The studio is reportedly considering three different strategies for the film, which is due out June next year.

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Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly weighing different strategies for its The Flash film as star Ezra Miller has become increasingly snared in legal trouble and multiple incidents including disorderly conduct and harassment. The film isn’t scheduled to arrive in theaters until June 23, 2023–but The Hollywood Reporter says there are three possible scenarios that may change the film’s fate.

The most drastic plan being considered would be shelving the film completely, should Miller’s situation further deteriorate. As a $200 million film, it would be a costly though as of very recently not unprecedented move–Warner Bros. Discovery unceremoniously shelved Batgirl, deep in post-production earlier this month. Because Miller is reportedly in nearly every scene of the movie, and plays multiple characters in it, reshoots with another actor is not a realistic possibility.

Other more conservative plans include the movie opening in theaters as planned, provided Miller’s situation improves, they seek professional help–and at a later date closer to release, the actor may be allowed to do “limited press.” If Miller does not seek help, Warner Bros. Discovery is considering possibly still releasing the film, but without them participating in The Flash’s publicity and marketing. If this latter scenario plays out, then Miller would no longer play the Flash, and the role would be recast in future projects.

Miller’s involvement in the DCEU has been paused since April.

Depending on how events shape up, this may mean that although Michael Keaton reprised his role as Batman after 30 years since last donning the helm both in Batgirl and The Flash–audiences may wind up not able to see his performances.

Miller was charged with felony burglary for allegedly stealing bottles of alcohol from a Vermont home. According to a police report posted online, Vermont State Police were notified May 1 of the burglary. Miller was also charged after an arrest in Hawaii back in April, on suspicion of second-degree assault against a 26-year-old female. Both those incidents followed a March arrest of disorderly conduct and harassment following an incident at a karaoke bar in Hilo, Hawaii.

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