Scania Trucks to Get New-Generation Navigation, Speed Limit Warnings

Scania trucks are ready for a massively overhauled infotainment system, as the parent company has joined forces with HERE Technologies for a partnership that’ll completely upgrade the experience behind the wheel.

New Puzzling Bug Hitting Android Auto, Causing Constant Freezing for No Reason

When it comes to improving the experience with Android Auto, Google is currently working on multiple fronts. The search giant wants not only to add new capabilities in the app but also to refine the experience with the current features.

Chipmakers Are Having the Time of Their Life, It Could All End Abruptly

While the lack of semiconductors has caused massive disruptions in almost every single industry sector out there, the big winners of this once-in-a-lifetime struggle are none others than the chipmakers themselves.

GTA Online’s New Vehicle Is a Crazy, Boxy Behemoth

Before the year’s end, Rockstar announced GTA Online players are getting one last piece of new content for 2021. The latest update introduces a brand-new vehicle, bonuses on security contracts and payphone hits, as well as double rewards on special cargo sales, and more.

Next Waze Update to Include Fix for Account Registration Error

While Waze has millions of users all over the world, everybody knows that the overall experience still needs additional polishing.

It’s Really This Bad: Some New Cars Take 18 Months to Ship Due to Chip Shortage

Remember the days when you could just step into a dealership, pick a car, pay for it, and then wait no more than a few weeks to have it delivered? Those were certainly great times, and unfortunately, it looks like we’re many years away from the moment we could once again relieve this experience.

Internet Hero Finds Odd Workaround for Long-Time Android Auto Error

The voice command support is an integral part of the Android Auto experience, and it’s pretty clear why. With the help of voice commands, users can simply keep their eyes on the road while interacting with both Android Auto and the apps running on it hands-free.

Someone Has Invented an OBD2 Adapter That Can Predict When Your Car Breaks Down

OBD2 adapters that help you read fault codes and get additional information on potential problems have been around for quite a while.

Trackmania 2022 Winter Campaign Goes Live with 25 New Tracks

We’re just a few days into 2022 and Ubisoft has already announced new content for its long-running racing series Trackmania. The latest campaign is available right now with 25 new tracks to compete on and no less than 100 medals to collect.

PlayStation Plus Members Get Dirt 5 for Free in January

Fan fact: Dirt 5 is the last game released by Codemasters as an independent studio before being acquired by Electronic Arts last year. A mix of sim and arcade mechanics make Dirt 5 a rather weird “animal” for racing fans games.

One-Second Trick Makes Widespread Android Auto Bug a Little Less Bad

One of the most mysterious glitches on Android Auto, and which looks like it’s becoming more and more widespread, is affecting the phone’s keyboard.

Here We Go Again: Chipmakers Reduce Production Due to New Lockdowns

The global chip shortage wouldn’t come to an end too soon, and unfortunately, this is no longer just a forecast but an actual fact.

Just Don’t Blame Waze If the App Is Broken on the Newest iPhones

There are many things that Google-owned Waze needs to fix in its app, but a set of glitches apparently becoming more widespread on new iPhones is likely to have another culprit.

Hyundai to Present Their Vision for Robotics and the Metaverse at CES 2022

You know, 50 years from now, when we’re playing around in a metaverse that feels as real as the outside world and robots indistinguishable from humans are maybe walking among us, we can look back at the companies that helped make that a reality and have a deeper understanding of where that technology came from.

Unitree Z1 Robotic Arm Can Pour You a Glass of Wine or Open the Door for You

Unitree’s alien-looking robots have gained a reputation all over the world. The quadrupeds are extremely versatile and have impressive motor skills, being able to run (even backward), roll over, jump, climb, and avoid obstacles. Now, the Chinese robotics company developed a complex robotic arm that is compatible with the bots, further enhancing their capabilities.

The Tesla Bot Could Develop a Personality to Become a Proper Companion, Elon Musk Says

The future is AI-centered and easier on the humans, from where Elon Musk is looking at it. On the Lex Friedman Podcast earlier this week, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO tackled a variety of topics, including the Tesla Bot announced last August.

Apple Maps Expands Bike Sharing Information to More Users

Apple indeed wants Apple Maps to become a fully-featured alternative to Google’s products, but the company is trying to improve its service on multiple fronts.

Google Looking Into Mysterious Android Auto Error Breaking Down GPS

Applications like Google Maps and Waze need to connect to GPS in order to locate users on the map and then provide instructions on how to reach their destinations.

Apple Thanks Engineers for Helping to Build a Better Google Maps Rival

Apple has been trying to build a more powerful competitor for Google Maps for several years already, and while the company has indeed rolled out several big improvements, they are still available only for a very limited number of users.

