How to Delete Your YouTube Channel and Brand YouTube Channel

If you ever decide to quit YouTube and remove all your existing videos, comments, posts, etc. from the platform, there is a way to do that too. In this article, we will show how to delete your YouTube channel or ...

YouTubers Go Off-Roading For The First Time In Lombok, Indonesia

Proving that dirt bikes are both daunting and rewarding.

Pornhub’s YouTube Channel banned over violations of policies

This comes soon after TikTok and Instagram banned PornHub's accounts citing repeated violations of community guidelines.

YouTube bans Pornhub channel for multiple policy violations

What just happened? YouTube has removed Pornhub’s channel from the platform for “multiple violations” of its community guidelines. The Google-owned company said the removal was for violating a policy that prohibits links to sites that host content not allowed on ...

2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63 E Performance spy shots and video

Mercedes-Benz in early June unveiled a redesigned GLC-Class that we’ll see in showrooms shortly as a 2023 model. The handsome crossover will eventually spawn new GLC 43 and GLC 63 performance options developed by AMG, and prototypes for the ...

YouTube Will Now Let You Search Within Videos Using Text Prompts

At the Google for India 2022 event today, the company announced a new YouTube feature that’s being added to Google Search. Currently, if you search for a topic on Google and stumble upon a video related to it, you ...

Jay Leno checks out off-road legend Rod Hall's Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco driven by legendary off-road racer Rod Hall is still kicking. It’s now being driven in various off-road events by racer Amy Lerner, who recently brought it to Jay Leno’s Garage. Lerner was trained in off-road driving ...

TikTok is preparing to conquer Youtube with horizontal videos

The goal of TikTok is to control everything. It presently holds the throne as the undisputed king of vertical videos, and it has already begun to challenge the other platforms. TikTok Now, which has its own story structure is now ...

McMurtry Spéirling hits 60 mph in 1.4 seconds, quarter-mile in 7.97

It’s well known that electric vehicles can post blistering acceleration figures, but the McMurtry Spéirling track car is on another level. The team at McMurtry recently joined car sales company Carwow and had its YouTube presenter Mat Watson set ...

How to Use ‘Add To Queue’ Feature in YouTube on Web and Mobile

YouTube continues improving its platform’s video viewing experience by adding new features. Want to watch multiple videos from your Subscription feed? Either play each video individually or add them to the Watch Later tab. Luckily, there’s a better way to ...

McMurtry Spéirling hits 60 mph in 1.4s, runs quarter-mile in 7.97s

It’s well known that electric vehicles can post blistering acceleration figures, but the McMurtry Spéirling track car is on another level. The team at McMurtry recently joined car sales company Carwow and had its YouTube presenter Mat Watson set ...

YouTube is testing a video queueing feature for Premium subscribers on Android and iOS

YouTube is currently testing a new video queuing feature on its Android and iOS apps which is similar to the one found on the web version of the platform. With this feature, users can “Add to queue” any video ...

How to View YouTube Subscription History (3 Best Ways)

YouTube is a great platform to watch videos. Since it’s free for everyone, anyone can join the site and share their videos or watch others. If you are an active YouTube user, you might have already subscribed to hundreds ...

YouTube is testing Add To Queue feature for Android

The YouTube desktop already has the ‘Add To Queue’ feature that lets you add videos that you would like to watch next after you are done watching the current one. When you use the ‘Add To Queue’ feature, it ...

TikTok is testing horizontal full-screen mode, bringing the app closer to YouTube

TikTok is inching ever closer to YouTube with its latest feature. The company has confirmed with TechCrunch that it is testing a new horizontal full-screen mode for its popular short-form video app. The new feature, which is currently only ...

How to Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll (3 Methods)

YouTube has become the most popular and leading source for video consumption. The YouTube app now comes built-in on Android devices and is available as a standalone on Apple Store and Google Play Store. While YouTube doesn’t restrict you ...

Posting abusive comments on YouTube could lead to a warning and 24-hour timeout

In brief: YouTube is attempting to address the huge amount of notoriously toxic, hateful, and abusive comments on the platform by sending notifications to those who post them. If the perpetrators continue with this behavior, they will be prohibited from ...

TikTok is testing full-screen mode

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch TikTok is testing a new horizontal full-screen mode. It basically allows the videos to expand for users to watch them horizontally, which works just like the one on YouTube. TechCrunch reports that selected users are ...

