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Google’s management issues a “Code Red” on ChatGPT, which is an AI chatbot that has been created by OpenAI. The CEO of Google’s parent firm, Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, attended multiple meetings about the company’s AI strategy and has instructed many departments to refocus their efforts on tackling the threat that ChatGPT poses to its search engine business.

why did google issue “code red” on chatgpt ai?

Teams from Google’s research, Trust and Safety, and other divisions have been specifically instructed to change gears to support the creation and introduction of new AI prototypes and products. Some workers have even been given the responsibility of developing AI applications that produce artwork and images akin to OpenAI’s DALL-E, which is utilized by millions of people.

What Is ChatGPT AI Bot?

why did google issue “code red” on chatgpt ai?

OpenAI published ChatGPT, an AI chatbot system, in November to demonstrate and test the capabilities of a very big, powerful AI system. It allows you to ask chatbot queries in natural English, and the chatbot replies in a conversational manner. The bot keeps track of the conversation’s flow and bases its subsequent responses on past queries and answers. Its responses are obtained from a vast amount of online data.

In regions where there is sufficient training data for it to learn from, the tool appears to be fairly knowledgeable. It can be inventive, and its responses sometimes come out as being infallibly wise. The chatbot has been tasked by users with writing college essays, giving programming assistance, and even acting as a therapist.


You might be surprised to read that ChatGPT doesn’t really know anything. It is an AI that has been trained to identify patterns in significant amounts of text that has been taken from the internet and then further trained with the help of humans to provide more helpful, better dialogue. As OpenAI cautions, the answers you receive can seem logical and even authoritative, but they could also be completely incorrect.

Is ChatGPT AI Bot Free To Use?

why did google issue “code red” on chatgpt ai?

Yes, at least right now. The computational expenses are eye-watering, said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on Sunday, so “We will have to commercialize it somehow at some time.” Once you use up your basic free level of usage, OpenAI starts charging for DALL-E art. However, OpenAI appears to have some clients, most likely using their GPT tools. According to Reuters, OpenAI anticipates an income of $200 million in 2023 and $1 billion in 2024.

Why Is Google Concerned?

why did google issue “code red” on chatgpt ai?

Issuing a “Code Red” by Google could mean two things:

  • Google wants to notify the world about the ChatGPT AI bot and the unreliable information it provides to its users.
  • The probable replacement of the search engine by ChatGPT would be detrimental to Google’s ad-revenue business model.

Let us explore both points in detail.

Is ChatGPT AI Bot Trustworthy?

Some people have already noted how frequently the bot makes mistakes. AI experts told Insider that ChatGPT is unable to fact-check what it says and cannot tell the difference between a verified fact and false information. AI researchers refer to this ability to invent answers as “hallucinations.”

According to Bloomberg, the bot is capable of producing disrespectful, sexist, and racist comments. The huge margin of error and toxicity of the chatbot has been observed by many.

ChatGPT AI Bot currently lacks optimization for voice commands and is limited to answering those queries that are typed into the box.


As you know that ChatGPT AI Bot search results provide data from all the information available on the internet, however that information is restricted to the year 2021. In other words, you would not find information, data, articles, blogs, etc from the year 2022 and beyond. You would miss the current trends and events like FIFA 2022.

How Can AI Bots Affect the Search Engine Business?

why did google issue “code red” on chatgpt ai?

Google experts think ChatGPT might stop people from clicking on Google links with advertisements, which in 2021 brought in $208 billion, or 81% of Alphabet’s total revenue.

Five days after its public debut, ChatGPT had amassed over 1 million users. By combining data from millions of websites, ChatGPT can produce individualized replies to questions in a conversational, human-like manner.

Chatsonic is an alternative to ChatGPT, which is another game changer in the world of AI Bots and also poses a threat to Google’s Search Engine.

Does Google Have A Plan To Fight AI Bots Technology?

Google is cautious to make its AI chatbot LaMDA—short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications—available to the general public due to the chatbot’s huge margin of error and susceptibility to toxicity. Due to concerns about “reputational risk,” Google executives are hesitant to deploy it broadly as it stands.

Before ChatGPT was made public, Zoubin Ghahramani, the head of Google’s A.I. lab Google Brain, told the Times that chatbots are “not something that people can use consistently on a regular basis.” Instead of removing its search engine, Google might concentrate on enhancing it over time.

Will ChatGPT AI Bot Take Over Google – What Do You Think?

There is no doubt that ChatGPT AI Bot can be considered a technological advancement over search engines. However, this technology is in its initial stage and will take more time and research to develop. At present, you cannot rely on all the information provided by ChatGPT AI Bot but given time, AI Bots will definitely replace search engines and might be embedded in the OS of our new best friends – Smartphones.

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