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You may not have solved it yet, but try not to treat today’s Wordle answer for September 30th, 2022, with too much contempt.

Some people might scoff at the word featured in Puzzle 468, but as much as it’s worthy of disdain, it’s still a decent Wordle challenge.

It’s a word that most people will have likely heard, but not necessarily make much use of in everyday conversation. It’s a bit dramatic, archaic, and more suited to fantasy TV or period pieces than a normal chat.

Aside from that, the main difficulty today comes from guessing the jumble of four consonants in just six guesses, but if you’ve been paying attention there just might be some good ideas to borrow from recent puzzles.

So you can keep your streak going for another day, we’ve come up with some Wordle hints for September 30th, 2022, as well as left an updated list of previous solutions from over the last 30 days to give you some inspiration if you’re stuck..

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Wordle can be as relaxing as it is satisfying, but everyone has their least-loved letters and patterns that they just don’t want to see appear. And as defeat draws closer-and-closer as you run out of guesses, the fear of derision sets in and some contemptuous feelings can start to bubble to the surface.

To help keep the fun times going, here are a few Wordle hints to set you back on the path to victory!

Your clues for Puzzle 468 are:

  • The answer contains just one vowel in the third position
  • The second and third letters often come after an ampersand when describing a shopkeeper’s business partners
  • The last four letters spell out the name of a yellow vegetable that comes in ears

Previous Wordle Answers

While each word only ever appears once in Wordle, there’s still a lot to be learned from previous puzzles – you never know when something similar is going to crop up. So if the thousands of possibilities are just too overwhelming, why not try a letter or two from one of the words below? If not, at least you know what to avoid!

  • #437 – Onset – August 30
  • #438 – Prize – August 31
  • #439 – Fungi – September 1
  • #440 – Charm – September 2
  • #441 – Gully – September 3
  • #442 – Inter – September 4
  • #443 – Whoop – September 5
  • #444 – Taunt – September 6
  • #445 – Leery – September 7
  • #446 – Class – September 8
  • #447 – Theme – September 9
  • #448 – Lofty – September 10
  • #449 – Tibia – September 11
  • #450 – Booze – September 12
  • #451 – Alpha – September 13
  • #452 – Thyme – September 14
  • #453 – Doubt – September 15
  • #454 – Parer – September 16
  • #455 – Chute – September 17
  • #456 – Stick – September 18
  • #457 – Trice – September 19
  • #458 – Alike – September 20
  • #459 – Recap – September 21
  • #460 – Saint – September 22
  • #461 – Glory – September 23
  • #462 – Grate – September 24
  • #463 – Admit – September 25
  • #464 – Brisk – September 26
  • #465 – Soggy – September 27
  • #466 – Usurp – September 28
  • #467 – Scald – September 29

Today’s Wordle Answer September 30th

The Wordle answer today is scorn.

First recorded in English around the end of the 12th century, scorn – defined as a feeling or attitude of contempt or mocking abuse – likely comes from the French word, “escarn”, which means mockery or derision.

Some theories suggest that it has metaphorical origins, either in French or from an earlier, Germanic root.

The French theory posits that scorn was influenced by the Old French word “escorner”, which meant “break off someone or something’s horns”. Whereas the Germanic theory suggests that it could be related to the word “skerana” which meant to cut or shear. While there’s no concrete evidence of either, both could be fitting metaphors for humiliation or mockery.

For your next challenge, take a look at these seven Wordle alternatives!


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