YouTube is coming for the comments section

We’ve all experienced our share of problems in the comments section on YouTube. From bots to spammers looking to defraud unsuspecting users with fake giveaways and crypto scams, the comments section on the platform has always had its issues. ...

YouTube Music is first app to bring Chromecast support to Android 13’s audio switcher

Google introduced the audio output switcher shortcut for media player apps on Android two years ago. However, the feature didn’t list Chromecast and Google Cast devices in its menu, and people demanded Google bring support for those devices. With ...

YouTube's Apple TV App is Crashing and Causing Issues For Users After Latest Update

YouTube’s Apple TV app is crashing and causing some issues for users when they try to exit out of the app, according to user reports online. On Twitter and Reddit, users report that when trying to exit out of the ...

How to play YouTube in the background on iPhone and Android

YouTube is one of the most varied content platforms in the world, and it’s easy to find tutorials, TV shows, and even the latest music videos. But it’s not just about watching — sometimes all you want to do is ...

Jay Leno checks out rare 1991 Oldsmobile Quad 442 W-41

Regular Jay Leno’s Garage viewers are likely familiar with the Oldsmobile 442, as a well-preserved 1966 442 previously appeared on the show. This time, though, Leno is featuring a very different take on the 442 nameplate. The 1991 Oldsmobile ...

YouTuber Everyday Astronaut Punches a Ticket to the Moon as part of SpaceX's dearMoon Project

From making YouTube content at home to winning a ticket for the first paid plight the moon, Tim Dodd is one of the lucky ones to be fulfilling their dreams of flying to space. As reported first by Interesting Engineering, ...

You can now hail a robotaxi with Uber

It’s now possible for the first time to book rides in self-driving cars using the Uber app, though only in Las Vegas at present. The self-driving cars are robotaxis deployed by Hyundai-backed self-driving technology company Motional. Motional’s robotaxis, based ...

He was canceled during the #MeToo movement. Now, he’s using YouTube to attack celebrity accusers.

For Andy Signore, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial was a gold mine.  Starting in April and spanning just a few months, Signore, 43, more than doubled the following of his YouTube channel, where he comments on news ...

How to Disable YouTube Shorts in YouTube App (4 Methods)

Let’s admit it, TikTok has changed how the world views video in recent years. These days, people prefer watching short videos rather than watching full-length ones. The massive success of TikTok wasn’t digested well by leading video sites, and ...

How to use a free YouTube download app to watch videos offline

(Image: © GaudiLab / Shutterstock) Jump to: A YouTube downloader app makes it easier than ever before to get instant access 24/7 to all your favorite videos. There’s nothing worse than going to give a presentation at work or ...

The best YouTube VPN 2022

Your favorite videos, no matter where you are

Celebrate our 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone with us and win!

Digital Trends 1,000,000 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway! ? We did it! On November 27, 2022, the Digital Trends YouTube channel reached a major milestone: 1 million subscribers! We’ve been counting down for weeks, and now that the moment has finally ...

Maserati reveals first single-seat race car in over 60 years

Maserati has an illustrious history in motorsports that spans both Formula 1 and top-level endurance racing, but the marque has been absent from the racetrack for more than a decade. That ends in 2023 when Maserati enters Season 9 ...

YouTube adds Twitch-like custom global emotes to live chats and comments

YouTube has revealed that it will be introducing custom global emotes for comments and live chats on the platform. Called YouTube Emotes, the feature is similar to the one popularised by the Amazon-owned live streaming platform Twitch. Announced via ...

YouTube is adding Twitch-like custom emotes

You can type “:cat-orange-whistling:” in the live chat

Ram electric truck teased ahead of Jan. 5 debut at CES

Ram on Tuesday teased its electric truck concept, which is scheduled to debut Jan. 5 at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept was supposed to debut this fall, but in ...

YouTube is bringing custom global emotes to live chats and comments

Toby Melville / reuters is rolling out Twitch-style custom global emotes for comments and live chats. created the first batch of emotes, which are focused on gaming, though it appears that they work on any type of channel. YouTube ...

Watch Travis Pastrana hoon his 865-hp Subaru wagon in Gymkhana 2022

It’s been well over a decade since rally driver and entrepreneur Ken Block released his first Gymkhana video, which starred a rally-prepped 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, and is still thourougly exciting despite the lack of flair found in ...

German company builds stunning Audi Sport Quattro replicas

Audi’s short-wheelbase Sport Quattro of the 1980s has become the stuff of legend. Based on the earlier Quattro coupe, the Sport Quattro was developed as a homologation special for Group B rallying and as a result saw limited production. ...


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