The Chip Shortage Is Here to Stay, Bosch Warns in Gloomy 2022 Forecast

As if it wasn’t already clear, the chip shortage isn’t going anywhere, and despite all the recent investments in production capacity, automakers out there are still struggling to find the necessary components for their vehicles.

Apple AirPods Help the Police Find Stolen Car Using GPS Tracking

Technology has once again come in handy to the police, this time as a simple set of wireless earbuds helped the law enforcement find a stolen vehicle.

The Never-Ending Chip Shortage Is Now Hitting City Traffic Signals

The horror chip shortage has just made another victim. Authorities in Albuquerque, New Mexico are holding back the launch of an innovative hawk signal on a busy street because they don’t have enough chips to power the system.

Google Maps Under Fire for Sending Users on Dangerous Roads During Snowstorm

Google Maps is by far the world’s most popular navigation app out there, and without a doubt, millions of people rely on its directions when getting behind the wheel on a daily basis.

Google Investigating Android Auto Glitch Breaking Down Phone Calls

Google has recently confirmed it’s looking into a report signaling a potentially new problem in Android Auto, this time affecting incoming phone calls.

MIT-Made Tiny Drones Weigh Less Than a Gram, Use Artificial Muscles To Propel Them

Sometimes, good things come in small packages. Extremely tiny packages such as a microrobot that can pollinate fields of crops, help rescue people, and so on. Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are already working on that and they’re making significant progress.

TVS Bikes to Feature Insanely Accurate Navigation Thanks New Partnership

While Google Maps and Waze are often the most popular navigation apps that people turn to in order to find a specific destination easier, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also the most accurate.

Samsung Could Help Hyundai Deal with the Chip Shortage, Silence Is an Answer Too

The whole world is still struggling with the very constrained chip inventory, and automakers in particular are hit hard by the lack of semiconductors required for their cars.

Waze Dark Mode Glitch Becomes Widespread on CarPlay With No Fix on the Radar

While Waze has become a must-have navigation solution for millions of drivers out there, it’s not necessarily a secret that many have been struggling with certain features lately.

Android Auto Now Available on Tesla Cars Thanks to Third-Party App

Despite their focus on all things technology, Tesla cars lack Android Auto and CarPlay support, and at this point, there’s pretty much no reason to believe such a thing would ever be offered officially.

Google Maps Apparently Told Someone to Drive Into a Mango Tree, the Internet Goes Nuts

As it’s not already obvious, always trusting GPS software and navigation apps, be they Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or other big names, isn’t at all recommended.

CyberKAT Promises To Help Blow the Snow, Plants Cybertruck Thoughts in Your Mind

The Tesla Cybertruck is nowhere to be seen but its weird design has already inspired lots of objects, starting with Tesla’s Cyberquad. Bearing a similar signature name that means practically nothing, the CyberKAT wants to be your winter toy. Its maker promises to further develop the thing into a more useful snow blower, but we can see how this might become a problem.

Military Flight Simulator DCS World Teases What’s Coming in 2022 and Beyond

Eagle Dynamics, the studio behind the military flight simulator DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator World), is finishing the year with a bang. Although no new content has been added to the free-to-play game, it’s equally exciting to learn about the developer’s plans for the next year.

Sci-Fi Universe Starborne Expands with New Frontiers Mobile Game

Starborne: Sovereign Space is a sci-fi MMO strategy game developed by Icelandic studio Solid Clouds. The game debuted on PC last year and it’s currently in Beta. Although the writing suggests that it’s closer to the space opera genre, gameplaywise this is similar to Civilization but set in space on a map with nearly 400 players.

Xiaomi Says Car Production to Start in the First Half of 2024, Still All-In on Phones

Xiaomi is one of the tech giants that have already confirmed their plans to step into the automotive industry, and unlike Apple, the company has also shared a bunch of critical tidbits about its project.

Arcade Racer Speedway Racing Emulates the Thrills of Daytona USA on the PS5

With less than a week away from the end of the year, the gaming industry is taking a deep breath before unleashing the first major titles in 2022. Obviously, it means that we’re getting fewer game releases compared to the rest of the year.

Android Auto Suddenly Harder to Use at Night, Auto Dark Mode Broken Down

In some new cars out there, the visual mode on Android Auto can follow the settings of the head unit, which in their turn, are based on the current status of the headlights.

Horror News as the Chip Shortage Could Get Even Worse Due to Massive Floods

As if the currently super-constrained chip inventory wasn’t already a big problem, the massive floods that hit Malaysia earlier this week seem to be making the whole thing much, much worse.

