 2's revamped Gunsmith goes full Tarkov

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Like a Dragon 8 and Like a Dragon Gaiden announced for consoles and PC

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Looks like Deathloop is set to release on Xbox relatively soon

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to level friendship fast

Assassin's Creed Mirage proves that less is more

Oddjob: GoldenEye remaster’s Switch/Xbox dual-platform release is somehow the best of no worlds

Dying Light 2 gets a new season — with chapter 2 now free for everyone

Using Discord voice on Xbox is now a reality, even if the process is a bit clunky

With GoldenEye 007's Switch vs. Xbox online multiplayer gaffe, Xbox snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

The best Xbox game of the year so far arrives on Nintendo Switch later this month

GoldenEye 007 is finally coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox via Xbox Game Pass on day one

NBA 2K23 locker codes and how to redeem them

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Iron Ore and Iron Ingots

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