tesla aiming to raise giga shanghai production by over 30% in q4: report

A recent report has suggested that Tesla China intends to raise its vehicle output from Giga Shanghai by about 33% in the fourth quarter. This was despite the electric vehicle production facility reportedly being kept at 93% capacity through the end of the year. 

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has undergone a series of upgrades to both its Model 3 and Model Y lines this quarter. With the improvements completed, the facility is reportedly capable of producing up to 22,000 vehicles per week, comprised of about 14,000 Model Y crossovers and 8,000 Model 3 sedans. 

In a recent report, however, Reuters noted that Tesla would be keeping Gigafactory Shanghai at about 93% capacity for Q4 2022. The information was reportedly related by individuals familiar with the matter, who spoke on anonymity because the information was not public. 

The publication’s sources did not cite a reason behind Tesla China’s reported decision to keep Giga Shanghai at 93% capacity. That being said, the facility would reportedly be producing 13,000 Model Y crossovers and 7,500 Model 3 sedans weekly in the fourth quarter, a total output of 20,500 vehicles per week. Such numbers represent a notable rise from the facility’s production numbers in Q3 2022. 

In July 2022, reports from China suggested that Tesla produced a total of 38,719 vehicles, comprised of 11,261 Model 3 and 27,458 Model Y. In August, Giga Shanghai’s production was estimated to have improved to 76,605 units, comprised of 56,721 Model Y and 19,884 Model 3. Expectations are high that Tesla China will be producing over 80,000 vehicles this September. 

If they are targetting 20.5k/week for the rest of the year, that is production of 266.5k for Q4.Up from ~200k this quarter, or a +33% increase QoQ (which is bananas).$TSLA https://t.co/ZGdmCDZx2T

— James Cat (@TSLAFanMtl) September 27, 2022

With this in mind, Tesla China is on track to produce about 200,000 vehicles in the third quarter. At 20,500 vehicles per week in the fourth quarter, Giga Shanghai would produce about 266,500 vehicles by the end of the year. Compared to Q3, Tesla China’s fourth quarter figures could represent a 33% improvement.

Tesla China is in a battle for the domestic electric vehicle market, with upstart EV makers from local companies such as Xpeng Motors and NIO churning out legitimate competitors at aggressive price points. The prize is substantial for carmakers wishing to become China’s top electric car company, as the country is the world’s largest auto market. 

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