Google Maps and Waze Freezing at Launch on CarPlay, Nobody Likes the Fix

While the most recent iPhone operating system update comes with good news for CarPlay users, as it introduces some very anticipated fixes, it also seems to be causing new headaches, this time impacting more than just a single app.

3.0L "Tornado" Straight-Six Engine Coming to Ram 1500, Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Wagoneer

It’s been a heck of a long time since we’ve first heard that Fiat Chrysler is working on a brand-new engine with six cylinders arranged in a line. Codenamed Tornado and internally referred to as the GME T6, the Global Medium Engine Turbo Six has recently entered production in Mexico.

Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban Get a New 10-Speed Automatic for 2022

Chevrolet Tahoe and its bigger brother, the Suburban, got their all-new fifth-generation a year ago and were updated with a broad range of changes for the 2022 model year. There was one little change that Chevrolet forgot to detail, and it concerns the 10-speed automatic transmission on gasoline V8 versions of the cars.


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Space Opera The Expanse Gets Turned Into a Video Game

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YouTube Audio Hit by Puzzling Error on Android Auto

2022 Dakar Rally Will Have an Officially Licensed Video Game, This Is Its Trailer

Tesla's Holiday Update Is Now Turning Cars Into Megaphones

CES 2022 Loses General Motors and Keynote Speaker Amid Omicron Concerns

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Another Smartphone Company Plans to Launch an Apple Car Rival in 2024

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Meredot Wireless Charging Pad Saves You the Trouble of Swapping Batteries on E-Scooters

Forget Google Maps as Rival Joins Forces with VW for New Navigation Solution

Android Auto Painfully Slow Even on High-End Android Smartphones

F1 2021 Video Series Reveals Carlos Sainz’ Passion for Games

Android Automotive Now Has a Top-Notch Browser, Making Android Auto Feel Outdated

Unexpected CarPlay Change in the Latest Update Is Likely a Feature, Not a Bug

Google Killed the Best Android Auto Music App, And Its Replacement Is a Mess

Apple Tracker Found in Wheel Well Signals a New Concern for Drivers

Google Squashes Widespread Android Auto Bug in New App Update

F1 Mobile Racing Update Brings One of the Most Requested Features

Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Year-Long Event

GTA Trilogy Owners Can Claim a Free Game, but Only on PC

Android Auto Apparently in a Coma on Some New Phones

Google Quietly Fixes Important Google Maps Glitch in the Latest Update

Google Maps Could Get a New Feature to Work With Multiple Locations Easier

This Huge iPad Installed in a 2005 Dodge Ram Makes CarPlay Look So Yesterday

Google Needs Help to Fix the Android Auto Error Nobody Can Explain

“Gullwing X” Is a Bespoke Triumph Thruxton-Based Homage to Mercedes’ Iconic 300 SL

Sol Eclipse Travel Trailer Boasts a Quality Build and Well-Defined Interior

Frosty Fest Winter Event Brings the “Coolest” Decals to Rocket League

Despite Chip Shortage, This 323-Mile Range EV Crossover Promises No Delays in Deliveries

James Howell, Who Threw Away $450 Million in Bitcoin, Hires NASA Expert to Find It

Google Maps Acting Up Again, Too Bad Apple Maps Isn’t There Yet

Insurance Company Turns to Location Data to Determine Your Risk Score

Someone Has Recreated an Old Range Rover Commercial in Forza Horizon 5, Pure Genius

Waze Updated With a New Feature Borrowed from Google Maps

Jay-Z Shows Off His Brand New $6.5 Million Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus

Ubisoft’s Extreme Sports Game Riders Republic Gets Winter Bash Seasonal Content

Don’t Update Your iPhone If You Use CarPlay, Google Maps, and Waze While Driving

Samsung Starts Building New Chips to Support the Automotive Tech Revolution

This Custom Dash Proves Nobody Needs CarPlay When an iPad Can Do So Much More

Volkswagen's Upgraded Voice Control Turns the Golf Into a Smart Conversation Partner

Android Auto Keeps Resetting Music Settings, Users Claim Google Plays Dirty

Gran Turismo 7 Aims To Bring Realism to a Level Never Before Seen or Felt

Wipeout-Inspired Zero-G Racer Gravity Chase Coming Soon to PC/Xbox

Iconic Forza Horizon 5 Cars Get Their Own Real-Life Exhibition

Apple CarPlay Plagued by Another Glitch, Google Maps Also Impacted

Top Gear Teaches a Class on Making Cars Look Fast on Film

GTA Online: Modder Adds Brand New Russian Fighter Jet, Dukes It Out With U.S. Navy Ships